Back on Track

It may not look like it, but I am getting back on track here at The 6th Floor. There has been a bit of news floating around, most of which I am sure you have seen on sites such as Action World and Action Quake Forever, so I see no reason to repeat it. There were two new maps released yesterday at AQMD. The first was Loveboat by Squirrel, which is set on a cruise ship, or for those of us still living in the 1970s, the TV series. And no Issac will not be able to mix you a drink. The second is Motel by bobbins, which is set in a rundown and old hotel. There is also a new Map Resource d00d in place at AQMD, that being FiReWaLKeR[TDm], who created Murder. He is there for all your resouces and mapping needs. Holy Goat has decided to concentrate more on Action Half-Life. Also, Swoosh the infamous “Monkey Wrangler” of the forum will be wrangling no more at the AQMD. Not sure if he will still be involved in testing or not. I have yet to hear.

Just a Rant this Morning

I would like to wish everyone in the United States a happy and safe 4th of July! No plans for me today, think my girlfriend wants to go for Cuban food. How American, huh? Especially today. Had another idea for a map last night, while at the theater watching, The General’s Daughter. It was a military training course similar to a cross between Ruins and the SAS Training Grounds. In other news, Shagg, over at The Mapzone is preparing a weekly LAN gather called Shagg’s Suburban Slaughter. He is in need of some help with graphics, not only for his LAN design, but also his site. If you know and design graphics, head to his site. He is offering a free T-shirt and $50. Okay, I guess I should mention this, since most have never seen it. There is a hidden link on the main page of The 6th Floor, if you have found it, then you know what I am talking about. I figure it fits the overall them very well. Atleast I have not received any hate mail because of it. Let me know if you find it. I am also changing the format of the New Map Releases to make it a bit easier to understand, also lessen the long load times. Not much in the way of new maps. I have been in contact with a few authors who are currently working on projects, but none have release dates. Finally, I had a chance to interview FiReWaLKeR[TDm], author of the map, Murder: Murder of tha’ rooftops. Check it out.

Site Update&General News

You may have noticed a few aesthetic changes on The 6th Floor, such as the movable cross-hairs on the main page and I finally changed the code around so each header now pops up in its own frame when you click on it. I have really good looking stuff coming, I am still working on it with a buddy of mine, [NT]Overkill who is a graphics wiz. Speaking of his work, he did create a banner, which is on the links page. Check it out and let me know what you think. Some more good news to report, you will start to see my reviews over at Action out West in Australia. There are about 15 new maps they need reviewed, so I sent them a review of a local author, FiReWaLKeR[TDm] and his map, Murder. You can also send me email if you go there at I look forward to working with Andy J and the gang from the “land down under.” Yeah, I can see you are saying, “but what about the new reviews?” Ah, yes…it’s a beautiful thing, today it my Friday and I am off for three days, so I will be able to finish police, cliff and ctown2. Was checking out the Test Matrix at AQMD, aside from infrequent updates, I see Dadock2 by DeRtY[MiA] has received a fairly good score, which leads me to believe it will probably be released soon, along with Civil War by [WW]Hammer. And for those of you who are anxiously awaiting the release of the Action Quake Bot, I regret to mention it will not be released on June 28th, as stated back in May. William is “hunting down a transient but major error occurring in software gfx mode when using the shotgun” along with a few other problem, read about them at CGF.

Feeling Satisfied?

I am quite surprised, the number of hits per day, keeps on climbing. I guess that means I am doing something right. I am currently in the process of revising a few things here. I keep receiving the same type of recommendations, the graphics are a killer and take quite a bit of time to download. When will this all be done? Not really sure. I am trying to get all, or most of it complete before I upload it all. Did receive feedback today from FiReWaLKeR, regarding his map, Murder,

“All i can say is, yes i do know about the r_speed problem and believe me i tried to fix it, the murder you have seen is the second version, the first version was slightly different but was very sloppy in the editor so i rebuilt it.. r_speeds allmost cut in half, i guess it looks bad but if you had seen the original you’d think this one was like heaven..Oswald: I just read the review you did on murder.. seems to be all good (cept those damn r_speeds) thanks buddy.. One thing i would like to say about that alarm, The building is broken into if you take a close look at the door you will see the window is smashed, i know its hard to see and all, but eh atleast its there.. Oooh and i hope ruskprick doesn’t mind that i edited it c0ol door…Nice page you have going there, better than any reviews i’ve read on tha AQMD (im not only talking about murder) , Keep up the good work..”

There is a new kid, well sort of new kid on the block, Shingy and kramed of AQ2OG fame have started up Action World. Good looking site and layout, with a plethora of Action info and links. There was also another Action based site called, Action Quake Forever I stumbled upon based out of Australia. Go check them out! New reviews on are on the way, as I am setting up a new map rotation for the LAN this weekend, maps to include, Riot, Ctown2 and Mesto right now.

Underplayed Maps?

One of the recent and on going topics at the Action Quake 2 Forums has been one of, underplayed maps. They are out there. You know, those maps you have tucked away, just dying to play, but no server admins run them, because they are not the “in” maps. Although it is still a fairly new release to the AQ2 community, Murder by FiReWaLKeR[TDm] has been received very well and some consider it to be underplayed. The author’s response was:

“Hey its great to see you people like Murder.. Im working on another map now, it kinda has the KingPin theme to it.. Graffitti on walls and hiphop style music coming outta windows.. ahh well I guess you’z all have to wait and see.. ;Þ later ….”

Like most, I am sure this will be an anticipated release. Hopefully we will be able to duplicate or exceed the high standards he set in Murder. More later, I need some sleep.