Feeling Satisfied?

I am quite surprised, the number of hits per day, keeps on climbing. I guess that means I am doing something right. I am currently in the process of revising a few things here. I keep receiving the same type of recommendations, the graphics are a killer and take quite a bit of time to download. When will this all be done? Not really sure. I am trying to get all, or most of it complete before I upload it all. Did receive feedback today from FiReWaLKeR, regarding his map, Murder,

“All i can say is, yes i do know about the r_speed problem and believe me i tried to fix it, the murder you have seen is the second version, the first version was slightly different but was very sloppy in the editor so i rebuilt it.. r_speeds allmost cut in half, i guess it looks bad but if you had seen the original you’d think this one was like heaven..Oswald: I just read the review you did on murder.. seems to be all good (cept those damn r_speeds) thanks buddy.. One thing i would like to say about that alarm, The building is broken into if you take a close look at the door you will see the window is smashed, i know its hard to see and all, but eh atleast its there.. Oooh and i hope ruskprick doesn’t mind that i edited it c0ol door…Nice page you have going there, better than any reviews i’ve read on tha AQMD (im not only talking about murder) , Keep up the good work..”

There is a new kid, well sort of new kid on the block, Shingy and kramed of AQ2OG fame have started up Action World. Good looking site and layout, with a plethora of Action info and links. There was also another Action based site called, Action Quake Forever I stumbled upon based out of Australia. Go check them out! New reviews on are on the way, as I am setting up a new map rotation for the LAN this weekend, maps to include, Riot, Ctown2 and Mesto right now.

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