If you came looking the details on the JFK assassination, you are in the wrong place! I have been an avid conspiracy theorist when it comes to the assassination and conspiracies in general, but I don’t provide any of that information here. Sure, my site holds a similar name as to the location from which the “supposed” shots were fired from, but that is where the similarities end.

The 6th Floor was conceived in 1999 when I got involved with online computer gaming. Growing up I was raised thinking different, using Apple Computers followed by the Apple Macintosh. Games for these superior machines were damn near obsolete, yet there were aisles of PC games.

In 1998 while living in Chicago, I would hear ghastly sounds coming from my roommate’s PC in the evening. Weapons firing, grenades exploding, cries of horror and the splattering of blood. This would be the game that gave me the computer gaming bug. It was Quake II by id Software.

When I returned to California in 2000, I was a newbie to PCs, looking to get more information on gaming and on computer hardware. I ran across a LAN party web site and found a group in my local area that hosted a LAN every Saturday called Netzwerk Terror. It did not take long to become a “regular” attendee and begin learning the ins and outs of computers and playing more and more games.

Each Saturday gamers would reserve a seat to the LAN, those “regular” gamers would gather early, hook up their steering wheels and race until all the chairs were full. We would stuff 24 gamers in a one bedroom apartment and game for 24+ hours straight! Pizza, Coke and tequila were provided during the evening as we would break from gaming. We never strayed far from Quake II (eventually Quake 3) and their mods, including CTF, Action Quake 2 and Urban Terror.

The 6th Floor web site was started around the same time, as a community web site to support an online game called Action Quake 2, along with my rantings and weekend routine at the LAN, trying out new AQ2 levels and games. I also was the “Head Monkey” of the Action Quake Map Depot (AQMD) for a period of time. While AQ2 never really did die, I decided to change the focus of the web site to follow a mod I worked on called Urban Terror providing reviews and tutorials for budding level designers.

As all things do, the site went dormant for some length of time until I renewed the domain name and tried to decide just what to do with the site. I decided to dedicate it to myself as my online web log. This way I am not constrained about having to focus on computer gaming exclusively, but can talk about my wife (Hottlipz, no that’s not her real name), our son, Zachary (I call him Zoom), my love of amateur radio, the never ending restoration of my 1968 Mercury Cougar, fantasy football, futbol, my new found interest in nutrition and health, which lead me to take on a plant based, whole food lifestyle in October, 2011.

Right now I am involved in many things, hopefully my son will pick up some of those same interests, like I did from my father. So, from time to time you will hear about my ’68 Mercury Cougar that is undergoing restoration or the world of ham radio, not to be confused with internet radio, which I did in my spare time for Inside The Game [now defunct] where I provided online commentary for games such as Urban Terror and Medal of Honor [now retired]. When I was not covering a match you could find me spinning tunes from the 80s and talking about the best decade ever on my 80’s show called Just Push Play.

In 2009 a friend recommended the documentary, Forks Over Knives, since my healthy wasn’t excellent, struggling with high cholesterol. This movie changed my life as I have taken an interest in my health through nutrition. I now follow the program Dr. John McDougall developed centered around starch, yellow/green vegetables and whole grains. I refer to myself as living “plant strong.”

In the 2012/13 English Premier League, I took up managing a fantasy football squad. While it’s considerably different than the 30+ years I have spent playing fantasy (NFL) football, it’s been a real learning experience. Over the years my squads haven’t been all too successful, but I have been improving every year.

Like most web sites, The 6th Floor is always in flux and changing, from news categories to content, links to images in the gallery. I am always looking to add something unique to keep viewers coming back. Feel free to provide your feedback to me at oswald [at] the6thfloor [dot] com.

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