A Big Thanks

First, I would like to thank a few people for keeping my little web experiment going. Mikey at Action World, [MM]THX at Action Quake Forever and Death Magnet at AQMD for their time in trying to keep you, the players updated as to the whereabouts of The 6th Floor. It has been a rough and ugly month, but it looks like troubles are now behind me. It is now official and I do not expect to see any sort of response from the party who has control of the server in Scandinavia. This has been confirmed by another source. No big lose, it will take some time to win back a few supporters of the site.

I know I keep talking about big changes taking place. There are many in the works, such as a new and improved look of the site, better navigation and better quality of reviews. I have been working with a second party about revising the map reviews. It is actually an interesting idea when it was proposed to me, and it makes quite a bit of sense. After I we draw up the specifics, I will share them with you. All of this is leading to a better 6th Floor to server you, the Action gaming public. Because, isn’t that why I am here?

Onto the new maps…there have been a good amount or releases lately. Since I have been unable to really do much in the way of daily updates and notes on maps, I have been spending much more time playing and fine tuning my sniping skill (all my clan members quit your snickering). From Jesper Myrfors comes three maps, all of which offer up some excellent texturing. There is something to be said about photo-realistic textures. His released maps are: alley1, alley2 and hwy666. Check out this screen shot from alley1. Some of the best texturing I have seen to date.

From Squirrel comes his follow up map to Loveboat called temple. This map transports you into a Indiana Jones type movie setting and as Death Magnet mentions feels a bit like jungle1. The other releases include snakesmap by _Solidsnake and camel by Joost van der Velde and Nick van Ginkel, known as The Riddler and Mindmaker.

Yet Another Review…

Five hours later and I am still going strong. Check out all the new information available as of today. All of the Test Maps which are available at AQMD have now been included here, with a screenshot, size and a link to the FTP site. Hopefully by doing this, it will prevent you from wasting you time and bandwidth on a map you think does not meet your standards. There are a few maps which look promising. I am also half way though an interview with Holy Goat. Hopefully that will be posted here later today. You can also access it though ‘The Mapper’s Spotlight’ over at AQMD. Speaking of Holy Goat, I just finished his second map review of Asylum. This review, unlike most of the others was only played in DM. So check it out and see what you think. By the way this is a great looking and great playing map! Action World finally got their graphics guru to create a 90×30 button. It is very cool looking and available at Action World or from The 6th Floor Action Links.

Back on Track

It may not look like it, but I am getting back on track here at The 6th Floor. There has been a bit of news floating around, most of which I am sure you have seen on sites such as Action World and Action Quake Forever, so I see no reason to repeat it. There were two new maps released yesterday at AQMD. The first was Loveboat by Squirrel, which is set on a cruise ship, or for those of us still living in the 1970s, the TV series. And no Issac will not be able to mix you a drink. The second is Motel by bobbins, which is set in a rundown and old hotel. There is also a new Map Resource d00d in place at AQMD, that being FiReWaLKeR[TDm], who created Murder. He is there for all your resouces and mapping needs. Holy Goat has decided to concentrate more on Action Half-Life. Also, Swoosh the infamous “Monkey Wrangler” of the forum will be wrangling no more at the AQMD. Not sure if he will still be involved in testing or not. I have yet to hear.

Feeling Satisfied?

I am quite surprised, the number of hits per day, keeps on climbing. I guess that means I am doing something right. I am currently in the process of revising a few things here. I keep receiving the same type of recommendations, the graphics are a killer and take quite a bit of time to download. When will this all be done? Not really sure. I am trying to get all, or most of it complete before I upload it all. Did receive feedback today from FiReWaLKeR, regarding his map, Murder,

“All i can say is, yes i do know about the r_speed problem and believe me i tried to fix it, the murder you have seen is the second version, the first version was slightly different but was very sloppy in the editor so i rebuilt it.. r_speeds allmost cut in half, i guess it looks bad but if you had seen the original you’d think this one was like heaven..Oswald: I just read the review you did on murder.. seems to be all good (cept those damn r_speeds) thanks buddy.. One thing i would like to say about that alarm, The building is broken into if you take a close look at the door you will see the window is smashed, i know its hard to see and all, but eh atleast its there.. Oooh and i hope ruskprick doesn’t mind that i edited it c0ol door…Nice page you have going there, better than any reviews i’ve read on tha AQMD (im not only talking about murder) , Keep up the good work..”

There is a new kid, well sort of new kid on the block, Shingy and kramed of AQ2OG fame have started up Action World. Good looking site and layout, with a plethora of Action info and links. There was also another Action based site called, Action Quake Forever I stumbled upon based out of Australia. Go check them out! New reviews on are on the way, as I am setting up a new map rotation for the LAN this weekend, maps to include, Riot, Ctown2 and Mesto right now.