Evaluation Time: Effective

It has only been since January that I have been “certified” as a Train Controller, but as mid-year approaches it is evaluation time, this coming up on my 2nd anniversary (October). While I have worked with the managers, other controllers and support personnel in the control center, this was the first time I was being evaluated for my performance.

The first evaluation was really just a baseline for the manager who completed it to use for next time. He did compare my “style” of controlling to his. I guess that is good, I am calm under pressure, don’t get excitable on the radio and remain cool and collected. Being here only 6 months as a certified controller, every day is something new, always learning in order to better myself to be a more complete controller.

There were numerous categories on which we were evaluated, with five different ratings, I ended up being “effective” on all those categories, which was fair. No reason to judge me any higher at this point, since there is still A LOT of room to grow and mature as a controller. These reviews also play into our pay raise. That is always a good thing.

This evaluation sure beats the hell out of my final evaluation at United, in which they told me I did not communicate well and I would only see a 3% raise (this after United took 35% from for pay cuts). Nothing positive out of my United review and many positive or potentially positive growth from my first BART evaluation.

Damn, I am happy I am here…

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