OZ 214

plane, airplaneNo longer do I turn to the media for information when it comes to a situation, for example the OZ 214 (Asiana Airlines)  flight that “landed hard” on Saturday while arriving KSFO. At the time of the crash I was work in the control center and a train operator called to inquire about black smoke seen at the airport, from Millbrae BART station. We literally missed the crash by 3 minutes, as we panned and focused to see dust and billowing black smoke coming from the Boeing 777-200ER.

What’s even more impressive was I had the flight number, details and registration number within minutes. Most news outlets didn’t break this story for close to 30 minutes, while social media outlet, Twitter received a tweet from Samsung executive, David Eun reading,

I just crash landed at SFO. Tail ripped off. Most everyone seems fine. I’m ok. Surreal… (at @flySFO) [pic] — https://path.com/p/1lwrZb

Pretty amazing to see footage moments after this crash from a passenger onboard. That wasn’t my first outlet for information, as I quickly brought up Airliners.net, which is primarily a photo repository for aviation, but their discussion board already had an OZ 777 Crash At SFO Part 1 started. I am sure there was much speculation there regarding what happened, but it was amazing to see the amount of information and reports that rolled in. Unlike local media, the stooges they are, continued to report the same damn information for hours. Nothing new, no footage, no new images and individuals claiming to be “experts” offering their opinions. Why didn’t anyone call me, hell I could have at least played the part of an aviation expert on the newscasts!

I am surprised however we have not see any live footage (yet) of the actually hard landing. Speculation continues to fly (no pun intended) as to what when wrong with OZ 214 prior to the threshold. Without information from the flight recorders (yet) and upon watching the aerial footage it seemed the aircraft was too low, didn’t have enough power and landed short, which meant hitting the approach lights or the sea wall prior to runway 28L. Pilots are taught early on in their flight training that seeing red over red on the VASI (visual approach slope indicator) means “you’re dead.” I would much rather be too high in an attempt to land, potentially executing a miss approached rather than too low with not enough power immediately to pull out of a deadly sink rate.

Unfortunately jet engines, like those Pratt & Whitney PW4090’s don’t spool up quickly, so needing lots of power quickly isn’t going to happen as you approach the threshold of the runway. The more a pilot pulls back on the yoke in an attempt to gain altitude the more you force a plane, yes even something as large as a 777 into more of a stalled condition, which bleeds off speed and increases your sink rate. I am sure all the details will come out in the NTSB investigation, but the bottom line, pilot error.

Anon: Follow Up

As I sat at work on Sunday I followed the news of Anonymous and the impending strike at BART their “decision to shut down wireless access was criticized by many as heavy handed, and some raised questions about whether the move violated free speech” (source). Twitter was alive with comments from #OpBART, #MuBARTek,
and others as 12:00 Pacific Time came around.

I had read the statement and watched the video, but it really didn’t seem many knew of the group or their intentions. I found this rather interesting. My co-workers must think I am some sort of crackpot because of the information I was passing and on and the rational behind why this as happening. I guess some don’t see the real issue at hand with this “attack” on Sunday.

The problems began Thursday night when BART officials blocked wireless access to disrupt organization of a demonstration protesting the July 3 shooting death by BART police who said the 45-year-old victim was wielding a knife” (source).

You can read more about the operation from the report at THN. “It also accused myBART of storing member information poorly with “virtually no security” so that “any 8 year old with a internet connection” can steal it.”

Today is the peaceful protest at Civic Center Station in downtown San Francisco, where participants are requested to wear “red shirt or clothes with fake blood stains, and to bring video cameras.” Don’t forget the Guy Fawkes mask either!

We Are Anonymous
We Are Everywhere
We Are Legion
We Never Forget
We Never Forgive

Social Networking

I have not been interested in some of the “social networking” sites on the Internet, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or even YouTube. This opinion has been formed after spending nearly 15 years being involved in online gaming, sharing many different aspects of my life with others. Many of these individuals I had never met, but through gaming formed an online relationship with because of our gaming interests. I became so involved with gaming, I became a involved with a development team who developed an online game beginning in 1999.

Since my retirement I have disassociated myself with anything online game related. I got tired of being in the spotlight and dealing with the demands and stress created by these online relationships. I continue to share my thoughts and interests on this site, but have never taken any interest in sharing my thoughts with friends whom I have known through school or work over the years.

Recently a friend I play soccer with sent me an e-mail invite from Facebook. I had heard of the site, but never signed up or added a profile. My sister and wife both had MySpace accounts, again I never visited, but did sign up so I could see some of my sister’s information. Since 1995 I have maintained my little piece of cyberspace here, on The 6th Floor, which was created out of my online alias, which was “Oswald” (yes, the patsy in the JFK assassination). The site has seen many changes, once mainly game related, the site has shifted interests to other personal interests such as amateur radio, 68 Cougar and other random news I provide.

Earlier this week I did create a Facebook profile. Since signing up I have added a few friends including some I play soccer with, as well as coworkers from jobs past and high school buddies. My sister told me, “don’t hate social networking…you haven’t even given it a chance.” I have, it was the years I spent being a figurehead in a gaming community we created. Yet I am willing to give social networking a chance. Hell, my sister even told my my mother has a Facebook page!

While I would much rather direct friends of mine to this site, I am going to start some level of participation on Facebook. Hopefully my friends will decide to read more of my dribble here on T6F. I am also looking at incorporating Twitter into the next version of The 6th Floor. We will see how that goes.