Yet Another Review…

Five hours later and I am still going strong. Check out all the new information available as of today. All of the Test Maps which are available at AQMD have now been included here, with a screenshot, size and a link to the FTP site. Hopefully by doing this, it will prevent you from wasting you time and bandwidth on a map you think does not meet your standards. There are a few maps which look promising. I am also half way though an interview with Holy Goat. Hopefully that will be posted here later today. You can also access it though ‘The Mapper’s Spotlight’ over at AQMD. Speaking of Holy Goat, I just finished his second map review of Asylum. This review, unlike most of the others was only played in DM. So check it out and see what you think. By the way this is a great looking and great playing map! Action World finally got their graphics guru to create a 90×30 button. It is very cool looking and available at Action World or from The 6th Floor Action Links.

New Review

I have just finished the map review for Squirrel’s map, Loveboat. It is a very good looking and well laid out map. If you get a chance check the review and download the map. I know it is an older map, but Asylum by Holy Goat will be posted later today, as I will hopefully get an interview with him later on. For those who frequent the AQMD Forum, Swoosh is no longer the Monkey Wrangler of the forum. His tenure came to a close last week. His replacement is Deltree, who is going to attempt to keep all the monkeys in order and answer all your map related questions. I am also still collecting votes for maps you want to see in a new map pack, while Death Magnet works on a poll, so ICQ me or email with your favorites. Be sure to check out the Test Maps, as there have been some new screen shots posted, and while you are at it, fill out the questionnaire, which can be found at the Test Matrix at AQMD.

Shagg&The Map Zone

Spoke with Shagg recently, as he is still in the process of getting the new Mapzone up and running again. He is still a the current, address, but will be moving to soon. He also decided to get an assistant Webmaster, so you will be hearing and reading comments from XCheckR. The new maps are now posted and the test maps I am going back though to bring you what is best. Remember when downloading a test map, go back to AQMD and fill out the questionnaire, it takes all of one minute to go though. This will help decide what gets released.

On another note, I am considering putting together a new map pack. I would like to get input for you, the player, as to what you would maps you would like to see included. Take a look at the previous packs, as I would like to avoid this “classic” maps. I figure if we can get 7-10 good quality maps, it should prove a hit. Any ideas? Email or send it ICQ (#20012280).

Bare with Me Here

I have many things going on right now as they related to the site. I have multiple interviews to host, featuring T.T.I and Holy Goat. I have about 4 reviews that are waiting and ready to be uploaded. I finally got all my HTML code together along with all the graphics from [NT]Overkill for The 6th Floor. He has done an excellent job on it, hopefully all of you will feel the same way and like new look and interface. And yes, the cross hair is staying for all to play with. When all this will take place, I am not too sure. Over the course of the next 3-5 days, I hope. I also see that Death Magnet “cleaned house” at AQMD, releasing Arcadia by Ætherum, Beware by WOLF[BiA], Cloud by MaXy, Dam by Castrator and Theist by SteelHORN. All of which are still on the ‘Test Page’ under New Action Maps. So hang in there a few more days, and you will be mildly surprised at what will transpire. If you ever sent me email at, drop me another email, I lost all my documents and email addresses when I reformatted my Windows98 drive. Think I learned my lesson? BACK FILES UP!!!

More Cha Cha Cha Changes…

To save all of you out there time in downloading test maps, I have added a ‘TEST MAPS’ section under New Action Maps. Each test map includes author’s name, map name, file size, screen shot of the map and a link to Telefragged. This features the maps which are available at AQMD. Remember that these are test maps and that final versions may change. Currently there are 20 maps in the test matrix at AQMD. Not to mention a handful of good maps are also in testing at Action out West. As for my initial impressions, these maps go from “simply amazing” to not so good. For the most part, the majority of them should become official. There are some excellent textures included on many of the maps. I know this is going against how I review, but I have to mention Lavatube by The Gimp. This map just leaves you speechless. It is one of the most incredible maps I have seen to date. This is the same maps I have featured on Snipe of the Week. But the screen shot does no justice. Its a large download, but well worth it. Hope you like the new test section. I should be able to maintain it, depending on what happens here in the next few days.