A Big Thanks

First, I would like to thank a few people for keeping my little web experiment going. Mikey at Action World, [MM]THX at Action Quake Forever and Death Magnet at AQMD for their time in trying to keep you, the players updated as to the whereabouts of The 6th Floor. It has been a rough and ugly month, but it looks like troubles are now behind me. It is now official and I do not expect to see any sort of response from the party who has control of the server in Scandinavia. This has been confirmed by another source. No big lose, it will take some time to win back a few supporters of the site.

I know I keep talking about big changes taking place. There are many in the works, such as a new and improved look of the site, better navigation and better quality of reviews. I have been working with a second party about revising the map reviews. It is actually an interesting idea when it was proposed to me, and it makes quite a bit of sense. After I we draw up the specifics, I will share them with you. All of this is leading to a better 6th Floor to server you, the Action gaming public. Because, isn’t that why I am here?

Onto the new maps…there have been a good amount or releases lately. Since I have been unable to really do much in the way of daily updates and notes on maps, I have been spending much more time playing and fine tuning my sniping skill (all my clan members quit your snickering). From Jesper Myrfors comes three maps, all of which offer up some excellent texturing. There is something to be said about photo-realistic textures. His released maps are: alley1, alley2 and hwy666. Check out this screen shot from alley1. Some of the best texturing I have seen to date.

From Squirrel comes his follow up map to Loveboat called temple. This map transports you into a Indiana Jones type movie setting and as Death Magnet mentions feels a bit like jungle1. The other releases include snakesmap by _Solidsnake and camel by Joost van der Velde and Nick van Ginkel, known as The Riddler and Mindmaker.

Daily Rant – May 14

AQMD made it official last night and release Camp Blood by Jesper Myrfors. I have some screenies up in the New Maps Section. I’ve played this one and it is one of those eerie Friday the 13th settings, set at a summer camp in the woods. Go check it out. I am in the process of finishing Park Garage and Kumanru. It might be Sunday night or Monday before I get them completed as I am heading out to San Diego for a wedding this weekend. Guess that means no schmoozing for tickets to E3, since it is virtually in my backyard, here in Redondo Beach. It was brought to my attention, indirectly by Nanarchy who posts over at the AQMD forum regarding reviews, “The public reviews are good, getting everyone involved and all, but the reviews them selves are kinda sucky sucky. You need a whole flowing review, not one that stops at every marking point discussing issues of the map. 1 review is efficeint enough, just release the map with a review!” Although this should be the responsibility of the map author in their ‘Read Me’ file. But I do like his idea, so if I can get some help from Nanarchy or some other people, I may put up a section which deals with what is included in the map, os you know what to expect before you download it. I know, like most of you do, there is one, or maybe a few maps you downloaded, only to find out it was not what you expected. I still have a great idea for a map. I am willing to give any mapper full credit. Email me and I’ll pass it along. But then again, who doesn’t have an idea about a map? Right? The LAN on Saturday I attend has been on a short hiatus, they return to gaming tomorrow, without my presence. But, next week, I will be there, hopefully sporting a new map rotation to get some of these new maps into the review section. The are some kick ass maps out there. And from what I have seen of some of the maps in the Staging Area at AQMD, courtesy of Shagg, official AQMD tester, we have a lot to look forward too. Some of these maps are just incredible. Make a stop by The Mapzone and pick up Mesto – Rooftop Madness by Webz and GarFF. Check out the screenies in my New Map Section. That’s it and I am sure come Monday there will be quite a bit to report, probably more on the Action Half-Life front. Have a great weekend.