Forum Goers

I guess it goes without saying, on the Internet you can be anything or anyone you want to be. Behind an alias/screen name you can take on an entirely new persona. I should know after spend 10+ years going by “Oswald” while being involved with a development team creating an online FPS. I am sure my online persona contrasts my who I am in real life.

After spending a decade or so with online activity such as IRC [Internet Relay Chat], ICQ, MSN, as well as the worst offender, forums I have come to the realization people are all the same, regardless of the genre, activity or hobby that brings them together.

Online gaming has a negative connotation attached to it to begin with. Game associated deaths usually make the headlines, just ask Rockstar or id Software. It has happened in the past, but that is a story for another day. Gaming seems to be associated with kids, usually of the immature type. But my generation grew up with some of the first consoles and PC video games, so it is not surprising those “kids” are 30-somethings now.

I thought amateur radio was a cut above when it came to the individuals involved, at least that is how I always pictured with. Then again, I was living vicariously though my father in the 70’s and early 80’s when he was heavily involved. Everyone I met was cordial and there seemed to be a commeradie that I rarely saw growing up. Even sports teams I was on there was always competition and tempers flaring.

Forums seem to be the work of the devil, regardless of what it is centered around. It was for the game I was involved with and is also seen in amateur radio, as well as the resotration of my Mercury Cougar. The harsh reality is people are assholes! There are those who seem to think the forum is their “bitch box” and use it as such.

Gamers feel they are usually owed something or know better than those behind the game. Amateur radio seem some “troll” topics as well radio modification, band usage and of course those amateurs who are “know code” or “no code” hams. The commonality is the activity of the individual behind these rants. While their percentage is in the minority they usually cause the most headaches and trouble.

These people definitely ruin the enjoyment and “fun factor” for those involved in a community. Yeah, I already hear some of you saying, “So what? You don’t like it, don’t read it or move onto something more substantial.” You are right, but the fact remains I have lost a bit of respect for those who attempt to ruin that enjoyment. It usually is uncalled for and not necessary, but try convincing those individuals. You can’t.

The Weekend was a Blur

What is a LAN without alcohol? Uh, I cannot remember…but I will tell you this, I did not make it on Saturday night. I did get to play a few new maps over the internet before succumbing to darkness. However, I did not make it for our clan play. So much for a body powered by Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I did update the review grid with three maps which will be reviewed this week. Also included on the bottom of the review page is a smaller grid which now holds reviews for the support programs, like CGF and AMDi (the only two I have reviewed). I do plan on down loading the CGF mission editor and the CGF launcher.

I need to apologize to [tBd]NRGizeR, author of the newly released mxcity. He has been trying to get a hold of me the past weekend to get an interview, but I was a bit busy with out of town guests and then Saturday, I was at the NT LAN in ‘N/A (Extended Away) mode on ICQ. If everything works out, I should have his review completed later today.

Some time back, I did mention I was getting a new format for The 6th Floor. It is still coming, but [NT]Overkill is having a small problem which requires some extra programming. He did not give me an exact date, but he did say it is looking good.

New Review

I have just finished the map review for Squirrel’s map, Loveboat. It is a very good looking and well laid out map. If you get a chance check the review and download the map. I know it is an older map, but Asylum by Holy Goat will be posted later today, as I will hopefully get an interview with him later on. For those who frequent the AQMD Forum, Swoosh is no longer the Monkey Wrangler of the forum. His tenure came to a close last week. His replacement is Deltree, who is going to attempt to keep all the monkeys in order and answer all your map related questions. I am also still collecting votes for maps you want to see in a new map pack, while Death Magnet works on a poll, so ICQ me or email with your favorites. Be sure to check out the Test Maps, as there have been some new screen shots posted, and while you are at it, fill out the questionnaire, which can be found at the Test Matrix at AQMD.

Shagg&The Map Zone

Spoke with Shagg recently, as he is still in the process of getting the new Mapzone up and running again. He is still a the current, address, but will be moving to soon. He also decided to get an assistant Webmaster, so you will be hearing and reading comments from XCheckR. The new maps are now posted and the test maps I am going back though to bring you what is best. Remember when downloading a test map, go back to AQMD and fill out the questionnaire, it takes all of one minute to go though. This will help decide what gets released.

On another note, I am considering putting together a new map pack. I would like to get input for you, the player, as to what you would maps you would like to see included. Take a look at the previous packs, as I would like to avoid this “classic” maps. I figure if we can get 7-10 good quality maps, it should prove a hit. Any ideas? Email or send it ICQ (#20012280).


It has finally happened. Oswald’s 6th Floor is now hosted!!! That’s right, I am in the process of moving all my HTML code over to the new server. Today should be the last day of this URL for The 6th Floor. I am hoping that everything goes well in the next 2 or 3 hours and I will be able to give you a new web address to find me at. Just think, no more clicking that damned Yoda pop-up ad. Kinda cool, huh? The group I went with is led by Ellusion who says,

“I would consider myself somewhat of an old timer on the map-review scene, where I began taking an interest in custom maps when quake had it’s golden age. Reviewing maps at Planetquake alongside sites like Matt Sefton’s Single Player Quake Heaven,The Ramshackle, Lt Dan, Warren Marshall’s MultiplayerQuake and so, back in the good “ole days” some 3-4 years back 🙂 Reviewing what we felt were the best maps to bring out the quality, and at the same time helping shed some light on these authors wich eventually led to most of them landing a job in the gaming industry. The core being that we were just “pimps” for those who really produced the work. Without the great mappers, our sites would have been nothing.”

I have been corrosponding with him for the past month or so, in which that time I had a few different options I could have gone to become hosted. I would like to thank Shagg over at The Mapzone for getting authorization from Merlin and the gang at AQ2Zone to have me hosted on Shagg’s site. I will still be doing much work with Shagg, when it comes to releases of new maps and updates. Ellusion and I went on to discuss many areas as they related to the Action Quake community, basically revolving around a few BIG sites. Namely Action Quake 2 and AQMD, who seem to dominate, but at times seem to lack that “team effort”, for lack of a better description. I will not go into details, as I think both those sites are well set up and somewhat maintained. Consider the 6th Floor, it is run by myself. I have very little outside help and the help I do get is from friends I have met over different forums, ICQ at the LAN I attend, who help me out with HTML questions and graphics. I guess what I am saying is, I never really thought this site would gain as much momentum as it has. I think it is great, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy updating you, the reader on what’s going on around the community, while trying to bring a new feel to a website. I am here for you, any opinions, comments or complaints you have can be directed right to me. I read and respond to every email I get. So, with that, please be patient over the course of the next few days, as I make this transistion as smooth as possible.