Rock with GHIII & Rockband

Some will say I have been very cynical and bitter in my old age of 38 when it comes to computer gaming. I have been around since the beginning of computer games, but being brought up on a “thinking man’s” machine, the Apple, I never really had a chance to play some of those classic games that defined early computer gaming. Sure I played Duke Nuk’em, Doom and Quake to name a few, but much later then when they were in their prime.

Even now as I turn page in the Games for Windows magazine nothing really strikes my fancy. I was never one for review magazine, since most are paid off by someone with big money.

Recently, most of my gaming time has been spent playing Xbox 360. A far from perfect console, one I paid too much for but now, some 2 years later I might be breaking even. What do I mean?

Much of my console time has been spent playing sports games: FIFA, MLB, Madden (’07 & ’08 suck ass!). I also picked up the Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior and its sequel, both of which have given me hours of satisfaction. After all the hype I went out on a limb and overpaid for an average Halo 3. Definitely not all it was cracked up to be.

I soon sold that back and received store credit and bought The Orange Box, which restored some of my faith in console gaming. I have never been a big Half-Life fan, being brought up on Quake games (I blame my LAN party!). I found this compilation to be a helluva a value and one of the best games to date that I have experienced.

More recently it has been the more addictive Guitar Hero III and Rockband that has caught my interest. I bought Guitar Hero II and learned the art of guitaring on the Xbox 360. I never achieved star status, as I had some trouble on medium level. My eye/hand coordination must not be what it was 10 years ago.

GHIII added a few new features to the game, but overall the single player remained unchanged. I was able to successfully beat the game game on easy level, knocking down Slash, Tom Morello and “Lou”. While not overly difficult, you were able to get the basics down in order to move to a more difficult level.

Rockband takes GHIII to the next level involving 4 gamers each playing a different role; lead singer, lead guitar, bass and drums. I played the role of JJ, lead singer for the band and before the first song was over, we were being booed off the stage. Then again singing karaoke to a song you know as opposed to some song you never heard of will give you a decided advantage.

I was able to redeem myself with The Knack’s, My Sharona, as I scored a 100% on the song, hitting the high knows and going low in order to achieve success for the band. I followed this performance up with Rush’s Tom Sawyer.

While more of a party game than GHIII (you can dual each other), Rockband definitely goes gold with a great hit. The only drawback is the price for the full set up, as well as having friends to play with you. But, if you get the chance these are two games that really have restored some of my faith in gaming.