Cheaters and Leakers

Who are the worst sort of people in a gaming community? I think we can all agree that anyone who tries to dissuade other gamers from having fun and enjoying gaming are asshats. It is quite unfortunate that this lower class of gamer will never go away. In fact over the 12 years I have been gaming, starting at a local LAN and attending some larger events, this class of gamer has only increased in size and intensity.

I can honestly say from my days of Quake 2, to Action Quake 2 and more recently MOHAA and Urban Terror I have never cheated, this includes loading up an aimbot, “just to check it out.” Some would claim that if you aren’t cheating then you aren’t trying” or “it’s only cheating if you get caught.” Well, regardless of your reasoning…err…excuse once a cheater always a cheater. Unless you happen to change your online alias and take on a new personality that moniker of ‘cheater’ will stick with you. We have seen this time and time again in the Urban Terror Community. Blue (jackass) Venom anyone?

I am beginning to think an even lower class of gamer are those gamers who claim to support a game and its community who leak illegally obtained files. Being involved in development since 1999 this has always been a problem. Now, I will lay a portion of the blame on the development team for not having good quality control (not QA Team) when it came to testing the mod prior to a release. Originally, we provided ALL (including server files) to testers. Needless to say this was setting the development team up for failure.

Over the years we got better when the control of our files, but never to the point where there was not a leak for a major release. Beta 2.0 was one of the worst offenders, but again I lay a portion of the blame on the team, but more so on those gamers we thought we could trust. In the online world you cannot trust anyone!

Gamers are always wanting to make a name for themselves and sometimes how they do it is cause for concern. Personally, I don’t want to hear excuses as to why, I just want justice. While we cannot completely police the leak, we do try and make the best out of a bad situation. Thankfully we have some in our community who do come to our defense and help do the policing.

Why gamers think they are above the community or even the development team amazes me. I guess these are the same gamers who do nothing but bitch and complain about the game, but continue to play it. Guess that makes sense, make enough noise and you might get noticed. Oh, was that a g-line from IRC? LOL.

Regardless, these two bottom dwellers, the cheater and the leaker will never go away…unfortunately. They can be contained, but never complete exterminated. Just remember, you are not above the community or the development team. Hopefully you will think twice about hosting files on your personal website or downloading, “just to try it out” because in the end you are no better if you succumb to these sort of gamers.

OMFG Gaming!

It’s not often I have experienced top notch game play while providing color commentary for Inside The Game. That is not to say I have not covered some good matches over the 4 years I have been ‘shoutcasting‘ but nothing that makes me say, “you gotta hear this!” That all changed recently when I accepted to cover Medal of Honor for Clanbase. In fact, it was the second match I covered that I saw one of the most memorable matches between MyGspot Gaming v The pers0wnages Clan. Final score of the match was 15-13, as we went down to the wire, as the match was decided in the last two rounds.

Yesterday, I was privy to provide coverage for Urban Terror from the Clanbase Fall 2005 Open Cup Premier Finals. This was a match that gamers hoped when the groups were announced we would see. Of course all gamers want to participate in a finals match, but over the course of the past 12 months or so, The Syndicate of Finland and Tricky Klan of Portugal have been the top two clans at Clanbase.

This match went into a double, sudden death overtime before the match was decided. It’s unfortunate that either clan had to loose because those who tuned into GTV and the shoutcast experienced something they will probably never see again. This match was played the way Urban Terror should be played! Skills reigned supreme, teamwork flourished and kills piled up on both sides. We had last second wins and some outstanding comebacks by both clans.

In the end it would be Tricky Klan taking the victory, 5-3 (2-pt per map win) over a very good Syndicate clan. I believe Mauri of Tricky Klan summed it up nicely, “Now that was a fucking game if I ever played one. Intense, skilled and amazing teamwork by both teams all throughout the match, like everyone expected (at least I sure did). Thank you [s] for being such a good opponent, every cw we’ve played has always been a perfect display of how this game should be played.” You can relive the experience here, download the cast. Congrats once again to TK for they amazing victory! And yes, 3.8 is coming! Promise!

Annoying? It’s Gonna Get Worse

While surfing what few game sites I support, I ran across a decent article on Clanbase. The story titled, Ten things that annoyed last year runs down the good, what little there was and finds pleasure in revealing their top ten annoying moments.While I am not going to concentrate on all ten items, I do agree with a few of the “anti” top ten, such as bogus game awards shows, exploitation of the female game model and others, number eight caught my fancy and like news in the past I feel the need to expand on this topic.

I feel a bit violated when I plop down sixty dollars for a game, and the pain’s only going to worsen in 2006. Violation as in being bent over without being Vasolined before being driven home. Games are getting considerably more expensive to make and are heading toward a far more complex development process, but there are ways of repackaging the gaming experience to mitigate rising costs, and simply hiking the price of games is not the solution.

Prices are outrageous! XBox360 games on average are $10 more than XBox. Graphically, the 360 is superior, but how’s the game play? Has the next generation technology being used actually improved the game play? I doubt it. Madden 06 for example is not as good as the XBox version. I have read that and experienced it. But gamers are will play the exorbitant prices.I don’t believe the gamer has any recourse outside of not buying the newest PC or XBox game. We are at the mercy of the developers and publishers. While pressing DVDs is rather “cheap” the packaging is where the cost comes into play. It’s no wonder we save our boxes when we buy a new game.

Why can’t there be an option when it comes to delivery of a game? Personally, if I could save up to $20 by downloading a game and instructions (PDF file) off the Internet, I would be all over it, as opposed to spending that added cost on packaging, which I could give a rat’s ass about.Unfortunately that delivery system cuts into the bottom line, which means profit will not be as much as it could be. I do recall seeing the ‘Special Forces’ for BF2 deliverable via download. Of course that after pay $50 for the game. *shakes head*Thus it all leads to the same conclusion for me. I refuse to support developers or buy their games. Maybe things will turn around (don’t see it happening soon) and there will a game that strikes my fancy that I must have.

Behind the Microphone

At one time, years ago…well not that long ago, maybe 1998 I was like a sponge. I was soaking as much information as possible when it came to PC games. id Software‘s hit, Quake II had me mesmerized. From that point on, the snowball effect took control.Now, maybe it’s my age or my [lack of] attention span, or life priorities, but I am not much of a gamer now (maybe I will blame the crappy games out there). Damn skippy though, back in the day at the Netzwerk Terror LAN I would attend, I was as competitive as the next in the 1 v 1 tourney. Never did win, but I did take a third place. Once.

Since my “humble” beginnings I experienced many things, such as QuakeCon (a MUST for any gamer), software development with Urban Terror and on air commentary, previously with Team Sportscast Network and more recently with Inside The Game. To be honest, I get more pleasure talking to the gaming community, be it covering a game like Urban Terror, Medal of Honor or a plethora of other games. FIFA kicks some serious ass!I also produce two radio shows called Just Push Play, where we flashback to the 1980’s and check out movies, television, music, coin-op video games and nostalgia from a decade past. Also in support of Urban Terror I started Urban Radio, which focuses on news and notes from the community, along with some gaming action on a server provided by the community…basically it is my chance to give the community something other than a web site update.

I have all the previous Just Push Play shows now available on the site, linked to FileCloud. Currently I am putting the finishing touches on this week’s show, JPP #009 – Oswald Strikes back. The show debuts on Wednesday, January 4 at 12PST/20GMT on Inside The Game.

More recently I have agreed with start covering Medal of Honor: Allied Assault over on Clanbase with EuroCup (Obj Realism) and Nations Cup (Obj & Obj Realism). I do believe my enjoyment of casting shines in a game like MOHAA, mainly because of the what you can do with the game. The production value is extremely high and the game itself is full of atmosphere.

If you want an example of the production value of Medal of Honor, you can download this cast featuring Art of War versus [ =N3S=] I covered as a “test cast” last week. Just listen past he minor technical issues I had during the coverage that I failed to catch.

War Rock

As I posted in Gaming Gone Bad last week, I have really been turned off by the current run of retail games available. Maybe that just goes to provide companie are churning our crap as retail sales for November fell 9% or $1.3 billion. That decline attributed to consumers waiting and saving for Xbox 360 (source: Reuters). Honestly, I don’t buy it, you can spin statistics any which way you want, but this article not about about sagging sales or poor video games on the market this holiday season.

Would you believe I am actually going to give props to a game I was turned onto yesterday by Gerhard (aka Wolfseye) who manages the gaming web site, Act of War. The game looks and feels a bit like Digitial Illusions CE latest offering, Battlefield 2. Now, I am not a big BF2 fan, I think the game is “just another” war based genre game that adds to an already over saturated market. Their previous work on Battlefield 1942, and its predecessor, Codename: Eagle were by far better products and more original.

Gerhard tells me to grab a “free” game (registration required) called WarRock. which just so happens to have strong similarities to BF2. Seeing that it is free and will play on Windows 2000, I downloaded, installed and gave it a test drive. First impressions had be giving it the nod of approval. The game is currently being developed by DREAMexecution, a Seoul, Korea based company. The game is run off their proprietary game engine called the Jindo Engine.

For more information check out, WarRock or DREAMexecution. You can also check out these shots (#002, #003, #004).