Bring Out Your Maps!

Remember that scene in Monty Python, The Holy Grail where the cart master is pushing that cart full of dead bodies, while ringing the bell telling one and all to, “bring out your dead!” I make the comparison to many of the “dead” Urban Terror levels wanting to be “rebuilt” as a gamer so bluntly put it in the Urban Terror Forums.

Instead of bodies on that cart, there are old levels from Urban Terror versions gone by, levels such as Swim, Trainyard, Alleys, Hotel, Sands, Ricochet, Revolution and The Druglord Series, just to name a few. Ringing the bell, not the cart master, but the community wanting an answer to, “Why?”

In the past we have cited, “developmental reasons” but that alone does not sit well with some in the community. I think we can all agree there are some levels, if updated could be successful today, as they were during 1.27/2.0. Sorry you can’t include Docks yet since it was not released with 4.0, but I don’t have a doubt INVIS will “sexify” that level to a new degree.

Anything included in the original should be discarded as garbage. In the day they were fine, but no longer do they have any redeeming qualities that make them good levels. Hotel? Nope, Swim? Eh, one could provide a good argument for it. Streets? LOL, don’t think so. Ricochet and Revolution? Possibly.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone sees Urban Terror levels differently. I personal thought Revolution was an outstanding level! To this day it could still be a successful level for Bomb mode and quite possibly CTF. Others will disagree.

The development team still controls the old levels and under no circumstances will we provide you permission to update our levels. Tub is the exception to the rule and under certain circumstances would find it “flattering” if a community level designer rebuilt one of his old levels. Again, he is the exception.

The challenge lies with the community, because GAMERS HATE CHANGE! They always have and will continue to do so into the future. By dropping levels that were not 4.0 compliant we stirred the proverbial hornet’s nest again. Gamers were furious that Uptown and Docks were not going to be included and could understand why.

We decided to do a quick update on Uptown, you read about that in my previous update. The decision to not release Docks was a good one. It will return as a better, more playable level than it left in 3.7, when we heard nothing but complaints about how unfair the level way.

So, remember this instead of pulling off one of those dead maps from the cart, use some creativity and be original. Create something yourself. Something you can call your own. Not something you rehashed because it was a good level in the past. Urban Terror has changed, so have our levels. Gamers and level designers should think about changing as well.

It’s Out! Finally!

I think things are slowly returning to normal. This past weekend has been outstanding. As many know Silicon Ice Development released Urban Terror Beta 2.6 yesterday. It was a very long and tiring day for those on the development team who took part in the release party festivities. Mad props go out to all of SID, especially Density who was a real trooper the last few days when it came to the code base.

If you missed Friday and Saturday, we held back to back, Urban Radio programs. Saturday’s program, the Urban Radio Pre-Release Party was out of control. You can download and listen to the shows from the Radio tab. Thanks to the guys at TsN Central we had enough bandwidth to accommodate nearly 600 listeners! Now that is support! It was an excellent time for all, as we discussed the upcoming release, new features, weapons and support features for the mod. Things such as the kick ass Urban Terror Manual. Course I am pimping it, cuz I spent a few months working on it. My contribution to Beta 2.6…hahah.

As for the mod itself, the Beta 2.6 release was very successful! The servers are increasing in numbers, gamers are at an all time high and everything…well most everything is going well. There are bugs and we are aware of many of the common issues that the community is bringing out attention. Of course they are catching things we had fixed, yet something seems to causing problems. So, SID is working on it.

As for the level designers, thanks to Dragonne has updated the def file for Urban Terror. This def file has new keys for the doors: gamemode_open and gamemode_shut. You put the game types that you want the doors locked open or locked closed in those keys I mentioned. If you are not sure what we are talking about, then load up ut_rommel in Team Survivor and CTF and you will notice the tunnel system is locked out and you cannot access it in TS. But in CTF they are open. Nice, huh?

Many mixed responses on the new levels SID released with Beta 2.6. One person will bad mouth ut_uptown and then the next person will praise the changes. It is like that for many of the updated SID levels. The same can be said of ut_riyadh, seeing as those two levels have stirred some controversy in the mod. Guess some gamers do not like change.

As for new levels, the community has responded very to the new levels. Mines by Bar-B-Q is a very popular level, many enjoy the ambiance of the level. Yet a few have had a hunkmeg issue with it. Others seem to like WU’s offer called Turnpike, as it offers fast game play and some excellent texturing.

I think by far, the most popular level was RabidCow’s Twin Lakes, version two, that SID decided to include in the distribution. RabidCow has spent months working, tweaking and improving the original level. All his hard work definitely paid off as Twin Lakes is just visually amazing. You should check out the sky box. WOW! The big trees are well, just freaking huge! The texturing is the highest quality, along with many great features. Check it out!