Real or Hoax?

Why are people so quick to dismiss something unknown as a hoax? I ask this coming on the heels of my review of The Fourth Kind yesterday. Prior to watching the movie I did not know the background story or the fact it was all Hollywood born. None of what was witnessed actually took place and the archived video footage and audio clips were made for the movie. Yet, even before facts surfaced and research was done to legitimize the piece, people were already calling, “BS!”

What’s worse many people don’t or can’t back up their opinion with any sort of fact when they attempt to disprove the story. Rarely will an individual have first hand knowledge or even have experienced a similar situation, but before striking out with your opinion, do some research. I know we can’t take everything we read on the Internet as valid or even close to the truth.

Today on Godlike Productions (GLP) comes another alien video shot in real time of a small, extraterrestrial, who quickly spins to look away from the camera. Real or hoax? You can view the video here.

Unfortunately what usually happens on sites like GLP or Above Top Secret a few posters will ridicule those who “wanna believe.” Now the video above has already been debunked as being CGI (Created using Vue 9). But the fact remains it’s still rather impressive to view and make you think twice, was that real or just a hoax?

I tend to take the approach of “it’s real until it’s debunked.” Usually it’s the later of the two that wins out, based on research and comments about a given video or image. When something cannot be validated as a hoax, more questions seem to rise. But that is part of investigation, finding answers. In the words of The X-Files Fox Mulder, “I wanna believe.”

Access Denied

It’s quite interesting to note that I am no longer allowed access to because the content is categorized as, “Alternative Spirituality/Belief;Newsgroups/Forums.” ATS members exchange and debate their Above top Secret approved ideas and theories on a variety of “alternative topics”, including UFOs and extraterrestrial life, political scandals, New World Order, the 2012 phenomenon, cryptozoology, and secret societies. (source). So the content is already considered by some “questionable material.”

At my previous employer it seemed to be a weekly occurrence that a favored web site of mine would suddenly end up on the ‘Access Denied’ list. While I have no idea who maintained this filter, it became rather frustrating. Many times I would frequent forum based web sites, for example and Both of these sites I use specifically for the forums. Oddly enough neither ever made the list. But the forums for the game I helped develop was put on the list. To this day I have no reason why. Could it be because the word, ‘terror’ was in the domain name?

I am sure my time perusing the web site, Godlike Productions while at work is limited and will most likely end up on the “Access Denied’ list in the coming month(s). Why? The content is similar to that of ATS and presented in a forum and probably more loose in terms of moderation. Yet as of this posting, I still have complete access to it.

While not too surprising I can access ATS via the IP address (, although I am sure this too is against policy and it would probably be advisable if I didn’t. Too bad to see more and more of my frequently visited sites being on the ‘Access Denied’ list. Guess that is why it’s called work.

NASA: Failure!

Maybe I am always looking for a good and viable conspiracy. Who isn’t? As the USA approached the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, we get this “gem” from the agency, “NASA lost moon footage, but Hollywood restores it.” I have been following this story for awhile now and it had recently resurfaced on Above Top Secret.

NASA, who’s acronym should mean “Never A Straight Answer” recently commented, “The goal was live TV…We should have had a historian running around saying ‘I don’t care if you are ever going to use them — we are going to keep them” Nafzger told a news conference.*

So what are we really supposed to think of NASA? I have my thoughts and this story is just laughable, but not at all surprising. There are still Internet rumors of video tapes in Australia at a NASA video switching center, but NASA doesn’t know where they are. Were there copies made? Maybe. This speaks volumes in the conspiracy community at what NASA is attempting to hide on the moon.

I have been reading a few books recently about “anomalies” on the moon, as well as Mars. While none of them have yet to be substantiated, it does allow those free thinkers to believe that NASA has been hiding something for 40 years after that historic 1969 moon landing. Don’t believe me, read some of the transcripts from the astronauts themselves. Makes for an interesting read.

For My Friday

..I am amazed at the stupidity of some. Being this is on the Internet, it could be a very small proportion or could consist of the general public. I am talking about the disappearance of Air France 447 off the coast of South America today. Now I subscribe to ATS, Above Top Secret where “deny ignorance” is the main theme and conspiracies lead the way.

Maybe being involved in the airline industry for 12 years as an employee, being a FAA licensed pilot and having grown up around aircraft with a father who was a pilot for 35+ years I can related to “logical” reasons why an aircraft would go missing. Sorry, this is not a new season of Lost. The Airbus was not swallowed by a UFO, nor did North Korea shoot it down. So what would cause an aircraft of this complexity to suddenly disappear?

I have my own opinions, but refuse to comment on the thread(s) that are popping up there. At least some “aviation experts” (or so called) on those forums have been providing some relevant information pertaining to how the electrical system works (redundancy) and some of the procedures involved. Outside of that it is a lot of conjecture and hot air from an otherwise open minded crowd. Yet, I have to laugh at most of the outrageous comments from a majority of the forum goers.

The ARG.

It’s rare to have anything to discuss when it comes to computer gaming. In my mind the thrill and excitement of gaming has lost it’s luster. This is not because I have become jaded after retiring from game development and supporting the game community for nearly 10 years. I am still impressed to see new games come to term, unfortunately many companies and distributors today don’t give a shit about the gamer, but the bottom line. I guess that makes sense, get some dumb bastard to spend $60 bucks on a game, take WoW for example and then charge them a money service fee to play. Better yet, charge the end user for new content. Nearly all games use some component of this today. I know I have been taken in by it with Rockband 2 and well as a few other XBox 360 games recently.

Back in the late 90s, the actual year is fuzzy and I have not been able to search and find the exact title of the game, there was a game that was played real time, in real life by gamers. The only way to describe it now is by calling it an alternate reality game or “an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform, often involving multiple media and game elements, to tell a story that may be affected by participants’ ideas or actions.”

I happened to stumble upon this game concept when reading a thread on a UFO hoax at ATS yesterday and they mentioned ARG. I found the concept rather perplexing and decided to give it a further look. Currently, I am reading up on a ARG called SF0 of SF Zero. Your character is “You” and You are tasked to complete objectives, submitting proof when you accomplish a task. There are more dynamics involved in the game, but this is the general principal.

I find the concept rather interesting and definitely off the main stream of computer gaming, yet gaming nonetheless. While computers are involved they are not the primary means of interaction. I am continuing to read about SF0 but the concept does interest me. Just like the original text adventures that paved the way for future games to follow.

** EDIT: Majestic produced by EA was the ARG I was thinking of, which debuted in 2001 and was discontinued a year later.