Trains. Trackways. Trees.

This sums up my day at work on Saturday. It looks worse than it actually was. Thankfully no one was injured and there was no damage to any trains. The location of this tree was in Concord off Bancroft Road. The intrusion caused about 2 hours worth of delays between Pleasant Hill and Concord Stations, as crews cut back the limbs and removed the tree from the trackway and the equipment on the right of way was inspected.

If this wasn’t enough I had a second train have an issue with a tree branch just south of Union City about 4 hours later. Thankfully it only caused about a 15 minute interruption and the “incident” train was moving after an inspection of their train.

This just happens to be one of a number of things that can happen with inclimate weather, such as high winds and heavy rains around our trackways that are shadowed by flora and fauna.

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