Sunday Night Terror

Okay, maybe early evening in Europe and the afternoon in North America, but there was some mucho grande testing going on today for the upcoming release of Urban Terror. I know I sound like an LP that skips by saying, “it’s coming” or “when it’s done” but today was a very good testing session, one of the biggest on record.

I know, you are sitting there saying, “how can you NOT have a big testing session with all the people you have in QA?” Believe it or not trying to coordinate more than 6-8 gamers at any given time is a challenge. Either it’s too early in the US or too late in EU. But with a bit of advanced planning and some notice we had up to 20 gamers fraggin’ ass today for Frozen Sand.

Basically, it was a “stress test” to make sure A) the server didn’t crash, B) there were no glaring issues that would put a stop to the countdown to release and C) that everyone had fun, because that is the name of the game. If the game is no longer enjoyable, then what use is it to play it, right? I was there on and off for about 45 minutes in between “daddy duties” and working on Hottie’s box (no, her computer). But I was able to test Tombs, Elgin, Thingley and Proving Grounds. All played very well, considering the changes. We were trying all three game modes, TS, CTF and Bomb in order to see where the problems were, if any existed. Sure, there were some minor issues, but as I was told they are “easy fixes.”

So what does this mean for you, the Urban Terrorist who wants to get their hands on a copy of the new Urban Terror? Well, pay me enough I can get it to you early. LOL, just kidding. With the cancellation of Urban Radio, BIGGER plans could be in the making for next weekend. As Matt Drudge says…Developing…