It’s only a matter of time before I pull the plug on IPOWER. The last few weeks they have gone to great lengths to provide no technical support via their support ticket system, nor has customer support done anything to resolve the issue. In fact, I had to finally upload a backup version of my site to their server in order to get the site running again. That doesn’t address the initial problem, which is still my main concern. I won’t get compensated, even though I have asked numerous time.

I continue to read reviews on other hosting companies. Many have pointed me in the direction of Go Daddy, but I don’t believe I will go with him since the CEO loves hunting elephants, as well as reviews not being spectacular. There are some other companies, whose reviews were more glowing and positive, supporting WordPress better than Go Daddy. Currently I am leaning towards SiteGround, who received some of the best reviews I have read.

I have also made the decision to remove all the domain names I have listed through IPOWER, as well as her Bengal website, Spotted Envy Bengals. Ipower has been charging me $129 a month for web development and support, as well as a 30 minute education session (which has never happened). Their monthly update takes a few days, which in the words of my wife is “old news” by the time it gets posted. This doesn’t including my hosting, which is another $129 a year.

IPOWER will lose all of my business and I will leave a scathing negative review of their hosting, technical support and customer service. These days, it seems the customer is never right and companies do not feel obligated to fix the problems to please the customer. What better way to rectify the problem than to stop shelling my hard earned cash and find another host willing to accept my business.

So after 10+ years IPOWER, thanks for nothing!

T6F Hacked!

ipowerI have spent the past 10 days in a heated discussion with IPOWER, my current provider for my website. While I don’t have a date or time, T6F was hacked (I have my suspicions). It’s been about 10 years, but recently I have not been happy with their lack of support. In July, 2011 my website site account was not auto renewed and removed from hosting. It took IPOWER a week to build a new account profile, as they claimed I requested the website be deactivated. While this was NEVER the case, IPOWER was quite accusatory and directed their replies to the fact it was my actions and responsibility.

Never in the years leading up to selecting IPOWER, as my host, had I ever had to backup my website locally. This after spending addition funds to get IPOWER to auto back up my site after the 2011 problem. Nor did I have to concern myself about malicious data and information showing up on my website, as I thought I was protected.

Now this most recent attack has me looking for a new host since IPOWER doesn’t provide the necessary backup or security, pointing their finger at my lack of action (not backing up my site locally) for this recent attack. It’s WordPress who confirms the plugins work with the most current version of their software, yet IPOWER should be looking at potential malicious files/attacks before allowing these to be installed if the results could produced a hacked website.  They bottom line it telling me to activate The SiteLock “Fix” Plan, which “protects your website with daily scans, automatic removal of threats such as malware, and more.” This additional charge is $89.99/year! I already spend $16.95/year on Site backup and Restore, yet they won’t use this option claiming the files are infected. I already spend $131.88 a year on hosting!

Through it all, IPOWER has been awful to deal with! Neither technical support or customer service are willing to do anything at this point. Fingers continue to be pointed at me for not being vigilant and taking steps to protect my website on THEIR servers. While search for a new host, I have noticed that other, cheaper and more highly rated hosts provide back ups and protection in their monthly costs, not as an added feature. Unfortunately, I am not sure how much effort I want to put into finding a new host and then moving all my files and uploading my site to a new host. That would mean I have to succumb to what IPOWER insists me MY problem and spend more money on hosting protection.

At one time I sang the praises for IPOWER, now if asked about my hosting, I won’t promote their hosting or their services. I believe there are better hosting companies out there, more highly rated that provide better hosting packages that are cheaper and more reliable then what is provided by IPOWER. It’s unfortunate that “the customer is always right” doesn’t apply while dealing with their support. They can’t answer many of the questions I pose and it all comes down to backing up my files locally, probably day to ensure my files are protected.

While I am still missing some key components to my website I have it back online and ready to update. Hopefully there are no further interruptions or I won’t hesitate to pull it from IPOWER and demand my money back for their continued lack of support.

WordPress: Take 2

I am still working on WordPress being the full time blog for The 6th Floor. I am working wbetween my current host, IPower and WordPress to resolve an export issue that only saves a small portion of my total content, so I can import it to my host, IPower. Not sure where the problem lies or why only a portion of the content is exported correctly. Once I get that resolved, then The 6th Floor will be powered by WordPress full time.

Currently the URL, www.the6thfloor.com is redirected to the6thfloor.wordpress.com. The result is that none of my images saved on my host appear on the redirected web page. I really don’t feel like going through all the posts from 1999 and redirecting images to show up on the site. Thus the need to get the export function to work properly.

In the mean time I will keep the domain name redirected, as this site offers easier management for me. I might even be able to change some of the images on the pages, like Ham Radio, Antennas and 1968 Cougar. So thanks for bearing with this much needed changes. Things will be back to normal before my kitchen and downstairs are completely remodeled. I am sure that is something my wife wants to hear.

Getting Up to Speed

Seems there are times where I get into these ruts where I end up pushing the website to the back burner, but usually return some with regular news. While many won’t have any interest in what I am discussing, it’s just one of those things I like to keep updated, especially when going back years later to reread what I wrote.

While nothing has had my undivided attention, the looming strike at work may be coming to the forefront as of Sunday evening. While it would be nice to have some time off, having that extended break would come with no paycheck. So a few days…sure. A few weeks…not really. Any period longer than that. Uh, no. I really don’t have an opinion I feel needs to be voiced about the situation. I say that because I don’t want anything to come back and bite me in the ass. And while the Internet is a vast, back hole, somehow I could see my opinions doing that. So, with that said, if indeed there is a strike, I will honor it, along with others in my union.

As I have said before, many employees who have never worked outside this company do not know how good they have it. United was a living nightmare for at least 5 years! Pay cuts, benefits cut, pensions cut. Yet, because of the love of the airlines, I wanted to stay. Unfortunately it got to a point where I knew I would not be able to provide for my family and have a comfortable retirement. So I did what was BEST for me.

That is probably my only point of contention when it comes to outsiders voicing their opinions when they do not have the full story. Each person in their given situation has the choice to get out and make life better for themselves. That is what I did and I was fortunate (and a bit lucky) to be hired by BART. I am thankful every day for it to, even those days when the shit is hitting the fan and things go from bad to worse. So while others might bad mouth some employee groups, those individuals can change things for the better, yet many will choose not to. I guess it is easier to bitch and complain, than doing something to better your situation.

Enough of that. I am still somewhat behind on the website for various reasons. I seem to have projects started that I cannot seem to finish or tackle a new job with finishing others. Just ask my wife. I have been meaning to get some well needed updates posted, but time has not permitted me that luxury. Not that I finally have my former game PC up and running in support of my ham radio, I should have the web cam back online shortly.

It’s funny, but as much as I complained about Facebook, I seem to frequent the site every day. Steph, you can STFU and stop telling me, “I told ya so.” Anyway, you can find me on Facebook with some updates, but this will always be my main playground. More later, as it is time to get off work.

Upcoming Maintenance

Time permitting will be taking T6F offline for a period of time in order to perform some upgrades. For those hams who have visited recently, I have been updating the Contesting link. As of now I have not provided any of the contest information I participated in. I have seen other amateurs who have a neat little database going that allows someone to enter their call sign and see if they were worked. Not sure I can come up with a plug-in or something similar. There is other back end maintenance that needs to be accomplished that I have been putting off for far too long. I was considering moving the data to Blogspot while keeping my domain. That option is still viable, but I am not quite sure I want to pursue it.