Menus Not Working

I guess I didn’t notice that my menus, located just below the header image are not working. It was just recently brought to my attention and I am working on resolving it. I updated the theme (to Twenty Ten 1.3) I use and it must had modified some code that does not allow these pages to pull up correctly. The drop down menus seem to work, but all of those links open to empty pages. I am currently inquiring about the problem on the Support Forums. So far, I have not received any information that provides me with a reason why these pages (and links) are not working. I did attempt to update the theme to Twenty Eleven 1.3, but the problem remained. Thankfully the blog posts still working, hopefully I will have full functionality back on the site in the next day or so.


I was caught completely off guard on last Thursday when I attempted to go to The 6th Floor and noticed it was a parked domain. Fearing my account had been hacked or taken off line for whatever reason I contacted my host, ipower. In the past 5 years I have had nothing but props for my hosting company. Unfortunately the information and lack of support I received the last 5 days has been quite disappointing.

It seems on March 16 they received a noticed that hosting should not be renewed and the web site was being canceled. Their files show that I made this request. They claim they have documentation to back this up. At any rate I had not changed my default yearly renewal since I had been hosted, so that leads to the question, why was I canceled?

I still don’t know, guess I have to go with their answer, while I don’t believe what they say getting my site back online, as I had it before it was canceled has been challenging, to say the least. Aside from having to sign up with ipower again, after being hosted for 5 years. I lost everything. For inquiring minds, no I had nothing backed up that was the responsibility of ipower since I was paying them to do that as well.

I have been in numerous online support chat sessions with sales and tech support. Neither have been all that helpful. I guess that could be the result of outsourcing, who knows and I can only speculate. After repeated conversations, another yearly hosting fee and $30 set up fee, which they would not wave I have my site back online.

Today was a reach bitch to say the least. I will be the first to admit, I know nothing about SQL. Yet ipower wanted $75 (I was quoted $50 by sales) to set everything back up, including my SQL databases. After some nasty responses back to them, telling them I wanted my site returned to the status it was prior to them deleting it and I refuse to pay any additional fees, some tech support individual converted and imported the main database. Yet some 24 other databases remain. To be honest I might just let it go at this point.

I was not done though. I sent a scathing e-mail to a ‘Contact Us’ link explaining everything that transpired. While I don’t expect an answer or any apology I don’t believe I will be recommending ipower to friends who want to get a web site online. Everything was all find and dandy when they were getting my money, but when I really needed help, they more less said sorry, nothing we can do.

Sorry ipower, while I might continue hosting for 12 months, you have lost me as a real supporter to your company. It’s really sad to see companies shitting on their clients when they need them most. I did learn a few lessons, one of which I already knew. Even though I pay ipower to back up my site, I will have to start the task on a weekly basis, for fear they will silence my word or cancel my site.


So it’s only take a few months to finally realize no reader of The 6th Floor has been able to comment on any of the stories. Until just a few days ago I did not realize the comments section was telling readers to log in. Well that problem has now been resolved and IF you would like to comment on anything posted to the site all you need to do is provide a name and e-mail and you can pass on your thoughts about any particular story. The e-mail address you provide will NOT be posted in your comment(s), nor will it be used for any e-mail type campaigns or communication originating from The 6th Floor.

Older comments from The 6th Floor were transferred over to this host when I moved all the content and get the latest version of the web site up and running. Since that time the only “comments” have been pingbacks, or links to previous stories I have written on The 6th Floor. Again, thanks for all the support since 1999, I look forward to reading your comments.

Progress Report: T6F

Progress! I have made some good headway in updating content here on the site. Thankfully I have found a treasure trove of great news from way back, we’re talking 1999-2001. I know many don’t give a rat’s ass about this news, which is archaic. But what is great is the fact I still have much of the content from The 6th Floor when I first brought it to the Internet.

Over the course of the last 3 days I have been busying updating links and images, moving news and adding categories and tags to all my posts. So while it doesn’t look like much has been accomplished (in the way of new news), quite a bit has been updated. I still find it rather hard to believe this I have what I liken to a diary since 1999. Sure much of the news I brought out early on was strictly game related and it was much that way until 2005!

Thankfully I am able to combine the old with the new and create a unique experience for anyone who visits. While I am not sure to what length I will go to when it comes to old content, posts will be included, I doubt many (if any) of the links included will even be valid.

So again, thanks to all those who stop by. I continue to post content, almost daily and for the most part I am back on track with the web site.

The Sunday Update

These are posts I should not have to be writing, as a web site transition and hosting should be seamless to the end user. With that said I seem to have got my hosting issues under control for the time being. Last thing I want to do is have to change hosts or correct broken image links in some 1000+ posts I currently have in this database. But, with that said I have decided to remain with IPOWER as my host but will use a redirect my domain name, to where I have my “blog” currently.

I have not had good luck using the software that IPOWER has to install any version (or theme) for my site. I ran into issues with image hosting and redirecting the domain name, as well as an FTP to upload the 6th HamCAM to. As I my site set up now is how I intent to keep it. I can use my FTP while retaining the services that has.

The only problem I face now is going through all my posts and editing all the images I currently have on my FTP. While somewhat tedious, it should be done in a week or so. All the pages (Ham Radio, Antennas, 1968 Cougar, About & For Sale) have already been corrected to include the images I previously had.

The only remaining issue is that of my radio logbook that is currently hosted at uses Javascript, which not allowed on hosted sites. So I am continuing my search and have a few possibility, but I will continue have a link pointing to HRDLog for hams who want to confirm they have made my log after a QSO.

I would love to update my web cam software and get a streaming video or updated images going on the site. I have not really explored my options there. I am just pleased to have the 6th HamCAM up and running on the site. The only way to update the image is to refresh the page. Again, not ideal but what the hell it works!