Vince the Phone Screener

Look! We have a new, daily feature here on The 6th Floor and this is something I had been meaning to go for months, but never had the time to pursue it. Living in between Sacto and “The Gay Bay” I am fortunate to tune in and listen to Armstrong & Getty morning show on KSTE and KNEW on my drive home. The show is hosted by Jack Armstrong, also known as “the bald one” or “the jackass” and Joe Getty. I am what the guys consider a “6 o’clock listener” as I catch the start of their show every morning I leave work for my 75 minute drive home. Sometimes I stretch it to 90 minutes if they are good that morning.

At the start of the show they introduce the team, “because their is no I in team.” They talk to the board op, the producer and the news guy. But each and every morning I am fascinated by Vince the Phone Screener. Yes, you know the keeper of the phone, the guardian of the show. If you want to be on air, then you need to get past this guy. Vince is the phone screener, “who screens the phone” as we are reminded each morning.

So now that you know a little about the show, it has been my intention for a few months to collect sound clips from Vince, because is always has something off the cuff, witty, hilarious and timely to say during his 30 seconds of fame. So check out Vince’s words of wisdom each day. Unfortunately, my procrastination cost me a few months of great excerpts from Vince, but better late then never to start.