He Lives!

…and I am not talking about Jesus. As I look over the site I notice another wide gap between updates. When real life gets in the way, something is bound to loose its priority, thus, no updates on The 6th Floor. I am sure to some degree the site is still useful, as it hold some good information and files on it. But recently with all these shit between the US v Iraq, the possibility of loosing my job with an airline that has filed for bankruptcy, the last thing you want to do is update a web site. I am sure you all understand.

In fact I have not been very active at all. Sure there are the occasional FMFS or Clanbase shoutcast, while trying to get the Medal of Honor shoutcasting going again at TsN. As for Urban Radio, it is not dead, but I am not really in a hurry to bring it back, due to lack of support. Sure there are regulars who tune in, but for the most part the support for the show was waining. So, I decided to pull it off until a later date.

New maps, there are plenty of them. One of them I will touch on, because I still have some dev shots when I tried to do it were of the Scott Base in the Antarctic. Fortunately a better level designer than I took to the challenge. Servinal has created ut_scottbase designed around this concept. Some nice detail in the level, but have not had time to play it yet.

Another level designer who never ceases to amaze is INVIS. His work is just amazing. Call me a homer, but INVIS has been able to combine all the aspects that go into a solid map. Now I am sure I will get some disagreement on this, but my web site, my opinion. I have tested a few of his upcoming levels, like the remade ut_streets. Yeah, remember that one I rebuilt? Well INVIS has truly taken it to the next level. I also checked out a new level is he working on. Since I have not spoke to INVIS about, I won’t mention details or even a level name. But it will surely be another tight level.

You cannot leave Dick Dastardly out of any level design conversation. I have played his new level that is currently being tested as well. Bottom line, “WOW!” Highly impressive, with a solid layout and top quality texturing, along with some unique features not previously see in any Urban Terror level.

For those who might not venture to the Urban Terror Forums, SpaceMarine has created a nice little program that will help you Just downloaded it review it. Props to SpaceMarine for the work. What this program does is take an inventory of what maps you have and what you are missing. I highly recommend this for those who cannot live with ALL the Urban Terror maps. Download it from FilePlanet.

One Cool Cat

INVIS have been keeping very busy over at Section 8 Studios. His recent work can be seen in a few upcoming levels, one from SweetnutZ (you know it as the snow map) and from Servinal of 4Saken, in his level, ut_scottbase. The new model is a Thiokal Spryte 2 passenger snow cat. Check out these shots of the snow cat.

Some might have heard that cloudscapes has put aside his ut_canyon level in favor of a new design and level. “I’ve had an unwelcome surprise on how q3a seems to be handling polygons while my work on ut_canyon,” says cloudscapes. For more information on this “abandoned level, check this link. His new level is tentatively titled, ut_nightoperation. He describes the level as, “night time nature map with about 1024 units viewing distance before everything becomes completely black. Except for the many lights on the structures and in strategic positions on the map…One base is a scientific lab. The other is a chopper/parachute drop off.”

Work on ut_streets continues…slowly. As I mentioned, it will not be included in Beta 2.6. Actually, I don’t have much time right now, as we prepare for a release of the “next” beta. I will also enroll the talents of Dragonne and RabidCow to kick in their talents and knowledge when it comes to working within GtkRadiant.

I had plans of kicking out a few reviews, while I have been on vacation the past ten days. No, I was not lazy at all, but my efforts are directed in other directions at the moment (Beta 2.6) and have not had much time to update at all. But fear not, we have a few good reviews forthcoming.

I also want to say thanks to those who responded by e-mail on my latest rant, Busted Punk! Many seemed to get a kick out of it and agreed with what I had to say. Bottom line, CHEATING SUCKS! So, if you have not read it, check it out.