Out to the Movies

We have some new updates from around the Urban Terror Community. If you missed Urban Radio last week, then you missed an interview with |NV|S, the talented level designer from our community. He checked in with an update on how progress was coming with the new version of ut_streets. If you missed the show, just go download it from the RADIO link above. He was also kind enough to give us a few more shots from the upcoming level

The “nuevo” thing to do these days instead of posting screen shots, is to create “teaser videos.” Today we are pleased to bring you two videos from levels that will make their into the mainstream very soon. The first was posted by eXKalibuR from UT Designs on the Urban Terror Forums (click link for thread). This is a 2:32 video of the work he has done on his level ut_paradise, the NEXT version. Highly recommend you download it! You can grab it from that link or here, at FilePlanet (15mb).

The next video is an exclusive here, on The 6th Floor courtesy of MasHeeN. This is an all new video of a level he is currently working on called ut_crossing. This is a level that has been under development for some time, as MasHeeN, like others await the implementation of the bomb game mode from the development team. Check this teaser out and get ready to “storm the crossing!” Download courtesy of Fileplanet (5mb). The level is still in beta mode, at least from what I was told when I viewed this teaser yesterday. Enjoy the flicks!

That is not all, MightyJoeYoung, aka Vivian is back with another rant, this time focusing on the evolution of the mod and some of the maps. for Urban Terror. So see what she has to say, click here to read Mod Evolution.

Caution: Fog Ahead

Whew….taking a bit of a breather here. Actually, its about 22:46 and I have no commitments to Urban Terror, TsN, the forums or anyone. So, what better thing to do than to update “The Floor.” Been about seven days since our last update. Since then, there has been a considerable amount of news floating around. We lead off with eXKalibuR and some updated screen shots from his updated version of ut_paradise:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
While he does not have a “playable” beta ready, he does want to pass on some information. “I’m adding a new route, new stuff to make the map fit a NATO theme…and adding new climbable spots, new bridges…well, the map will be more playable,” says eXKalibuR.

I also want to thank ShminkyBoy for a new tutorial we have just added to the web site. For those level designers out there who want to be able to create a foggy environment, but not in structures, I recommend this tutorial. Shminky calls this a multi-volume fog tutorial. Check it out.

Remember Urban Radio is back on the air coming to you live on Friday. Join us this coming Friday, beginning at 1:00pm PST. I also recommend you check out TsN Central for upcoming Urban Terror matches being shoutcasted by myself, JeffT, Whizperz and Vansilli. We follow, the OGL, STA and CAL.

Coming tomorrow…a new rant titled, I Can Beta Test! Yeah, sure you can.