Out to the Movies

We have some new updates from around the Urban Terror Community. If you missed Urban Radio last week, then you missed an interview with |NV|S, the talented level designer from our community. He checked in with an update on how progress was coming with the new version of ut_streets. If you missed the show, just go download it from the RADIO link above. He was also kind enough to give us a few more shots from the upcoming level

The “nuevo” thing to do these days instead of posting screen shots, is to create “teaser videos.” Today we are pleased to bring you two videos from levels that will make their into the mainstream very soon. The first was posted by eXKalibuR from UT Designs on the Urban Terror Forums (click link for thread). This is a 2:32 video of the work he has done on his level ut_paradise, the NEXT version. Highly recommend you download it! You can grab it from that link or here, at FilePlanet (15mb).

The next video is an exclusive here, on The 6th Floor courtesy of MasHeeN. This is an all new video of a level he is currently working on called ut_crossing. This is a level that has been under development for some time, as MasHeeN, like others await the implementation of the bomb game mode from the development team. Check this teaser out and get ready to “storm the crossing!” Download courtesy of Fileplanet (5mb). The level is still in beta mode, at least from what I was told when I viewed this teaser yesterday. Enjoy the flicks!

That is not all, MightyJoeYoung, aka Vivian is back with another rant, this time focusing on the evolution of the mod and some of the maps. for Urban Terror. So see what she has to say, click here to read Mod Evolution.

Bound and Gagged by SID

A day late, but what the hell. Word comes down of a new 6th Floor Poll. This week we check in on side again and want to know where they get all their ideas for Urban Terror. This is bound to grab a laugh or two. Come on BBQ laugh! As for last week’s poll, well you can check out the results. It seems SID is having too much fun playing Beta 2, which is why the community is suffering and only getting teased with screen shots. At least that is what the community thinks. Bwhahahaha…

Maybe some of you have see the upcoming level titled Reykjavik by Áskell .EXE Löve. “101 Reykjavik [ICELAND] is where I live, and my apartment is actually in one of the buildings. The reason for that is that when I was trying GTKRadiant out I had to build something and so I built my apartment… and then my house… and then a portion of my street…” You can check out a few of the screen shots:

[SHOT #1] | [SHOT #2] | [SHOT #3] | [SHOT #4]
Now you can have a shot at offering constructive criticism to .EXE and his level. Check out, this thread, to see more levels and possibly have a chance at downloading the level. The success of this level, partially depends on community input, so help him out. In other mapping news, there is a rumor that KronO is going to start revising his popular level, Armory. While I cannot read German, you can check the forum thread and offer feedback. Who knows, maybe you can run it through Babelfish.

There is a new comic from eXKalibuR and available on U|T Designs. This week’s comic, number five in the series takes a shot at the “size” of the Urban Terrorist’s weapon. No, not that weapon. So check out the comic, Weights [Part 1].

For those still interested in Action Unreal Tournament, comes a rather lengthy description to what is called Action: Unreal Tournament – Magnum Philosophy. There is quite a bit of information available regarding this mod, along with interesting concepts. I recommend you check it out. And while you are there, download the Action UT – Magnum Philosophy theme song. Since you are going to ask me how it comes, I will tell you. Taking nothing away from our musical guru/sound effects guy, but the AUT theme song really rocks! I recommend you download it and give it a listen. This mostly all instrumental tune has very strong guitar rifts which tear it up.

Today’s Link of the Day might as well be out of the Hannibal Lechter Culinary School. I guess this was heard on a local morning show on KROQ, here in SoCal. This site, “caters to the sophisticated human meat consumer.” Uh, okay. So, if you are looking for something different for dinner to barbecue, then look no further, Man Beef is for you.

Mac Mapping Madness

Let’s start off with some good news for the Macintosh community! It seems you guys are in luck. You can now map for Quake III and Urban Terror. The file is called Q3Map on Mac and is available from Version Tracker. So grab it and get started.

Hopefully looking to get a new feature up and running, depending on the author’s availability. That feature is a new, weekly comic which is being worked on by eXKalibuR and shown on his web site, U|t Designs. I will feature a new comic each week, or as he finishes them.

Today will be the last update for three days, as I face an important interview for my real world job. Yeah, believe it or not I actually have responsibilities outside of Urban Terror. Sometimes I think Urban Terror rules my life. This is probably the biggest interview in my career and one I really need to be successful in. So there will be no updates until Wednesday. Don’t hate me. I actually got to play two new maps this week in Armory2 and UT-Downtown. I will share those experiences and maybe get back to reviewing a map a week. Bear with me please.

Revolution is coming. Are you ready?

WTF? Gimme an update!

Empty promises, yeah I know. I have been busy working on creating a new look to the Urban Terror Forums the last few days. Couple that with real life and I am just behind. Of course I will catch up, I had planned on Monday to be back up to speed, but I ended up going to have barbecue [no, not the SID guy] for dinner with friends from work. The review for Corn!! will be moved to this week’s featured review.

Received e-mail from a new mapper named nova who was just beginning work on a new level, as he was “learning” the editor. All his textures are original, taken from the exact setting which is modeled using a digital camera. The level is called [101 Reykjavik] and is showing great promised based on the set of screen shots which have been posted:

[Shot #1] | [Shot #2] | [Shot #3] | [Shot #4] | [Shot #5] | [Shot #6]
[Shot #7] | [Shot #8] | [Shot #9] | [Shot #10] |
| [Shot #12] | [Shot #13] | [Shot #14] | [Shot #15] | [Shot #16]
If you have not checked out U|T Designs by eXKalibuR, then you have missed a few good comics he has recently created. eXKalibuR is the author behind the Urban Terror levels, R.U.C.A.B., Half-R.U.C.A.B. and most recently Corn!! [which WILL be reviewed in Wednesday’s news]. His current projects along with mapping deal with media material. He has created two Urban Terror based comics. Check them out: [Comic #1] | [Comic #2]. Great work! While you are on his site, check out his desktop wallpaper.