Will having a U.S. Senator backing the cause really provide enough clout to rid American airports of the TSA? As reports by Alex Jones, “Senator Rand Paul has issued a press release in which he vows to lead the charge to “end the TSA” and put a stop to the needless and humiliating groping of toddlers and grandmothers” (source). This fueled by Rand Paul after he was detained by TSA for pat down after going through a scanner.

Recent legislation now allows airports to “opt out” of the Federal program and use private companies to stand watch at security checkpoints. I don’t believe private security companies will be any different than the current TSA. Both groups are not qualified to provide security. Neither group has the level of training or background requirements to provide any real security. Any incident at a security checkpoint and the local police will be called in. So in the end, does it really matter if the Feds continue their invasive pat-downs and backscatter screening machines?

I applaud Rand Paul for taking up this cause, but I see no way in hell this piece of legislation would be passed. There are far too many involved with big money contracts now in place to just abolish the TSA and give away the police state to private companies. Yet the weekly horror stories that come out of TSA checkpoints are getting to the point of unbelievable. For some, not flying is not an option. Yet every week the list of inappropriate conduct at a checkpoint makes the headlines. This time around with the backing of a U.S. Senator will it really turn out any different?

TSA Busted Again

It always feels good to bring another story to light perpetrated by the TSA, who continues to illegally violate our Fourth Amendment right. This time it’s another seedy TSA baggage inspector in the spotlight after acts of impropriety. It seems Clayton Dovel was arrested on Feb 1 and suspended by the TSA after being “indicted in the theft of Apple iPads from luggage over eight months” as reported in the Star-Telegram. Are individuals like TSA agents/inspectors really that stupid when it comes to electronic devices? Are none of these folks aware that this devices can be tracked? A quick Gibiru search brings up some free apps from the Apple Store.

Now working for the airlines for 12 years I was never directly involved with theft while working as a ramp serviceman. I did witness bags being opened or searched through by other employees. I even heard of a story of a few ramp servicemen who worked for air freight that were trying to steal large electronic devices. Another set were brought up on federal charges for steal of U.S. Mail. I might be getting off the topic here, but theft and searching though bags does happen to luggage.

As for the TSA this is just another in a long series of wrongdoings that further begs the question, of why we need the TSA. I have said from the beginning, this is nothing more than a facade, window dressing if you like to make all outward appearance that the U.S. is now safer with the government running security checkpoints. It’s not! Remember this is the same government that has been at the root of many conspiracies through out history, including the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the assassination of JFK in 1962, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident in 1964 and Watergate, in 1972-1974. I won’t bother including 9-11, which I believe was perpetrated by the U.S. Government.

Yet these incident and invasion of our rights will continue to happen whenever air travel is included. Unfortunately with the government’s power grab, the TSA is only on the receiving end of more power, as roadway, waterways and railways are now subject to unlawful search and seizure by the U.S. Goverment. News has already come to light about Big Sis and her perjury to Congress or the fact she lied in 2010 regarding the “safe” use of the AIT machines at airport security checkpoints.

Unfit For Duty

Maybe you read the story titled Security grounds Delta flight attendant out of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, where the TSA deemed a flight crew member “unfit” for flight. The story will go on to read the airline removed that crew member from service, but it was the TSA wielding their imaginary power.

From the story, “A Transportation Security Administration officer at a security checkpoint noticed the male flight attendant’s irregular behavior and alerted Delta Airlines personnel.” This should not came as any surprise, as the TSA rolled out “behavior detection techniques” last year. As I have stated before, the TSA are NOT a police force but more of a mall cop, yet they are being given vast amounts of power. “Training includes 4 days of classroom courses, followed by 3 days of on-the-job training” for prospective BDOs” (source).

Now these BDO (behavior detection officers) are going to stop travelers and crew members alike from passing through security because of “irregular behavior?” I find it disturbing that SPOT or “Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques” is going to do more good than harm for the TSA’s tarnished record. “So far, after three years of operation and almost $1 billion spent, SPOT has never been scientifically proven effective and has never caught one actual terrorist” (source).

I find it hard to believe this is adequate training for the mall cops protecting the nation’s airports. Again, another level of window dressing to make travelers more frustrated when they snake their way through a queue to the security checkpoint. For a flight attendant to be called out by the TSA for being “unfit” I don’t and then removed by the airline, I suspect there is more to the story that we might not hear about.


TSA: Grope & Pillage

What more really needs to be said? The TSA is a HUGE black hole that the U.S. Government continues to throw money at and for what? Don’t say safer airports because you will be kidding yourself. Yeah, you can point to no other terrorist attacks since 9-11. Remember it was YOUR government that planned and executed the attacks on 9-11, found some scapegoats and viola. Conspiracy!

I found that images on ATS in a thread titled, ‘TSA Nabs Suspected Al Qaeda Terrorist At O’Hare International Airport.’ The story, along with video shows a 3 year old boy, with a broken leg, in a body cast being molested by the TSA, on our tax dollar. Gotta love it.

TSA Scaners Not Reliable!

I have a new hero on the Internet. I read the original story a few days back, but held off commenting about the recent “viral video” from blogger, Jonathan Corbett. Just a few days ago he released a video, (original story and video) along with commentary of himself passing through a TSA nude body scanner without a metallic object being discovered.

I took a random metallic object, in this case a heavy metal carrying case that would easily alarm any of the “old” metal detectors, and walked through a backscatter x-ray at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. On video, of course. While I’m not about to win any videography awards for my hidden camera footage, you can watch as I walk through the security line with the metal object in my new side pocket. My camera gets placed on the conveyer belt and goes through its own x-ray, and when it comes out, I’m through, and the object never left my pocket.

This loophole seems to have been downplayed by the TSA’s “official spokesperson,” Blogger Bob said “it is one layer of our 20 layers of security.” Mr. Corbett eludes to this in today’s blog post, “The TSA’s official response (from Blogger Bob — blog.tsa.gov) was that “some guy” posted a video that was “a crude attempt to allegedly show how to circumvent TSA screening procedures.” The response then went on to say that they “can’t discuss” it and that the nude body scanners are just “one layer” of security so not to worry.”

While probably not the most important level of security within their 20 layers, it does seem to the be layer that is most controversial. A quick Google search will bring up story after story of confrontations at security checkpoints. This all in the name of security, which DHS claims has improved since it was federalized after the government attacks on 9-11.

Last check, the U.S. Government has spent $1 billion in the name of making air travel safer, yet very evasive. Nothing but controversy has surrounded these machines since they have started to show up at more airports across the nation. A more telling comment came from Rafi Sela, “who ran security for Ben Gurion airport in Israel, which is known for being one of the most secure airports in the world, was quoted saying he could “overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to take down a Boeing 747,” and Ben Gurion therefore refused to buy scanners. The US ignored this warning, and Mr. Sela never publicly explained his statement.”

For the latest on this developing story check out Jonathan’s blog, TSA Out of Our Pants!