“She pwned me!”

“Girls! Girls! Girls! Long legs and burgundy lips!” Yet these girls are not dancing down the Sunset Strip. They are avid gamers, who have taken an interest in computer gaming. Our series rolls on today, as we check in with “the land down under.” Today’s interview comes from rustyTNT, who I had not actually planned in my Fem Fatale Series. But I received an e-mail from her, after she read Bladekiller’s interview. “I am part of an all female clan…we call ourselves Dark Angels tag, |d’angels|…it’s great to hear of other female gamers, particularly one who is involved in the development of the game itself,” says rustyTNT. I decided to offer her the questions and get her spin on gaming. You can read about rustyTNT in today’s rant.

We also bring back a favorite, at least from what many have said about the screen shots. That being from one time level designer, dotEXE. He was the author behind the level, ut_riyadh, that has made an impact on the community. Known as a “sniper’s paradise” this level is best experienced in a match playing CTF. His newest creation, is actually a remake of an earlier 1.27 level called ut_101. Except, he has changed the look, layout and the name of the level. Here is where Iceland 101 comes into play, spell ‘Rej-a-vik?’ Hahaha…the new level is now called ut_reykjavik, I can see admins going, uh, I can’t spell it, guess it won’t go into the rotation. Just kidding…

Seeing as I cannot find them online, I am going to make the Defcon.5 tree map model available. This map model is nothing new and I am sure you have seen it in levels such as Revolution, Abbey and Casa. This map model includes two sets of four models, a small model (89 polys) and a large model (105 polys). So stop using those nasty looking brushes in GtKRadiant to represent trees. You can get the file, from the Files Section.

New Levels from SID

Ooooh, where should we start? How about with a “confirmed” rumor that the new point release for Quake 3, 1.32 will be out next week, as reported by RogeR over on Planetquake3. Of course I have been mum on the entire cloud surrounding the point release, since I did sign an NDA with id Software and was not going to compromise anything that I knew. So, the community has been digging that news, as is SID.

As promised, we are going to show off some of the work that the level designers of Silicon Ice has been up to. Some might know the name, WU. He is a level designer, who has been around the dev team from the beginning. Actually a long time member, but his only level he really did, that still remains is called Beachhouse. Maybe some of you heard or have seen screen shots of it. It was never released, due to missing textures. WU has been hard at work on a new level we featured in our ‘Latest Action Shot’ a few days ago. The level is called ut_turnpike and is a industrial/urban type area that features an overpass. Currently it only supports TS and TDM, as he told us, but he is going to look at adding CTF spawns and flags.

We will keep tabs on the progress of this level. No decisions as to when we will see this level released for Urban Terror. Also, if you check out the action shot today, Bar-B-Q [coned] has been busy, as usually. When he is not out with the [PIT] crew coning gamers, he is actually mapping. His new level is called ut_mines and features and semi-abandoned series of mines. Interesting level, some nice work, perhaps his best to date. Yeah, I know its tough to beat Rommel…we will be feature more shots of this level soon.

Ever wanna see BIG…I am talking BIG trees? Soon you will, thanks to ydnar and RabidCow. No further information on that…yet. But the screen shots I have seen are highly impressive. RabidCow, again on the cutting edge of level design and development. Props man, Twin Lakes is going to be amazing! We will present some screenies on that level soon as well.

Now, I don’t even know why I am going here, but I have been at it again, dabbling in GtkRadiant. I am going to blame Kostas this time around. I saw his level and got the bug to go back in and see if I was “skilled.” Hahaha…let’s put it this way, I have a full layout. If this work gets past the initial stages, it will make it’s way into a CTF level. Way too early for any sort of screen shots. Of course, we have seen me do this in the past. So, right now, don’t hold your breath.

Coming tomorrow, meet rustyTNT from |d’angels|, down in Australia. We will tell you about how her interview came about for the continuing Fem Fatale Series, right here on The 6th Floor.