As the Dust Settles…

Well, the community still seems to be caught in a whirlwind, with no real end in sight as far as I can tell. It seems the intentions by the A-Team were honest, but were not received that way by some mappers. This is somewhat unfortunate as mappers are the life blood of the mod after the maps has had a “final release.” In defense of the A-Team, they were attempting to introduce and bring the Action Quake 2 mod to more people, possibly creating some new gamers. But it seems everything got caught up in the mappers rights and their approval for releasing the maps once submitted to AQMD, the official site for Action Quake 2 maps.

Since I have been gone for 3 days, I have been trying to keep up to pace, but things seemed to be moving at such a pace that I was not able to keep up on a 26.4k modem (archaic, I know)! As for map reviews, I will have four new reviews coming up. I have been unable to LAN the past few weeks due to commitments in San Diego. There are still a few I want to play, omd_map1 is one of them. Some of the new maps and test maps have actually peaked my interest. I will share some small review tomorrow on maps which have just been released and those on the test Matrix

Newly Released Maps

There are three new maps which were released today, Bronx by AnthraX, Fortcave by [CHAOS]Homicide and Neighborhood by JFL. There were also new entries added to the Test Matrix. Air747 by P.O.W. is set on a Boeing 747 which is airborne. Golgotha by Nemesis is a dark map based on a rundown industrial city, reminds me of Kingpin. Mxmines by [tBd] NRGizer is the follow up map to mxcity, which centers around a mining facility. Screenshots for these maps can be seen here. Nakatomi by Shadowfire, Skyplay by the regulator and Slumcity by peep^, were all unavailable for download due to a DNS error.

Also, over at the Test Matrix, maps have been rearranged by date. Those with the older dates will be at the top of the list and those, newly submitted maps will be near the bottom. This in hopes of receiving more questionnaires filled out to make a determination on the map. Since Swoosh has left, Death Magnet has renamed ‘Swoosh testing’ to ‘Death Testing’. Unoriginal, sure, but it makes good sense, if the map does not pass, it dies. Simple as that.

Lotsa Good Stuff

Okay, so it goes to show just how much I know about “good” maps. I mention four maps, which are good, and none of them get released over the weekend. Oh well, As most all have seen, Storehouse by JamesClonk and the follow up map to the little know Village map, called Village2 by Zotud was released. This map, does contain a few interesting features, such as the windmill, which is impressive and the background is completely new. The only thing is, I feel like a midget in a giant’s land, because the objects are quite large. But to take nothing away from Zotud, it is a great looking map. Storehouse is set in a large, multi-level brick building. Looks to be an interesting setting, which should provide a fast moving map. I cannot wait to play it. You may also notice that the maps I have under “Test” on this site and the test Matrix on AQMD differs. Seems Death Magnet has removed a few maps. Maybe it is “back to the drawingboard” for some of these. I have not spoke with him, so I am not completely sure. But if they are still on the Telefragged server, you can get them from my two test pages.In other news, over at AQMD, here is a message which was posted by Scuzzy, who authored the map, Tokyo:

I’m am so happy, (and back from the dead) I cant believe tokyo is played so much, 41,000+ frags a week, I have just purchased a new computer so I can make some more levels, Tokyo was made on a p100 24megs of ram (ewww, crap). I have a Celeron 400 64ram so i can now compile them as well 🙂 Hopefully over the next few weeks I will start on a new map or finish one I was working on, hell, i might even join “terror quake” and give them a hand, Oh and if you ever needed to contact me, my new email is round peoples.

And yes, his map Tokyo, has been seeing quite a bit of playing, based on the figures seen over at The CLQ. There was quite a bit of movement with regards to the Top 10 AQ2 TP maps, teamjungle and urban3 switched spots, so did city and actcity3. The only real change was Shaymon’s deepcanyon fell out of the tenth spot, being replaced by Monestary by KongFoo. Scuzzy’s Tokyo is knocking on the door and could replace Monestary in a few days.

Is Today Unlucky? Not For These Maps

Friday the 13th…what sort of day are you having. I have been loading a few of the maps over at AQMD’s Text Matrix and thought I would comment on a few of them which currently are a cut above the rest, in my opinion.bronx: Rumble in the Bronx by AnthraX: I downloaded this map from Action out West (an Australian AQ2 site) a while back. What makes this city map unique is the skate board half pipe on the corner of the street. Grab you board and catch some major air, dude! Also there is a fancy looking fountain in a small alcove with some fine looking art on the textured wall.fortcave: Forts and Caves by [CHAOS]Homicide: It has taken a few attempts after initially checking this map out, but it is also unique. the map is a combination of caves and a few brick structures resembling forts. Hence the map name. What makes this map stand out is the lighting effects under the night sky map and the layout of this map. There is a very intricate cave network at work here, couple that with the low r_speeds and this map sure has a chance.mxcity: Malax City 2083 8:34 by [tBd] NRGizeR: This map is reminiscent of a deserted ghost town. Although this map pushes the Quake engine too far and begins clipping, it is still worth examining. The layout has three groups of buildings of varying proportions. When your view is not impeded by the clipping of the map, there is the possibility for some long distance kills. Another mentionable, which might prevent it from official release. The use of questionable texture. That texture is a ‘Dr. Pepper’ logo which is on a soda vending machine. The prefab looks outstanding, but we know how they frown on illegal textures.longfall: Operation Longfall by KB: For all you snipers out there, comes this exquisite map of beauty. Multiple building rise into the night sky, but what makes these building unique are the use of four similar reoccurring textures, colored in deep, dark red and a cold, gray blue. These buildings appear quite futuristic looking as they are oddly shaped. There are some terrific lines of fires, as a bullet may come from any direction, including the ground which you can walk on.I have also added a small bit of information to the Netzwerk Terror bullet. You can now go and read what NT Clan is all about. Have a great weekend!

Test Matrix

The Test Matrix at AQMD has been updated, this has been reflected in the Test Section here. I have not included all the test maps, as some don’t meet basic criteria. There were a few which stood out above the rest. This is not to say the others don’t have potential, they just need some more work on them. The first test map is Trains by Shadowfire, which recreates a trainyard. Some excellent textures used on this map. The other map is by JFL and called Neighborhood and it is just that, a small portion of a street with houses lining each side.