Foiled Again!

There is a high likelihood that [the bomb] would have been detected had he boarded a flight in the United States.” Does Big Sis really have THAT much confidence in the “thousands standing around” at airport security checkpoints across the United States? Pretty bold statement, but I don’t believe she was in much a position to say otherwise. But a top law-enforcement official insisted, “They would not have gotten him” (source). We have no further information as to who this official was, based on the details of this case, as we know it, I agree this underwear bomb would have successfully made it through.

With the dog and pony show infringing on our rights at our nation’s airports, it won’t take much more for screening procedures to be revised again when it comes to how travelers are screened prior to entering a “sterile” area at the airport. I have yet to read a story in which TSA actually deterred or prevent an act of terrorism at an airport, but this latest attempt could have Big Sis rethinking procedures.

For metallic items, like guns and knives the old x-ray machines and now backscatter machines are acceptable. We have seen a few You Tube videos including a detailed example from Jonathan Corbett who runs TSA Out Of Our Pants. Unfortunately individuals like Richard Reid, the show bomber in 2001 and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the underwear bomber in 2009 both failed at their attempts, but this time a a CIA informant was the individual chosen for the suicide mission. Unfortunately, “current technology is not good enough to find nonmetallic explosive devices like the newest underwear bomb.” Thankfully the bomb is now in the hands of the U.S. authorities as we wait for further details to emerge.

Here is another example of how government agencies foiled a terrorist plot and NOT the TSA. Contrary to what Big Sis thinks and states on the record TSA screeners would not have have suspected this underwear bomb. “This bomb was put into the equivalent of briefs, so it was much tighter and form-fitting and harder to see” (source). How would an intrusive pat-down, using the back of your hands detect something sewn into a pair of briefs? The AIT machines would have been worthless in detecting this. “The only surefire way to detect nonmetallic explosive devices is using bomb-sniffing dogs, but that’s impractical at crowded airports.”

So score another victory for our alphabet agency, the CIA. As for the TSA, it’s time to review current procedures. Terrorists groups, like Al Qaeda are continuing to revise and improve their bomb making techniques and looking at delivery systems. This time, the U.S. dodged a bullet. What about next time? How long before travelers are submitting to further invasive touching or probing in order to make sure we are not a delivery device.

I am white. I am a terrorist.

This is the theme of the new public service announcement from Big Sis and Homeland Security. I feel I am being discriminated against by DHS because I am white. It’s unfortunate that DHS (TSA) don’t want to actually profile those individuals who have committed acts of terrorism against the USA, “despite the fact that the 126 people who were indicted on terrorist-related charges in the United States over the last two years were all Muslim.”

In these times where it’s being anti-American to speak up for yourself and fight for your rights, the DHS has given a nod to political correctness, “this is in fact a deliberate effort by the feds to characterize predominantly white, middle class, politically engaged Americans as domestic extremists. It’s all part of the agenda to frame dissent against big government as dangerous radicalism.

Instead of spending time and effort securing our nation and people from threats abroad, the government would much rather start labeling individual Americans and groups as “possible” terrorists. Some of those groups including are people who participated in the End the Fed protests across the country, the FBI has gone as far to “characterize returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan as a major domestic terrorist threat.”

In March 2009 the MIAC report listed “Ron Paul supporters, libertarians, people who display bumper stickers, people who own gold, or even people who fly a U.S. flag and equates them with radical race hate groups and terrorists.” The examples, most of which have been push aside by the mainstream media are topics of discussion, unfortunately many in the U.S. are unaware they are being lied to and profiled by THEIR government.

Since I don’t stand by my government and with those who question authority and attempt to defend their rights and freedoms I am probably deemed a terrorists as well. The actions of the TSA is just one small piece is in this grand game, in which government is using the people as pawns for their own agenda, one of which is never reported in the nightly news.

The federal government’s clear intent to profile politically active middle class Americans Muslias likely terrorists is manifestly provable from their own internal and public documents. Only when conservatives become cognizant of the fact that they too are as much of a target in the “war on terror” as Muslims, whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat in the White House, will we have any hope of dismantling the Homeland Security police state.”


A Chat-Down

Yes, you have heard of the illegal “pat-down” that violates your Fourth Amendment right that the TSA practices on a daily basis at the nation’s airport. Now, the latest in improve security (allegedly) is the Israeli-style “chat-down.” This is just too good to make up. The TSA has begun a new “behavioral screening program that is modeled after Israel’s airport security screening methods.”

The TSA has now rolled out “Behavior Detection Officers” on a 60 day trial period to confront travelers, “ask a few personal questions and look for signs that they may be hiding something. Suspicious passengers will be sent to a secondary screening or referred to a law enforcement officer.”

Leave it to DHS (or the U.S. Government) to come up with a fancy term for this nearly $1 billion national program called SPOT or Screening Passengers by Observation Technique. Rep Bernie Thompson (D-MS) questions the use of these techniques saying there, “is no scientific validation, limited or comprehensive, of the efficacy of the Assessor model of screening to detect persons who pose a security rick to aviation.

I don’t believe the use of this unproven technique will be nearly as successful as that used in Israel. Unfortunately the TSA and John Pistole are the driving force behind this new and unproven method, which does nothing for you, as an air traveler but cause you further delay in getting through security. Personally, I don’t care if the TSA likes my answers to there irrelevant questions. I would much rather have fun giving them questionable answers, but that would only lead me to the “grope me please” line at the security checkpoint.

The trial period of 60 days is rather short, I will be curious to see data (if the TSA makes it available) to the number of travelers that were confronted and questioned versus the number that were sent for additional screening. Answer me this, how many of these confrontations actually led to detaining a suspect terrorist who was going to blow up an airplane? I’ll answer that now. None.


Junior TSA: A New Low!

If it’s not enough that the TSA is molesting children on a daily basis as parents (usually) stand by idle, accepting the fact that their child might be a terrorist and as such accept the process in place that allegedly makes air travel safer. While I can’t confirm when the program started the TSA is now indoctrinating children with yellow stickers a as “Junior TSA Agent.” As of late 2010, stickers were still being made to younger (ages 4-7?) travelers while waiting to show your papers and go through security. I have found references going back to these stickers being available since 2006. Airports such as DEN, SFO and LAX been confirmed locations of these sticker sightings.


TSA Failure at MSP

Funny how the TSA turns a miscommunication (read their error) into a positive at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport on last Thursday (read story). Why a positive, because the agent of the “make-work” program actual did their job and detected a fake bomb in a suitcase being used as part of a “routine drill.” Unfortunately, the TSA failed to tell the local police. “Airport spokesman Pat Hogan said the good news is that the bomb was detected and the security precautions at the airport worked.”

I recall pre 9-11 when I all management employees (supervisor level) had to go through “training” for 6 weeks. As part of that training, we had a woman at United Airlines, who involved in airline security. She provided us training on using the x-ray machines and explosive trace-detection portal machines. Not sure this training as as “intense” as the rent-a-cops who staffed security checkpoints, but learning how to interpret what the image was on the x-ray machine was interesting.

This training was required as part of the job description for supervisor, to be trained as a Ground Security Coordinator (GSC). Part of those duties were also to “oversee” security checkpoints, one place I did not want to be. I still recall my only duty was to tell a family their Mylar, Mickey Mouse balloon could not come through the checkpoint. Talk about ridiculous! Allegedly I was keeping the airline safe and the concourse sterile.

Needless to say after this “formal” training I was nowhere near prepared, as an airline supervisor to be overseeing any security checkpoint. The GSC was nothing more than an acronym attached to the position due to the sensitivity nature of the job. I made many security type decisions, sometimes unilaterally and other times consulting other individuals or departments.

Unfortunately the dog and pony show known as the TSA has not made air travel any safer. Sure they can point to their track record since 9-11, as there have been no hijacking or terrorist attacks. Yet it’s not the TSA who has been deterring these thwarts attempts on aviation security. So continue to the with smoke and mirrors, make sure your grope, fondle and molest air travelers in the name of security.