A New Poll

Going to start off with some news I saw over at Telefragged. Bakshra has complete an Interview with AUT. For those who don’t know, AUT is Action Unreal Tournament and is created by The A-Team. I guess what I took away from this interview, aside from background information and an approximate release date, the eye candy was the most impressive thing in the interview. Check out the eye candy in the screen shots:
[Shot #1] | [Shot #2] | [Shot #3].

I am sure I will receive e-mails concerning this and you will want to know what I think. Based on their tentative release date, “Probably sometime during the second and third quarter of this year,” who knows what will be on the table in terms of new gaming engines. I am sure Counter-Strike will still be going strong, and hopefully Urban Terror will have made up much ground, maybe not on Half-Life but on Quake III mods in general. So it will be curious to watch and see what sort of noise AUT makes. I was big into that, but with little development and not much news it became difficult to follow.

The results of the last poll are in and counted. We wanted to know how you rated the popularity of Urban Terror. In a modest margin of victory, this was “The only reason to play Quake III.” We like that answer. Beta 2 will not let you down. Check out this week’s poll, which begs the question, “What do you look forward to in Urban Terror Beta 2?”

Must cut it short, Scully and The X-Files is on shortly. Now for you Link of the Day: Project: FAT. Wanna get paid to eat? Wanna plump up? Gain 30 pounds, gain $3000US. Hell no, I am not going double the size of my ass!

A New Beginning

After weeks of continued problems and no updates, there is a new change on the horizon. I received email from Ellusion (my host for The 6th Floor) in Scandinavia regarding the status of the host computer. Some names, emails and places of business have been removed for privacy.

Hi there Oswald, I’m terribly sorry for the problems you’ve had with the 6th floor in my absence and hope we can find a way to solve this. As you might have been told, lightning got the better of the ISDN centrals where I live, but that’s not the entire reason why I have been offline for so long. You see I work as a webdesigner, and the last 6 months I’ve been working for a firm called XXXXXX. This is the same firm who owns the ActionQuake.com domain and it’s server. It turns out the man behind XXXXXX is quite the little scammer, and now owes me quite the amount of money. Money I would otherwise use to pay my living and phonebills. I’m sure you can see the picture here. XXXXXX will be presented to my lawyer this Monday, and until I can get an explanation of what his intentions are, I will have little control over what happens with the server. Again, I’m terribly sorry that you had to be caught up in this. It’s things like this you never see happening before one is in the middle of it. You could try and send him a mail just asking what’s up with your access problems (xxxxx@xxxxxx.xx) , or if the situation is that you want to remove the site to a better suited location for now, I could try and get into the server to retrieve everything you would need. Should you decide to move the 6th floor, I can probably pull some strings at PlanetQuake if Telefragged isn’t interested, should you want that. As much as I want to keep the aq.com domain alive, I hope you understand it’s difficult for me under the current circumstances. Let me know what I can do to help, and I will try my best to work this out for you, seeing as I feel responsible for the situation I’ve unknowingly put the 6th floor in. On the brigther side of things, I love the work you’ve done with the site so far, the reviews and work with AQMD. You seems to have shapen up the AQMD in quite a way, so much in fact that I’ll probably submit an upcoming map 🙂 If you want to take a look at Riot2 which we’re currently testing for bugs now, let me know and I’ll send it to you.Sincererly,Per ‘Ellusion’ Nyhaug

As I mentioned before I have had quite a few inquires on what will happen to The 6th Floor

More Test Maps Available

I was finally able to get through to Telefragged’s FTP site and download the remaining three maps, I was unable to comment on yesterday. All three look great, the best being Nakatomi by Shadowfire. This map is based on the movie Die Hard with Bruce Willis. The map is of the 30th and 31st floors of the Nakatomi building, very highly detailed and great looking. I cannot wait to frag on this map! The other other two maps, Slumcity by peep^ and Skyplay by Regulator, both recreate city maps. Skyplay looks very similar to Actcity3, with many rooftops and ramps connecting the buildings. As for Slumcity, it is a small city block map, with multiple buildings, most of which are accessible, including the roof. I would not attempt to play this map with more then 8 people. It is that small.

For all you CGF fanatics out there, William has created official route files for the Action map, Downtown by Cougar[D.O.A.](now of Clan =RaGe=). There will also be an new version of the CGF, cgf_0.80 near September. There is quite a bit of new information, head to CGF to get caught up! Thanks William.

Lotsa Good Stuff

Okay, so it goes to show just how much I know about “good” maps. I mention four maps, which are good, and none of them get released over the weekend. Oh well, As most all have seen, Storehouse by JamesClonk and the follow up map to the little know Village map, called Village2 by Zotud was released. This map, does contain a few interesting features, such as the windmill, which is impressive and the background is completely new. The only thing is, I feel like a midget in a giant’s land, because the objects are quite large. But to take nothing away from Zotud, it is a great looking map. Storehouse is set in a large, multi-level brick building. Looks to be an interesting setting, which should provide a fast moving map. I cannot wait to play it. You may also notice that the maps I have under “Test” on this site and the test Matrix on AQMD differs. Seems Death Magnet has removed a few maps. Maybe it is “back to the drawingboard” for some of these. I have not spoke with him, so I am not completely sure. But if they are still on the Telefragged server, you can get them from my two test pages.In other news, over at AQMD, here is a message which was posted by Scuzzy, who authored the map, Tokyo:

I’m am so happy, (and back from the dead) I cant believe tokyo is played so much, 41,000+ frags a week, I have just purchased a new computer so I can make some more levels, Tokyo was made on a p100 24megs of ram (ewww, crap). I have a Celeron 400 64ram so i can now compile them as well 🙂 Hopefully over the next few weeks I will start on a new map or finish one I was working on, hell, i might even join “terror quake” and give them a hand, Oh and if you ever needed to contact me, my new email is scuzzy@powerup.com.aucya round peoples.

And yes, his map Tokyo, has been seeing quite a bit of playing, based on the figures seen over at The CLQ. There was quite a bit of movement with regards to the Top 10 AQ2 TP maps, teamjungle and urban3 switched spots, so did city and actcity3. The only real change was Shaymon’s deepcanyon fell out of the tenth spot, being replaced by Monestary by KongFoo. Scuzzy’s Tokyo is knocking on the door and could replace Monestary in a few days.

Links Fixed&Review Released

Since there is a continuous pounding outside my house, and I have only been up all night, I spent most of the morning cleaning up my site. I have fixed all the links on the individual map reviews and the reviews page. They are now all linked to Telefragged with the except of Riot: Gangbang and Ctown2. As a temporary solution, I have those two maps available at The 6th Floor. Just click on them from the review section and you can download them. I have also began revising some of the early reviews I did. I have also finished the map Lock ‘n Load 3: Livin’ It Up. I have also added the previous interviews to the Action Map Review page. Just click on any of the authors in red and you can read that review. I should have a new review up by weeks’ end. if you would like to submit a question, send it oswald@actionquake.com or Death Magnet. Another problem I have been receiving email on has been the unavailability to send maps to Death Magnet. You can also send them to me and I will make sure they get to the Staging Area for testing.