Newly Released Maps

There are three new maps which were released today, Bronx by AnthraX, Fortcave by [CHAOS]Homicide and Neighborhood by JFL. There were also new entries added to the Test Matrix. Air747 by P.O.W. is set on a Boeing 747 which is airborne. Golgotha by Nemesis is a dark map based on a rundown industrial city, reminds me of Kingpin. Mxmines by [tBd] NRGizer is the follow up map to mxcity, which centers around a mining facility. Screenshots for these maps can be seen here. Nakatomi by Shadowfire, Skyplay by the regulator and Slumcity by peep^, were all unavailable for download due to a DNS error.

Also, over at the Test Matrix, maps have been rearranged by date. Those with the older dates will be at the top of the list and those, newly submitted maps will be near the bottom. This in hopes of receiving more questionnaires filled out to make a determination on the map. Since Swoosh has left, Death Magnet has renamed ‘Swoosh testing’ to ‘Death Testing’. Unoriginal, sure, but it makes good sense, if the map does not pass, it dies. Simple as that.

A Simple Update: Part Deux

I have accomplished a few items today. First, I have a review up for Team Depot by Strag. Currently I am in the middle of reviewing Subway99 by T.T.I., which will be completed tomorrow morning, if I am not too tired when I get off work. I also had the opportunity to spend some time with Pacman[TECH] and interview him regarding his recently released map, Winter: Fraggin’ & Laggin’ In a Winter Wonderland. The test matrix at AQMD is up and running. When you download a map, fill out the questionnaire, it only takes 30 seconds to a minute. All you do is click on the answer that closest resembles what you think of the map. There are new maps which have passed Swoosh testing, I am hesitant to update my test maps section, because I feel that of the four maps I previewed, none really looked as if they had too much potential in their current state. For those of you who play with the CGF, Bot Central has a new mission/route writer and an update with some new missions for jungle and teacher. Enjoy the update!