I think that phrase sums things up nicely regarding training. It has nearly been one year since beginning this “journey” and now the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching. Still not sure if that is light is the end of the tunnel or a train ready to run my ass down.

Things are getting more tense every day at work. These final two weeks (if indeed it is that duration) are going to be the most important that the previous 50 weeks. Now is the time for each trainee (and I can only speak for myself) to step up and show our co-workers what we can do. Not only that we must pass muster with the training manager. A task easier said than done.

One thing is given during training, whatever decision you make, it was the wrong decision. Time and time again we are second guessed or overruled when it comes to a decision that was made. In all honesty that is fine with me, at least it gives my trainers a start point in which to dissect my thought process.

Sunday was a horrible day and got me thinking again, “Am I cut out or this work?” Looking back on 11 years at the airlines, it was NEVER this difficult! Then again, the pay was not as lucrative as it is now. I am busting my ass day in, day out and still things are not going right at times, which makes my stress level continue to rise.

Thankfully I am not the only one in the position, but I am the only one who can decide my fate. I won’t fail. That has NEVER been a consideration. I continue to work and work hard when I am sitting at the console and hopefully continue to follow protocol and procedures in a safe manner.

Hopefully the planets align and I am able work at my peak for the next two weeks in order to get certified and avoid further training, which would only increase that stress level.

Blood. Sweat. Cheers.

This is always an exciting time for the development team, as the hours tick down and we close in on release day. I wish I was scheduled different hours these past few weeks to offer up my services to BladeKiller because she has been the “heart and soul” of this development cycle. Without her strength, the mod would not be where it is right now, on the verge of release. I am quite sure she is a ball of stress and she works feverishly to get everything completed and packaged for the April 1 release.

Woekele has been a welcomed addition to the team. He works very well with TwentySeven and BladeKiller as the team continues to push forward. The same can be said for QA, many of the testers, for example [T]Stone seems to be around all the time and willing to lend his services to testing as a moment’s notice.

My stress level is starting to build as we get closer to Sunday. I am still working on coordinating the release and will maintain the files and provide those individuals with access in order to host the files. The release party on Urban Radio will get the festivities started. And if previous shows are any indication, I am sure many will be calling for the files even before the show begins. Patience my little minions, you will have to wait until the show is over.

The effort of the development team might go unnoticed once you finally drop into a server and play the new version of Urban Terror. Many countless hours of blood, sweat and more blood make it all worth it when the files are released and gamers are populating servers at a rising rate. Hopefully the decisions Frozen Sand has made over the course of this development cycle will help equate to a success and popular release of Urban Terror.

Many gamers ask me, or tell me, “Urban Terror is dead.” I beg to differ on many levels. Our core community is strong and I am sure they would follow us regardless of what game we were working on and offer up their services to help test. There are still leagues that support Urban Terror, so the competitive side of Urban Terror still lives, although it has been dwindling at a good rate, this release will give it a shot in the arm and I think we will see more clans participate. The functionality of the stand-alone files and the impending support of BattlEye means that ANYONE without Quake III Arena will be able to play the game.

These are just a few factors that lead me to believe the game will continue to see success in the community, on public servers and in leagues. Hopefully this will mean a larger community that continues to play and support Urban Terror for a few more years. The development team continues to support a game they love and I am sure the same will hold true for those in the community.