Netflix 360

Now that I am subscriber to Netflix, as well as a Xbox 360 owner, I now have what I call Net 360! I was surfing the Internet for more information on the official release of Netflix in conjunction with the Xbox 360 Live account. Instead I stumbled across another program that turns my Xbox 360 into a streaming Netflix player. The program is called vmcNetFlix and is an (Read about it here) “add-in for Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center which allows you to manage your NetFlix subscription, stream NetFlix “WatchNow” movies directly to the Media Center player, or download the movies for playback later from a “WatchLater” gallery.”

The best part of this is I am able to watch any instant download movie on my 52″ DLP, as opposed to my laptop, where I have the vmcNetFlix program installed. Add to that, the option to download, yes download ANY instant download movie available at Netflix. The only caveat I found is you need to be able to connect to the Internet in order to authenticate your Netflix account before the movie will start playing. I tried playing the movie through WMP, but it failed to find the codec. I did not try the other player program I had.

So much for waiting for M$ and Netflix to get their shit together and released to the public through “official” channels. This little program does everything it is advertised today and more. If you have Netflix and a 360 and like to watch the instant movie, then I highly recommend this program.

Netflix Anyone?

Anyone out there use the service known as Netflix and have any stories about the service they want to share? I recently joined and the trial period runs two weeks. I just received my first three DVDs this morning in the mail, as told I would via an automated response I received via e-mail.

I have already created my queues for DVDs to be sent to my residence, as well as being able to watch instantly. That for me was the kicker that made me break down and give it a whirl. Sure many of the movie, some 12,000 titles are not the newest releases or even the best movies, but the fact they are on-demand is a great service. Comcast, when we had them piped into the house had a nice on-demand selection, unlike their rival, ATT, which has an absolutely crappy on-demand library.

At home, the wireless network provides top quality video (no, not HD quality, but clear) into my laptop and later this year through the Xbox 360. This too, was another selling point for me. As much TV as the wife and I watch, this service will come in handy.

I say TV because they have many of the serials we watch, sure as CSI, Monk, Eureka and others! The movie selections will come in handy as well. I don’t believe this will stop me from buying used DVDs and adding to the 1000 I already own, but it will provide a service I have never used before. Let me know what you think about Netflix.

Video Killed the Radio Star?

I guess I could file this news under gaming, Urban Terror or Just Push Play. As many who have followed The 6th Floor know I currently host Urban Radio and in the past I developed an all 80s show called Just Push Play.

Urban Radio actually debuted on Radio iTG before casters from TsN broke off to form a new station, Inside The Game. For years I hosted Urban Radio from TsN and then iTG. In 2005 I had the opportunity to create new content, non-gaming related, thus Just Push Play was born.

Now on the third anniversary of Just Push Play’s second show, broadcast on February 02, 2005 I am looking for a new challenge to expand the horizons I created with both Urban Radio and Just Push Play.

The newest content to the weekly radio show was the addition of live video providing listeners the opportunity to watch Urban Radio. While I admit, it is rather boring to watch me do the show, change is coming (hopefully).

I am currently working on creating 24/7 for Urban Radio that will streamed, both live and recorded on a daily basis. Urban Radio would be live during the week, as it is now. The show would also be rebroadcast on a daily basis. Other content would include video clips of previous interviews and television appearances, as well as demos and videos from around the Urban Terror Community.

I think this is definitely a niche to explore. I will start with Urban Radio and if it ends up being as successful as I envision, then there would be a great chance that Just Push Play would be cast live on video as well, substituting music videos for the 80’s music I played and adding 80’s commercials to the mix.

Again, both of these ideas as still a few months off as I am working on the production of both. Hell, ideally I would love to give up the audio stream and go solely video, but I feel the demand for audio is still there and dropping it would not be advisable.

So, I will continue working on my plans for the 24.7 UrTV and keep the gamers in the community updated as to the progress. If you have ideas or suggestions, by all means feel free to email oswald [at] the6thfloor [dot] com.