Shoutcasting Returns!

Since last April, there has been no Clanbase coverage or Urban Radio shows due to my commitments to training at work. Thankfully, as you have read, I have fulfilled my obligation to training, became certified and the stress and pressure I was under the past year has subsided. This now allows me some free time to commit to Urban Terror and bringing the action to you.

Urban Radio on Sunday will mark the first show of 2008 and definitely not the last. I am planning more show coverage as the popularity of Urban Terror continues to rise. Of course, I look to the community for their interaction in making the show a success.

Next week, will begin shoutcast coverage for Clanbase Nations Cup XI. Like Urban Radio, I have been absent from Open Cup and Nations Cup action for some time. Coverage will be heard and possibly seen using Stickam Video. I am still working on getting the actual in game coverage set up.

Unlike previous Urban Radio shows, one of the unique features I introduced last year to the show was Stickam Video, giving gamers the ability to watch or listen it to. It really was a great feature and quite popular, more so than the audio side. The video side does have an IRC style channel for the show gamers can idle in, asking questions, poking fun at the host or discussion my comments.

Hopefully BladeKiller will become a regular co-host on Urban Radio, we even have the possibility to have guests online at a moment’s notice. Spellbinder will serve as the proverbial phone screener and assist or deter gamers getting air time. The ability to have guest was something that was not all that successful in years past, but we have all the bugs worked out (right Spellbinder?)

So join us Sunday for Urban Radio, it is sure to be a good time for all. Join us in #urbanterror as well on ETG or Quakenet and remember to read the topic channel for the most updated information on Urban Terror (!radio is very useful).

Terror de Urban

Wow! It was one of the best weeks every for Urban Terror! Hard to compare to a real event like Quakecon, which was amazing in its own right. But this was different. The team is a much closer group of individuals in the past. That does not take away the development work of previous team members. Maybe it is the interaction and how we work together as a team, some together or nearly 5 years!

The release was something special in its own right. Coming off one of our longest development cycles we wanted to make sure everything was right. Was it? Of course not. There were issues pre-release and now post release. Even during the release we were a bit tardy with the files to the host FTPs, which in turn made the files about 30 minutes late. But hey, it’s close enough for government work.

The community support for the release was amazing! We had over 250+ gamers in each of the #urbanterror channels on Quakenet and ETG, along with some 450+ watching the pre-release party on Stickam Video and another 100+ tuned in on the radio side. We applaud the community for their turn out and I believe we have impressed the majority of the gamers with the release. But there is still that small percentage, of which I won’t rant about now.

The past week has been spent in support of the Urban Terror release. Many are still working tirelessly at updating files, talking to community gamers, playing the game and answering questions. This is just part of that “cycle” I spoke about during Urban Radio last weekend. Of course you would NEVER find this sort of support from a development team if this were a retail project bound for the shelves. It’s unfortunate, but I guess when money dictates actions and money dictates getting a good looking game released as opposed to a well playing game…

Anyway, big props to the Urban Terror community for coming through and believing in the development team. I know many had their doubts that A) this release would happen and B) it would cause this sort of noise to bring gamers back into the community.

One last note, while at Easter dinner last night, I had the pleasure of downloading, installing and starting ioUrbanTerror.exe (used in conjunction with the mod files). Folks, if you just follow the directions, you will have NO PROBLEMS! Yes, it is that simple of an install, easier than it was with the mod files, as I had to restart three times on my own machine with the mod installer.