Progress Chart

progress chart

The numbers don’t lie as I have just finished my 6th week following the Stronglifts 5×5 program. Much like changing my diet to a plant-based, whole foods lifestyle, I wish I would have found the gym and barbell training when I was younger. It’s shocking, but I cannot wait to get to the gym, but then end up taking the weekend off, which seems to hurt my progress after a good weight of weight training.

The deadlift and the squat are the two lifts I have made the most progress on. While the chart will reflect a 215 lbs. and the squat, 185 lbs., these are 1RM or 1 rep maximum meaning lifting that weight one time and racking the weight. Currently my work weight for the deadlift is 160 lbs. and 140 lbs. for the squat. Both weights are ahead of my goals I am targeting for this initial 12 week period. If you are interested, you can read the latest scoop from week 6.

Only two minor setbacks, one which was expected but the other came as a bit of a surprise. The overhead press (OHP) I failed last week at 80 lbs. I missed two reps on my final two sets, but I had to work like hell to get the sets done. After some video watching and reading of Mark Rippetoe’s book, Starting Strength I made a few adjustments and I was able to bust out my 5×5 yesterday. The surprise was my failure trying to squat 200 lbs. yesterday. I worked up from 135 lbs. and was feeling good, so after a few intermediate increases, I loaded up the 200 lbs. for a 1RM. It didn’t feel right starting when I unracked the weight. I started the squat and just kept going down…finding myself in a third world squat and the barbell resting on the safety catch. I will give it a try next week.