It is unfortunate that some “gamers” (if they can be called that) no longer respect their community, the game or development team. Respect is not something awarded or given out at the end of a round. This is a quality that must be earned. Some disregard this quality altogether and go about their business as if they are doing nothing wrong.

There is always a small percentage of individuals who feel they are above everyone else, from those on forums who claim they are never heard to the so-called “pro” gamer who can do no wrong and is always right. Many gamers are respectful when it comes to the community, the game and especially the development team.

While it is unfair to emphasize the development team, it is necessary. All gamers should respect each other, of course that does not happen and I am sure every gamer have had their own personal experience they could relate to.

I single out the development team because unless you have walked a mile in our shoes you have no idea what it takes behind the scenes to achieve what we have achieved. It is understood this is voluntary work and none of us have received monetary compensation for the thousands or hours and many years of development and service to the community.

Incidents have occurred in the past that have tested the patience of the development team. Many of these have done nothing but to frustrate the team, making us reconsider continuing development. Sometimes these are the actions of a select few, but they end up ruining things for everyone. Thankfully we have not taken that drastic of action…yet.

Some gamers must have no conscience either. You have read and heard many rants from myself regarding those who want to update or modify old levels that we no longer support. Unless there is express consent from the level author or the development team, you do not have any authorization to update a damn thing!

The same goes for all the files that were created for Urban Terror. From the readme.txt included in the latest release,”Use of any file contained within the mod is illegal without permission.” But, just like those who feel they are above everyone when they modify our levels without consent, these individuals are just as bad when they mod much of our work.

It really is a sad state of affairs when all respect has been lost between the so-called gamer, their community and the development team. Recourse to these offenders? Hopefully gamers will see through the facade of these fakes and continue respecting those integral parts that make up the whole, which is Urban Terror.

Owed What?

Why is it that some gamers think they are owed something in return for playing a game? I have never understood this. Some of those same messages are alive and kicking today in Urban Terror as well and have been for some time.

I can recall Action Quake 2, when the development team announced they would no longer support the game because of the bitching and complaining from the community. The game had lost its luster and was no longer enjoyable. Hmm, sound familiar?

If you waste a hard earned $60 on a retail game, you have a right to bitch, but unlike mod development your voice will usually fall upon deaf ears. While not every mod team approaches their work the same way, in a small, close community change is possible. No guaranteed, just possible.

Regardless of your tenure playing/supporting, respect is something that is earned, not only as a developer, but as a gamer. You cannot walk in, announce your presence, throw a few fresh words and ideas out and expect it to be well received. Urban Terror, as an example has a well informed and supportive community. Why? Because the developers took an active roll and earned the respect of those gamers. The is true some individuals in the community, not necessarily gamers, but admins and those who support Urban Terror.

So knock the chip off your shoulder, relax and enjoy your game. There is no sense walking around a community you frequent tossing around accomplishments and achievement, wanting to know what you will get in return from others. Above all have fun, that is what gaming is all about.