MicrofuXored Again!

It was bitter sweet coming home last night, knowing I my XBox360 had arrived via UPS from being repaired a second time. This on top of having to return three consoles when I bought the damn thing because they did not work. So I get home, and read the paperwork that I pulled from the box telling me this is a brand new console with new identification number, but not to worry all the warranty and paperwork would be done without my intervention.

I connected the hard drive, the wireless network card (which is a POS!) and the video and power cables. I start the machine and get three flashing red lights. Needless to say this nearly sent me over the edge. I shut down the console and restarted, twice and after setting a few options my LIVE! profile comes up and I am good to go…or so I thought.

I load up FIFA 2008 and things are going well until I select a game and it loads. Upon starting the actual game, I notice the sound is not as it is supposed to be. The volume is low and the commentators voices are intermittent, as well as the game sounds. I knocked it off to the game, so I shut down and loaded up The Orange Box.

Initially when the game loads, the sounds work in the menu. I started TF2 and all be damned if the game plays fine, but the sound is just like FIFA was. I can already hear the barrage of questions when I call XBox support, including, “Well maybe it is your TV or sound system.” Eh, sorry champ, it’s not my TV, nor any component of my audio/video system. It is a bad XBox. AGAIN!

Seriously, I cannot be the only consumer having this sort of luck with a bad MS product, can I? Okay, Vista aside, since we know they release beta operating systems. But this is getting ridiculous, I will phone them tomorrow and demand (because the consumer is ALWAYS right) a new XBox. I don’t want this supposed new one they sent me fix, I want a new one.

Oh yeah and for my trouble, I received another 1 month free LIVE card. LOL. You jackholes!

Round 2: XBox 360

Okay it has taken the better part of 2 weeks before I decided to make that time consuming call to XBox Support. As I have stated in the past, this is the WORST console on the market! I would definitely NOT recommend anyone bother purchasing one. Then again the Wii is poo too, but that is another story.

So I went online looking for tips on how to “fix” the “red ring of death.” First let’s start with poor design in the console itself, if indeed it is actually a solder on a connector that malfunctions. I was not going to waste all that much time looking into the problem. The “solution” wrap your 360 in towels for 15 minutes. This “solution” would heat up the necessary solder and your 360 would work. Or would it?

After 15 minutes in towels, I let it cool down and then started it. Viola! It worked…well sort of. I got in about three games of footie before the console locked up on me again. Upon restarting it would lock up. It took about 3 restarts before I was able to get the red ring of death. At that point I disconnected the POS and set it aside.

Today, I finally called customer “support” figuring to get the runaround, which I did to a point. After providing my name, address and serial number, I was asked a series of questions. The only one I got wrong (LOL) was when asked, “Do you plug your XBox into a surge protector or a wall socket?” My answer, obviously, a surge protector. Well needless to say, the kid on the other end of the phone said that the console must be plugged into a wall socket. Yeah, sure whatever jackass keep giving me you $9/hour answers.

I am sorry but plugging the console into a wall socket or a surge protector has NO adverse affect on something internally in your malfunctioning product. If so, then please, please provide me information supporting your FAQ claim, because I beg to differ. But you are Microsoft and are always right, with the best product around. LOL.

So let’s see if customer support can get things done this time around in a timely fashion. Waiting 8 weeks as I did previously was a joke. Let’s TRY and not loose my order again. Oh and that one month XBox Live card, just keep it, what a slap in the face for my time and your below average product.

That Damn XBox 360!

While not down to the last straw, I am getting pretty damn close. This past week I got the “Red Ring of Death” on my XBox 360. AGAIN! For f*ck sake, can’t Microsoft or whoever they hell they contract out to get this right?

This is the second of such instances, after returning 3 brand new XBox 360’s to the retail shops I bought them at a few years back. I had hoped all my DVD-Rom issues were resolved when I received my 360 back last year, with a…WOW…1 month FREE to XBox Live.

I guess they did not take into consideration it took nearly 8 weeks for them to get their shit together, send me a box in order to send in my defective product back. This after numerous phone calls that seemed to go in one ear and out the other. Guess that is what large monopolies can do.

So *sigh* I seat here at work wondering how long and what sort of hassle I will have to endure this time around in order to get my XBox 360 fixed. If it’s 8 weeks again, I am sending Microsoft my XBox 360, C.O.D. with a nasty letter. I am tired of their average product that is either unfinished or unreliable.

Fed Up with Xbox360!

I have just about had it with MS and this piece of shit product known as the Xbox 360. First, the game does not live up to the hype. Never has, never will. Pretty graphics does nothing for piss poor game play. But enough about why I can’t stand this overpriced console. I have complained before about the lack of “quality” on the retail end from these people.

A regularly occurring issue has been that of the DVD-Rom failing and not being able to read the DVD or CD being played. Now with the poor luck I had in the past, taking 4 consoles FINALLY to get one that worked, this a year AFTER the release of the so-called nex-gen console.

The DVD-Rom finally quit and I called MS on 24 April and told them my problem and they provided me a reference number and said I would be receiving a box in 4-5 days, paid postage via UPS to replace the console unit. Cool, good customer service, quick response. So I thought, but oh how wrong I was. A week went by, then two then three and I finally got time to call them again.

This time I get some jackass who can hardly speak English (guess MS online support is in India too…), I am still cool about it, not being a dick on the phone this this support clerk, telling them I was given a reference number on 4-24 and was still waiting for my UPS box to arrive.

He assured me I would have one in, yeah, you guessed it, 4-5 days. This was on May 19, nearly a month later! Well today is June 6 and I still do not have a box from MS. I am getting a bit pissed off with their lack of support. This is completely uncalled for and I am very pissed off with their assistance.

Recourse? I doubt I have any, being the big, bad cash cow MS is. I think I will unleash the fury of my wife on them and see if she can get any freebie out of it. Is that the wrong course of action? Not really, the customer is always right, right? So I should see something out of this. Lord knows I spent the month for Xbox Live and have not used it since it went down, so maybe some free Live for a few months.

But if nothing happens I box this POS up and ship it off COD to MS and ask for my money back. I am done with them. No more bad consoles. Guess that means I won’t own any more console. No real loss in my eyes.

XBusted 360: Part Deux

I must say I have very unimpressed with Microsoft’s new console offering in the Xbox 360. Just this week, we FINALLY were able to exchange our second broken XBox360 for a new one. It only took an additional 3 weeks for Toys ‘R Us to finally get some in. But that is not the issue.

The issue’s with the lack of quality games that are out there. I have played about 10 different games so far, some of which I have purchased, including FIFA World Cup 2006, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warrior and PGR 3. But none of these have the same…appeal, I guess you could call it that the original XBox had. I still spend more time playing my older XBox than the newer 360. I did read elsewhere that many of the games on the old XBox were better in terms of playability than those on the 360. Of course the graphics on the more powerful 360 are impressive, but since when do graphics make a game?

While I am not ready to give up on the XBox 360 after spending nearly $700 on the system, XBox Live, the aforementioned games and a battery pack for the wireless controller, I am already in more than I ever spent on my XBox! Is it worth it?

At this point in time, no the money invested is not worth it. While I won’t get rid of the console, I surely will not be purchasing any other console from Playstation or Nintendo. I guess we need to give game developers another 6-8 months in order to develop and release more games that excite those players.FIFA World Cup 2006 looks good, but does not play as well or as smooth as FIFA 2005. The developer 2K Sports amazes me. Their baseball offering is horrible! From the graphics to the player animations and cumbersome controls. I will give them props on the back end, such as stats, game modes and personalities used, but beyond that it is a shit game!

I guess this means I go back to playing PC games until there are more improved offerings. GWAR is not bad, plays well, looks good, but coming from the keyboard/mouse world as a gamer, it is difficult to use the dual joystick controller to play effectively. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect” and I continue to learn as I play.

So in conclusion, if you are considering an XBox 360 I suggest you hold off. While the pretty graphics are awe inspiring at times, the selection of software is just not there [yet] to justify the high price tag [$399 for premium or $299 for core system]. Maybe a delay for PS3 is a “blessing in disguise” for them to have more of an impact on the console world and gaming in general. I guess time will tell. But XBox seems to have lost some of its previous luster.