100 Push Ups: 4 Weeks Down

100 Push Ups: 4 Weeks DownThis 100 push up program continues to challenge my fitness level as I move closer to the 6 week goal. While I don’t want to put a negative spin on this, I have doubts I will make the 100 push up goal in 2 weeks. Week 4 had me doing a minimum of 112 push ups and that number only increased during the week. Now that I am staring at week 5, beginning tomorrow, I will be performing another exhaustion test today that will set my level for week 5.

No matter what happens at the end of 6 weeks, I have gotten stronger and am able to accomplish more push ups now that I have at any point in my life. The last exhaustion test after week 2 I completed netted me 30 push ups. This time I have no doubts it will be over 40 push ups accomplished putting me in the top category, which means I start with a minimum of 170 push ups on Monday (in 5 sets).

Even if I don’t make my goal, I will continue to keep push ups as part of my weekly regiment. These push up sets fall on my non-work out days (Mon, Wed, Fri) in order to give the muscles some rest. Once I finish this program it’s on to the 200 sit ups to firm up and tone the abs, which have seen a change since starting my gym routine.

100 Push Ups: 2 Weeks Down

100 Push Ups: 2 Weeks DownJune as a good month, I underwent a body composition analysis sponsored by local gym, Diamond Hills Sports Club. A few days after reading and dissecting the 4-page report I made another commitment based on the results to lose 5 pounds of fat and decrease my body fat to 13%. In addition to lifting weights 3-4 times a week and doing 30-45 minutes of cardio I decided to add a push up program to my regime I read about at hundredpushups.com. It 2 weeks down and 4 to go, as I finished up week 2 on Friday and performed an exhaustion test last night.

The initial push up test yielded a result of 20 push ups, more than I thought I could do, but still those trips to the gym have increased my strength, so maybe I should not have been so surprised. After 2 weeks of push ups on alternating days I am making good progress. The fifth set gets challenging, as you are supposed to max out on how many push ups you can do, but there is a minimum number to meet. The last day of week 2, after doing sets of 16,17,14 and 14, the minimum of the fifth set was 20. I struggled towards the end, but met the goal and totaled 81 push ups in 5 sets.

Last night was an exhaustion test, same in nature to the initial test. I performed as many good form push ups as I could do and finished with 30. That’s an increase in 10 push ups since I started this regime 2 weeks ago. I will consider that a step in the right direction, but things don’t get easier. Today it will be a minimum of 80 push ups, with 20 (min) coming in the last set. Day 2 of the third week will be 95 followed by a total of 120 on Friday (28 minimum in the last set).

Progress Report: T6F

Progress! I have made some good headway in updating content here on the site. Thankfully I have found a treasure trove of great news from way back, we’re talking 1999-2001. I know many don’t give a rat’s ass about this news, which is archaic. But what is great is the fact I still have much of the content from The 6th Floor when I first brought it to the Internet.

Over the course of the last 3 days I have been busying updating links and images, moving news and adding categories and tags to all my posts. So while it doesn’t look like much has been accomplished (in the way of new news), quite a bit has been updated. I still find it rather hard to believe this I have what I liken to a diary since 1999. Sure much of the news I brought out early on was strictly game related and it was much that way until 2005!

Thankfully I am able to combine the old with the new and create a unique experience for anyone who visits. While I am not sure to what length I will go to when it comes to old content, posts will be included, I doubt many (if any) of the links included will even be valid.

So again, thanks to all those who stop by. I continue to post content, almost daily and for the most part I am back on track with the web site.

New Shack Progress

The new “shack” is coming along nicely. I was able to finish off the new raised floor and screwed plywood on the frame. I will now have quick and easy access to the cables and wires that will be running under the floor now. The wood panels will be finished today, approximately 24′ in total. I am currently waiting on the electricians to arrive to install two new 110v outlets and a 220v for the linear amp.

I still have a considerable amount of work to accomplish. I need to cut a 2″ diameter hole in the back of the garage wall to allow the cables to run from the antenna. The same can be said for the new ground system I will be installing. I also need to find some inexpensive vinyl flooring to match my Braden cherry wall panels. Not sure that will happen today, but I do plan on getting the station set up and hopefully on the air by late this afternoon.