Trackmania Nations!

Checking out Clanbase as I regularly do, I ran across a news item about Trackmania Nations designed exclusively for ESWC and esports “is being offered free of charge to the players of the entire planet so they may commence training for the qualifiers due to take place in 53 countries on Friday 27th of January. The Grand Final of ESWC will be held in Paris from June 28th to July the 2nd , in front of 40,000 people, where the best players from each country will battle it out for a prize of 400,000 dollars.

Now I am an online racing fan going back to the early days LAN days with Netzwerk Terror in SoCal when a few of us would arrive early and race our asses off until the “official” start of the LAN. So coming across a good racing game is a rare find. That is not to say there are not any good ones out there. The Need for Speed series has been solid for years, as has a personal favorite, Powerslide by RatBag.

After downloading, I make a comment about the possibility of covering this event at ESWC for Inside The Game, at which point I am informed that malware is present upon installation of Trackmania Nations. I was directed to an ESReality, “there is a copy protection tool called Starforce that is silently installed…the tool remains on your system when the game is uninstalled and can apparently cause permanent damage to your CD/DVD writers.”

After minor consideration I decided to let the malware issue fall by the wayside since I don’t burn CD/DVDs on my game rig, but still that is rather shitty when you install it. You can get more information at Boycott Starforce.

Clanbase is in the process of starting a ladder for the game, which I might actually take part in. Not that I expect to end up in the finals for ESWC in Paris, but the game is quite impressive sans the malware. Check it out!