Pandora or

Pandora or I recently set up an account at Pandora after being turned on to it by  a friend who said it was much better than the crap that is played on the air these days. For me, it’s been nearly 2 years since I tuned into a radio station (98 Rock out of Sacto), opting for MP3s instead.

Last year I signed up with through my XBox 360. While I really don’t use it often enough to stream music, it was a simple concept I found to my liking. The song recommendations were based off my likes and dislikes. This is the same concept Pandora uses, allowing you to “thumb up” or “thumb down” any song that is played. The catch, you only get 6 of those skips in any given hour.

Using Pandora I entered “The Clash” as the band/genre/music I wanted to hear. After hearing a Clash song to start the stream, I quickly got into other bands, such as The Ramones, The Jam, Misfits, Sex Pistols” who were all inline with my “thumb up” of numerous songs.

Unfortunately, there are some artists who beg the question of “WTF?” where did that recommendation come from. For example, after liking a few other bands of the UK variety like the UK Subs, The English Beat, Madness, The Specials I ended up getting Lou Reed, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. Huh? I was hoping for more music from bands such as The 101’ers, The Pogues, Joy Division and former Clash members, Joe Strummer and Mick Jones.

I have not been too upset by the recommendations though. It might take some more time and tuning to get the likes and dislikes sorted out. If you have not checked out either service, I recommend you do so. Very simple idea, great catalog of music that will most likely have something to your liking.

Back to the 80’s

I knew it would strike me again. That urge. The urge to download new, well old music in my case from the  1980’s. I made the mistake of targeting a popular software repository and happened upon some great albums from the 1980’s by INXS. I do believe they were one of the more distinctive and progressive bands  during the 80’s that helped define what that era of music was about. Don’t believe me, just take a listen to the song Listen Like Thieves, which I posted in October.

So I have been downloading at record pace here, albums from INXS, Madness,  Genesis, hair bands that were one hit wonders and collections of songs that simply have been forgotten. Yeah, I know many want to forget the  music of the 80’s, but I am not one of them. Others claim the 60’s and the 70’s, well I claim the 80’s for probably many of the same reasons other choose their decade.

From 1982-1987, INXS rose to stardom with the albums Shabooh Shoobah, The Swing, Listen Like Thieves and their blockbuster album Kick,  which spawned four top ten hits. Hutchence was at his best during this  time and INXS was one of the best progressive bands that came to the US during this time. Kick would invariably become of the best albums during  the 1980’s.

So my downloads continue currently I am working on all of the albums from the band, Madness, which spawned the mega-hit Our House. If you are interested in ska, take a listen to San Diego local band, Skanic.?

Let’s Welcome the 80′s Back

It was with much anticipation I  started a show entitled, Just Push Play on Inside The Game back in January. The show was a continuation of sorts from an all  request 80’s show I did on Friday nights some years back. So earlier  this year there were some programming changes at the station and I was  able to revive the 80’s!

It has been since May…damn nearly 7  months since I last hosted Just Push Play. With life priorities being  what they are, something has to give and this was one of a number of  things I did that had to be shelved until a later date. That date is rapidly approaching.Starting on Wednesday,  December 14 beginning at 13PST/16EST/21GMT I will be going back to the 80’s with Just Push Play. The show does  have a standard format, but if I get a wild hair, I will deviate from it  and go with what I know (sometimes that isn’t much).

This week’s  feature have us checking out the future on the Boob Tube as we review Buck  Rogers in the 25th Century. Erin Grey was so hot in that spandex suit! Our Flick Pick of the week is a classic from 1986. I think we all wanted to be Bueller…Bueller. That’s right, Ferris  Bueller’s Day Off. The Album Rewind will take a look at Rio from Duran  Duran. All that and music you forgot to remember.