IOTA Challenge

So I took Saturday off from work, initially it was for the second monthly NCCC meeting out in Stockton with the MLDXCC. Unfortunately, the 2007 Ford Ranger I bought last September seems to be having some starter/solenoid problems. I had planned on changing the parts, but found out both are covered under my warranty. So I will be taking the truck in on Thursday. Instead I decided to participate in the RSGB IOTA Contest.

While I was not going to active any island, it was still an enjoyable contest to participate in. I figured I participated about 10 total hours and made 65 QSOs. I was not making anything resembling a serious effort. It was a change to work some DX and log some new IOTA. I did record 23 DXCC entities on CW and SSB.

Conditions were not ideal, obviously. I found quite a bit of noise on 20M when I started working that band from 40M at the start of the contest at 1200z. I think this contest coupled with the NAQP a few weeks back just reinforced what I already know. I need to get the hex higher. Still it was a good time, working to make a contact. Some of the stations in the Pacific I worked were a definite challenge. Oddly enough I did not work one KH6 station on 15/20/40M. I did see a spot for K6NA on 15M, but when I got there the frequency was quiet, then again 15M was not great.

Next up, NAQP CW on August 7! Followed two weeks later by the SSB edition of the contest, which I might need to pass on or work at N6RO because I will be finishing (hopefully) up our kitchen remodel.