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We have some new updates from around the Urban Terror Community. If you missed Urban Radio last week, then you missed an interview with |NV|S, the talented level designer from our community. He checked in with an update on how progress was coming with the new version of ut_streets. If you missed the show, just go download it from the RADIO link above. He was also kind enough to give us a few more shots from the upcoming level

The “nuevo” thing to do these days instead of posting screen shots, is to create “teaser videos.” Today we are pleased to bring you two videos from levels that will make their into the mainstream very soon. The first was posted by eXKalibuR from UT Designs on the Urban Terror Forums (click link for thread). This is a 2:32 video of the work he has done on his level ut_paradise, the NEXT version. Highly recommend you download it! You can grab it from that link or here, at FilePlanet (15mb).

The next video is an exclusive here, on The 6th Floor courtesy of MasHeeN. This is an all new video of a level he is currently working on called ut_crossing. This is a level that has been under development for some time, as MasHeeN, like others await the implementation of the bomb game mode from the development team. Check this teaser out and get ready to “storm the crossing!” Download courtesy of Fileplanet (5mb). The level is still in beta mode, at least from what I was told when I viewed this teaser yesterday. Enjoy the flicks!

That is not all, MightyJoeYoung, aka Vivian is back with another rant, this time focusing on the evolution of the mod and some of the maps. for Urban Terror. So see what she has to say, click here to read Mod Evolution.

Oswald Rant: Mod Evolution

Hiya all

Well, I know its been just about forever since last I wrote anything for my favorite web site, so I have dusted off the ol’ quill and ink bottle to give you once again; my take, on the recent events of our mod’s evolution. I think I’ll start with the maps of 2.6 today. Arguably one of the finest releases in some time is ut_reykjavic. Now I am a huge proponent of melee style maps and this one certainly does the trick. The FPS is always reasonable, the game play is smooth and flawless. The spawn points aren’t very interesting as one team ALWAYS spawns by the dumpsters (usually blue) and the other team spawns in the buildings or in the courtyard lil better. However, the combinations possible for movement to contact with the enemy is as varied as you could want, and you close FAST! Nothing worse than spawning a full 30 seconds to a minute away from contact with the enemy in a TDM brawl. For those of you who like to sit in the wings with the good ol’ G-36 or similar sniper type rifle, there is ample target practice as you don’t have to wait long seconds for possible targets, peeps are all over the map all the time. The perches are very good too, being able to cross a rope stretched from one building to another is a great idea as it gives you infinite surprise run-n-snipe locations without forcing you to be trapped on one building where the enemy knows where you are the second they re-spawn: “ala” ut_metro. Yah, yah I know, Metro has a few to, but not enough, more on that later:) Overall I would give this map a 9 or 10 rating out of a possible 10, but the spawn selection dropped it down to an 8. understand that I am talking about TDM, the only game-type I talk about.

Now I already mentioned ut_metro so here goes. Pfffft. There was a lot of work put into this map… I will say that, however that was as far a positive statement as I will give. I think we already had a map that was beautifully done (similar to this one in beauty) with incredibly long distance shooting competitions, and many places to perch and hide. ut-paradise comes to mind, for those of you that remember the contest map-pack released with 2.3 this is basically a metropolitan copy-cat. There are those that play TDM who like nothing more than a place to stay out of harms way with a scope, this is the map for them, but again, if you enjoy TDM for the melee combat and instant respawns, this is a yawner and I would recommend a /callvote map ut_casa command in your console. Overall I give this map a rating of 5 and that’s being generous because it is so pretty, but needs a lot of work still; more approaches, not so one dimensional (sniper heaven) maybe an underground approach “ala” ut_subway, now that would be a marriage made in heaven.

Now here is another of my favorite insta-frag maps that is strictly melee style combat: ut_turnpike. Gawd-Almighty! This is a fantastic blood- n- guts, petal to-the-metal, kick ass, gorefest! Sure there is the lone sniper spot in the window overlooking the storage area spawn, but that’s quickly nullified with a nade lob, and maybe one looking all the way down from the parking lot spawn towards the storage area spawn, but other than that my oh my! This map has everything a melee combat expert is looking for, multiple avenues of approach, serious cover slash corners slash rooms, protuberances (desks garbage cans etc..) FAST movement to contact and limited areas or opportunities for “camping” due to the wide range of approaches for every single square foot of arena! This map was designed very well, little or no packet loss (that might just be my machine) fast FPS, gorgeous, and very efficient, every bit of space was utilized. Overall as a TDM map this one rates a solid 10 for a melee bloodbath, even the spawn points are fine as you have at least three choices of direction (just to start!) from your respective spawn and within nanoseconds you have three more choices, go around a corner walla: three more choices again. Movement to contact is extremely exciting, I always have to have a cup of coffee after that map just to SLOW my heart rate! This is a Gem, second only to ut_casa in near perfection for a fast classic melee map (and maybe even tops ut_casa cuz its so new to me right now). Whew, had to have some coffee and break right after I finished the above paragraph, just thinking about it got me wet!

Ok, now lets get to an often maligned but definitely challenging map, I am of course speaking to ut_lava. Now I have to admit that the very first time I played this map (while it was still in rotation on servers) I think I was -30 frags . Whew, what a mind blower, never heard a peep about this map, just waiting for a rotation after a round and WAMMO! Holy shit what’s this? After I got over my initial shock and disgust at my score, I went right to the task of mastering it. I fired it up on my private server and went to work. I soon mastered the movement and was able to determine the best way to score any points is to go around the outside edges of the map and get to the center, then maneuver your way to one of the middle two lift’s, this way you could peep around either side and get a look-see at the enemy’s half of the map and have good position on them if they stayed on their back wall. even this isn’t enough, the best way on this map to get a kill is to ensure you have height, it’s much easier to be looking down on the enemy from the height of your lift then the depth of it. However, after its all said and done and you blow away a few peeps who haven’t figured out the right tactics to use it’s not a whole lot of fun. Aside from the gratification of being one of the few in the positive side of the kill to death ratio, its basically a time for you to sit and listen to players complain, bitch and moan. Before the release of this map I hadn’t heard the map: “ut_shootingrange” mentioned in ages, suddenly this map was drawing instant comparisons, to wit: “HOLY SHIT!!! WTF IS THE POINT ALREADY?” Followed generally by a: “so and so has disconnected” text message. Overall this map draws a 10 in imagination but a lowly 2 in game-play, challenging yes, fun not really. This will be a forgotten map altogether before long until the next time a map of similar “WTF” comes along for people to draw comparisons to.

Ok, we have now cleared through the new ones, lets look briefly at the upgrades and see what we can see. I learned a long time ago not to wet my panties every time Oswald posted a new map or an upgrade of an existing map. Reason being?: One word…Rommel. Most everyone will agree that the upgrade to Rommel was pretty darn exciting…for about a day. At the end of the day however; you were still faced with…Rommel. This map is excellent for CTF, but for TDM and even TS, it got old a long time ago.The face-lift helped just a bit but let’s face it the tunnels are only there in CTF, so what is the point? Again, another nice map, but it’s time to send it the way of ut_sliema and company from that pack.

Ahh, almost forgot, the maker of that map is one B-BQ, whom we all know, worship, and love…He left a little surprise from coinbird in his map that you will only be able to see by going to spec mode and clipping through the walls of the tall bell tower, that is all I’ll say…go find it yourself:) Anyway (or: “I digress”, for my sophisticated readers, of which I’m guessing crazyeddie isn’t one…did you figure out what tacit means yet sweetheart?”…:) The map’s ut_uptown, ut_docks, ut_riyadh, and ut_twinlakes all received a facelift for the exciting release of 2.6.

Let’s start with ut_uptown, I have always loved that map, and it has certainly improved in game performance by removing quite a bit of useless space; i.e. part of the lower level of parking garage, as well as one story of parking garage. both spawn points basically lost one story worth of structure, this has led to the mapper being able to add some other goodies without affecting game-play to much. It’s easy for me to say that this map already rated a 7 before I ever saw this upgrade, but now I’d give it an 8. It still requires some serious system draw and it can get choppy in a hurry even on the best of servers, but you cant beat it for a classic that still has lots of playability in it.

I guess you could say that ut_docks is still ut_docks, the noob tower is back up of course, Oswald or Crazybutcher got pissy and blew it up sometime before the release of 2.3, but SID was kind enough to rebuild it so we could all enjoy a good laugh from the sign at the top…right before we play “catch the shiny bullet”. SID was also nice enough to leave a big pile of lumber that wasn’t used in the construction, right by the upper door, this allowed some of us who like to “sneak and swim”, have a much better chance to perfect our swan dive technique without being “air assisted” by a helpful enemies SR-8 round…thanks guys & gal’s. The only other major change of note was the addition of some open rooms by red spawn, right being the bus stop. I dunno why they did that…but it’s different:)

I have only one thing to say about ut_riyadh….ughhh. I never loved the old ut_riyadh and this one isn’t doing much for me either, its about as much fun as ut_sands.

And finally, ut_twinlakes. I kinda always liked the first twinlakes, other than one or two servers, it hasn’t been added to many map rotations in TDM mode which is a shame. I know, I know…I have been giving sniper maps a hard time. But this one is somehow very different. You can snipe to you hearts content, or there is enough cover and concealment to go tactical melee all day long, it’s one of those rare map’s where you can get enough space to sneak around and behind a pesky sniper and sneak up close enough to slit there cowardly throat before he/she ever knows your there…ever notice how that tends to deter sniper fire?…very effective…hehe.

The glaring difference in this map is apparent the second you open it up…..we aren’t in Kansas anymore toto…where before we had a vast snowy/hilly wasteland, we are now in the midst of a forest of towering evergreens, new bridges and sawmills, and fences around the A-frame cabins. this is by far the best re-do of any of the older maps I have yet seen done, sure Riyadh was impressive, but it’s still Riyadh….bleghhh. This version of twinlakes is quite amazing in terms of change, I could just stroll along without ever firing a shot: and dream I had a pair of cross country ski’s on…it’s that nice. It plays very nice for it’s size as well, doesn’t eat up the FPS as bad as you might think (another reason Rommel must die) and is pretty consistent; even with heavy traffic. I would only have recommended one change to this map, string some rope across the trees and make it an aerial threat as well, what peep isn’t going to hit the tree’s to get a little leverage over the enemy in a forest like that? I give this map another 10, this redo was simply incredible, yet another map that is so good and so underused by the community.

Well, that is about all there is folks, I’ll see you all around the pub’s, ware my sting:Þ

PS – news of the week: I joined a clan called -XD, watch for us to climb the 2v2 rankings on OGL TS.

Quote of the Week: in honor of a great gift given to us by a wonderful storyteller and a patient (for once) Hollywood producer who gave us faces to put in our head for the reanimation of a wonderful tale: I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

-J. R. R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

This is certainly a true statement coming from me to you as well:P

As always, you may E-mail me with any complaints, gripes or bitches about the content of this column, please do not bother Oswald, opal3399@cox.net


MightyJoeYoung aka Vivian

Mad as hell…

Just a quick note tonight, as I am running out the door to work…again! Oh, and I am not really mad as hell…hahah, just sounded cool. Actually that leads into the new rant I have posted titled, Behind the Release. It talks about this last release we did for Urban Terror. Might give some gamers a bit of insight into what goes on with the development team when a release rolls around. Talk about stress and lack of sleep. Density, you keeping the coffee warm, mate?

As soon as I get some more free time, which is few and far between, I have a few weeks worth of content. Some my own, other from Mighty Joe Young, aka Vivian. But and please don’t hate me Viv, I am too busy to get much done on the site, as the forums for Urban Terror are taking most all of my time. Hell, I don’t think I have played but 30 minutes of Beta 2.6 since it came out 3 days ago.

Read the rant…and gimme your feedback. Wait until you read the rant on the beta testers, I am sure you will feel compelled to e-mail me. New reviews are also under way for the new Silicon Ice Development maps. Also, finding out some gamers are upset that SID does not like to make multiple version of their maps available. See any rant on Rommel and the locked doors.

Latest rumor….I got to play, well test the updated version of ut_subway. Oh my, so damn sexy! More later, gotta run…

Oswald Rant: Pass the online gaming please – A MJY Rant

Well, as promised here is the second installment of UT_CASA, only about a month later:)

I think we have gone over the concept of team vs individuals in TDM, but I would like to touch on it a bit more. As time goes along I still see peeps taking the approach of the most kills in a game of TDM is the be all and end all. The other day I saw a player…not a noob….make a statement that was old when he made it last year: “Once again …as expected”. His score? : 58-47.

Now I know, I have harped on this before…many times as a matter of fact…when you play TDM it is expected that you help the team. Sadly this is not the case in reality. That same game I saw other players on both sides with scores like: 38-12, 44-16, 28-3 etc… who do you think won that game? Well, let me put it this way. lets look at a final score tally for a match:

Now, according to this blowhard…he won the match and ruled all…but did he? For all his preening, his team lost, and although he was a huge contributor to those 217 total team points he was also a huge contributor to the opposing team by giving up an incredible 25% towards their points! Now Spawn can be excused simply because he suxors anyway and he is humble to boot:) But the reality is…Joe Bloe’s mouth was as effective as if he had basically had a 0-0 score, he only contributed 11 points to his team…but he is all about the glory and not about team which is ironically the name of this particular mode…Team Deathmatch……nuff said.

This time I will touch on the tactics of a good Blue Team…or not. Again, as pointed out, most peeps don’t play TDM as a team, TS is the only team based mode where peeps play as a unit..even on pub servers, even when they don’t know each other. The whole idea of TDM is to score as many points as possible and hope your team scored more then the other side, this is accomplished when you go out and basically play as a lone unit for one color and blow the shit out of as many of the enemy as you can while praying the rest of your team is doing the same.

No team concept here, other than in color and the occasional medic calls that are answered. If it sounds like I am bitter about this lack of “teamwork,” or repetitive…it just happens to be my own personal soapbox that TDM has never caught on in OGL or STA or in any real clan competitions as far as UrT goes. I realize that Vanilla Q3 only had one version of team, “TDM” and that UrT offers more than this by far, but when I see the number of peeps who play TDM in UrT it makes absolutely zero sense that there aren’t TDM clan matches as well as TS.

Oh well…….Shit happens.

Now to the “bad news,” and unfortunately for Team Blue…there is plenty. When we went over the Red spawns and tactical points related to them I failed to point out that they almost always have the best positions and cover almost immediately. For the Red Team it is a matter of a few bunny hops and they can be in strong defensive positions before Team Blue has even made it out of Old Alley spawn, if Team Blue is making that rare spawn in the Patio Courtyard, the dynamics change tremendously, although an overly aggressive team can have that turn into a disadvantage if they are not careful, but we will get back to that in a minute.

Once the Blue Team spawns in Old Alley they have a variety of choices for movement to contact with the enemy, however all of them represent a considerable amount of time to traverse, which spells ambush in most cases for the unwary. Add to this the fact that they are almost always fatigued and are staggering around in their effort to catch their breath, and are spread out in as many as four different areas…and you have the makings of a rather large jump in score for Team Red in a matter of moments.

Consider your approaches, You may leave the Old Alley to head to the Patio Courtyard and enter a doorway of choice: Either bridge to Fountain Courtyard or stairwell to and through the Narrow Side Hallway. These represent two choices….the next are: cutting straight through main Square Alley into the Fountain Courtyard,or to go charging into the most likely route to quick combat (and deadly sniper fire)…Alley Timbers.

Every member of your team is going to have their preferences when it comes to picking the route, along with some who just go where they hear the most activity, then you have the novice who wanders around aimlessly trying to find something to shoot at but never quite knowing where Red is coming from, when…WAMMO!!!! (not picking on you Mungo-Zen).

Lets start with the most deadly piece of real estate on this map….the fight for the Marketplace…

When you spawn you are going to head directly for marketplace via Alley timbers, I would recommend two courses of action here, one is to bound over the iron grating and directly into Alley Timbers after a quick glance to ensure its clear, if you decide to run around the iron grating and then make an immediate right turn into the alley, you are making it blindly and are apt to run into withering enemy fire, if you look straight up the alley and go OVER the railing directly into the alley, you will at all times maintain a line of sight. Also, remember this is prime sniper country, Red loves to sit up on that balcony stairwell at the other end of Marketplace and turn Team Blue into pasta strainers with SR-8 rounds as you come into Alley Timbers, so make certain you are more intimate with the wall on your left then you are with your….intimate other:) It is also a good idea to make your approach as covert as possible by covering the final ten feet or so in a crouching position. When you are certain it is clear you can go over the rail or around it checking for enemy snipers behind every fruit stall and crate in the marketplace.

The other approach I mentioned is simply this, while team red can have a lovely time buggering your teammates with that aforementioned SR-8, it is therefore quite logical that someone from team blue can do the same.

Not only can you clean that balcony of vermin in a relatively safe position, you will also have direct line of sight of any Red brave enough to venture down that alley looking straight down the bore of your scoped Tank Killer. “Look and leap.” “Wait and paste.”

Oswald Rant: Tactics – A Mighty Joe Young Rant

I have been running around Fragging peep’s for a long while now. When I first started this game UrT; it was all about shooting the most and the fastest…a carryover from my Vanilla Q3 days. While this absolutely worked for me as far as frags goes, it cost me a lot of lives. I was up around 70-80 frags a game on the first UrT server I ever played on…Cowboy Carnage TDM…but my death ratio was in the 50-60 range. I was very proud of my ability to “run ‘n gun” and never thought twice about dying so much. Most of you probably remember that Q3 doesn’t have a “Kill-Death” report, it only counts frags. So this was never an issue to me at first.

As time went on and I became more familiar with the weapons and accessories, my kills went even higher; sometimes I would break 100 frags no problem and my deaths dropped noticeably. Instead of rushing around a corner where everyone was getting cut to pieces, I would try and find alternate routes to get behind where the enemy was bunched up. This of course is called: Tactics. It might seem laughable to some readers, this pointing out of something so obvious; but EVERYONE at some point in this game has stopped playing Q3 and started playing UrT…two completely different worlds, worlds in which everyone had to adjust from one to the other. Now I know that not everyone who plays UrT came from a Q3 background, but I believe most of us have. For those of you who came from a Half-Life/CS background…I apologize for pointing this out. For the rest of us though this game meant growing pains in the worst way. And those growing pains became birthing pains when UrT finished gestation and 2.5 was born. My, my. After all that hard work to learn a new game and dominating the 2.3 section, and the nearly aborted 2.4 version, here comes 2.5…

This version that we know and love has caused more Internet forums abuse and keyboard wreckage then we can guess. Enemies became friends, lovers became enemies, Whole IRC servers have crashed because of the unbearable stress placed on their drives resulting from this version and the attention it has been given. Well, we ALL know about that whole thing so we wont go any further with it here. What we did have to do was relearn tactics and aiming and concentration all over again. My “Kill-death” Ratio has dropped way down with the adjustments I had to make, and I’m sure most of you out there had to go through the same process. These days I’m humming along at about 50-15 if I’m on a good stable server and a lot less if I’m getting zinged because of lag. Tends to make you keep your head down more:)

I decided to write this particular piece because I see a lot of peeps on the pub’s make simple mistakes over and over again, and not really working together as a team. It really isn’t much fun to play on a server if peep’s are sniping (verbally) at each other because of bad teamwork…or Tk’s…whole nother can ‘o worms. I am by no means an expert, I never spent time in an Elite Military unit. I do however, tend to lead by example on the battlefield, I always medic when called for, I ignore the “bad-apples” and generally am at the top of the team list when the smoke clears and the fraglimit is hit. These are the reasons I believe I am qualified to speak on tactics to some extant. Of course; any and all of you will be given my e-mail addy at the end of this column; just like always, so you may vociferously and categorically deny the fact that I have a tactical bone in my body:)

I thought that we could go through one of my favorite maps and talk “Tactics” a little bit. This particular map is ut_casa and was created by Sweetnutz. This happens to be one of my all time favorite maps and that is the reason we will be going through it. Now I really don’t know Sweetnutz that well, he sent me an E-mail on my last column and took me apart pretty thoroughly, which is fine with me. Everyone gets the chance to tell me what they think; but he had some valid points, and he made one hell of a map, so I guess he’s all right:)

For the screen shots I have taken here and used for examples I must thank all those who helped me on IRC figure out what the heck the difference was between a JPEG and a TGA file, whew. Also I would like to point out that these were taken on my private server using bots on “I can win” level, and that this was done so I could get more Screenies and less dying:)

To begin with we have our respective spawns, There are some maps that rarely change spawns and this is one of them, usually blue spawns in “Old Alley” and on occasion: “Patio Courtyard”. Red always spawns in “New Alley” albeit in two different locations as well.

[Left]: One of two red spawn areas. [Right]: Looking down on a (rare) Blue Spawn.

One of the first things peeps tend to forget when they spawn in the Red area is to look towards the left down New Alley and once more as they enter towards the fountain courtyard. Most of the time (unless they just got pasted from the right) they will tend to look straight ahead towards the entrance to the patio courtyard with a cursory glance towards their right checking for enemy egress from the main square alley as they whip a hard left and race up the stairs. This affords a great opportunity for blue snipers to open up from the marketplace stairwell facing up new alley, and again from multiple spots in the fountain courtyard, i.e. behind the park benches, behind the storm cellar doorway, behind the trellis work on walkway leading towards the marketplace. In short, this is one area where blue has quite a bit of advantage if they can get set up before red has a chance to mobilize. This is where teamwork is a must for TS and a strong player could help his teammates on TDM. The best way to handle this kind of an attack is to team chat as many peeps as will agree to go with you as you can. One peep HAS to have a flash grenade. Line up next to the corner of the wall facing into the fountain courtyard, you as the team leader should say GO! The flash nader should run around you into the open and let fly while immediately taking refuge from the flash behind the elevated brick terrace shown above. He in turn should say go when he is positive his nade went off (nothing like walking into your own flash-nade) the remainder of the team should rush out and let fly with HE nades as they come, some breaking right and some breaking left immediately seeking cover if no enemies in one piece to tell them different:). If your by yourself in this then I would suggest running around the gauntlet: Through the marketplace and the hallway into the patio courtyard taking them from the rear.

This is where teamwork is a must for TS and a strong player could help his teammates on TDM. The best way to handle this kind of an attack is to team chat as many peeps as will agree to go with you as you can. One peep HAS to have a flash grenade.Line up next to the corner of the wall facing into the fountain courtyard, you as the team leader should say GO! The flash nader should run around you into the open and let fly while immediately taking refuge from the flash behind the elevated brick terrace shown above. He in turn should say, go when he is positive his nade went off (nothing like walking into your own flash-nade) the remainder of the team should rush out and let fly with HE nades as they come, some breaking right and some breaking left immediately seeking cover if no enemies in one piece to tell them different:). If your by yourself in this then I would suggest running around the gauntlet: Through the marketplace and the hallway into the patio courtyard taking them from the rear.

One of two red spawn areas. Looking down on a (rare) Blue Spawn.
[Left]: Some great areas for Red to sit tight and let the smurfs pay dearly for their incursions into the Red’s Turf! [Right]: This is also a great perch for an SR-8 sniper wars.

Of course the possibilities are endless but the main thing I always look for is the easiest route to get BEHIND the enemy and then let them have it:). However, sometimes they are just coming through in waves and you cant seem to get anywhere without being destroyed for every kill you make…a 1 for 1 trade-off isn’t going to put you in front of the pack when the timelimit or the fraglimit is hit. When this happens, the best thing to do is hunt for cover and let them come to you.

Sometimes finding the right sniping position is about the only way to do it. I do recommend that you move to an alternate site as soon as you finish off a team that comes your way, for instance…you can look at the frames above and get an idea, frag four or five smurfs and then jump down behind the dates and figs, they will be looking for you everywhere but because of the position of the canopy at the end of the row; wont be able to see you until they come out into the open on your left or jump over the wall and move to your right…you will see them long before they see you in most cases. Once you have these covered you might want to think about starting a little recon one-shot-one-kill operation. This area where my M-4 is pointing is great for taking out a bunch of blue coming from all directions of their spawn, if they run up top, simply lob a grenade overhead with instant arm, they wont even know where it came from:) If they come from your left…mow them down.

If they come this way…well…you know 🙂

The great part of being Red is the general havoc you can create when you split into small groups and go try and get them as close to their starting point as possible. Or you can go solo, and really piss them off when you get into their area and start bushwhacking them. if you are into sniping there is usually plenty of that on this map as well. This map has a tendency to start attracting flying steel in one area of the map or another. After the first few minutes peeps usually start focusing on the mayhem and big pink clouds that used to be teammates, leaving other access points and routes virtually unused. This is the best time to get in behind the enemy, while he’s busy cutting your teammates to ribbons in Alley Timbers, you can sneak up the Main Square Alley, turn right onto the Old Alley and another Right into theAlley Timbers and waste three, four or more peeps (who have your team pinned down), from behind! The only drawback to this of course; is that you have to haul major ass to get past the blue spawn to your left in case they are spawning and cut your sneak attack short:).This will work great for about five, maybe ten minutes tops…but after awhile even the “noobiest” llama in UrT land is gonna get sick of being pasted and start looking for those alternate routes we were just talking about. Then it’s all about connection and who is the quickest draw on the block because you are going to find peeps around every corner.

One area that I try to avoid as much as possible when I’m flying solo is the Narrow Side Hallway entrance to the patio courtyard, Some peeps swear by this approach and if it works for you then go for it. But remember that particular door way is an easy killing field for any smurfs guarding both that door and the alcove entrance door from the fountain courtyard. They can sit up on top of the patio balcony in the patio courtyard and have their way with your poor little body. I generally like to come up the Main Square Alley at full speed and make a hard left, jumping through the broken wall next to the bridge. This enables me to come up under any possible sniper and lob an HE as I rush them. Again…this depends quite a bit on where their spawn is and if they are busy getting slaughtered in Alley Timbers, enabling me to slip through.

One more quick note on Tactics and I’m going to bed. I see a lot of peeps get pasted when they are ambushed by two peeps, often they barely hit either of the two wankers and die instantly. I wanted to fig out a good way to take one with me and realized it’s a simple matter really…only shoot at one peep at a time! So many times now I can kill one of my assailants and very often both…if I focus on one at a time! Most peeps see two guys coming at them and try and take them both out by spraying first one and then the other and then the first guy again! That is when they see the respawn counter on the bottom of their screen, while watching these two guys slap a band aid on each other and calmly relieve your corpse of it’s weapons before continuing on with some ass kicking.

Always, always, always, always….Take out first one guy…and then the other. This eliminates one set of rounds pouring into your feebly fleshed but well armored body and hopefully the other guy cant shoot a lick and you turn and drop him, when his partner is ant food.

Well that does it for me for now, Maybe I will and Maybe I wont write an answering piece for the smurfs to see what its like to do battle from that side of the map. Maybe I’ll retire from writing these columns, Maybe I’ll win the lottery.

Maybe Oswald will come fly me away from all this, maybe I will get some frigging nookie from my hubby tonight. Lot’s o’ variables. We’ll see:) love writing for the community, and about the community. So as long as I still get good responses ( and bad ) in my E-mail box then I guess I’ll continue with this fun stuff:)

Note to Gold Reaver: try not to get banned from ETG as we wont be able to see you anywhere anymore:)

Quote of the week: “Somebody should have warned the Trojans: Beware of gifts bearing Greeks !”

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