Action Quake 2 Utility Program

By now, I am sure most have heard of Computer Generated Forces v0.78 [CGF], better known as the Action Quake bot, created by William. Death Magnet has recently finished a new version of MapRid v1.5, which will delete all those sub par maps that you do not want cluttering your hard drive. Borderfield has a few programs which are useful for Action players, first is AMDi v1.03 by Fonz, which is an interactive program that will detect and recognize which maps you are lacking. Giving you the opportunity to download those files. Also at Borderfield is the CGF Mission Editor by Incubus, which “is a really useful tool for anyone who want’s to write his own CGF scripts.” This is great to see such support for a mod of this type.


I am sure most of you have seen the handy utility which is ow available at AQMD called MapRid. It was a small program created by Death Magnet to delete unwanted maps from their directories without deleting files needed for maps which share textures. In speaking with DM today, he said he “should have a new version of my MapRid program available by tonight that deletes sounds as well as textures/env files – hopefully will have the ability to zip maps up for archive also.”