One Cool Cat

INVIS have been keeping very busy over at Section 8 Studios. His recent work can be seen in a few upcoming levels, one from SweetnutZ (you know it as the snow map) and from Servinal of 4Saken, in his level, ut_scottbase. The new model is a Thiokal Spryte 2 passenger snow cat. Check out these shots of the snow cat.

Some might have heard that cloudscapes has put aside his ut_canyon level in favor of a new design and level. “I’ve had an unwelcome surprise on how q3a seems to be handling polygons while my work on ut_canyon,” says cloudscapes. For more information on this “abandoned level, check this link. His new level is tentatively titled, ut_nightoperation. He describes the level as, “night time nature map with about 1024 units viewing distance before everything becomes completely black. Except for the many lights on the structures and in strategic positions on the map…One base is a scientific lab. The other is a chopper/parachute drop off.”

Work on ut_streets continues…slowly. As I mentioned, it will not be included in Beta 2.6. Actually, I don’t have much time right now, as we prepare for a release of the “next” beta. I will also enroll the talents of Dragonne and RabidCow to kick in their talents and knowledge when it comes to working within GtkRadiant.

I had plans of kicking out a few reviews, while I have been on vacation the past ten days. No, I was not lazy at all, but my efforts are directed in other directions at the moment (Beta 2.6) and have not had much time to update at all. But fear not, we have a few good reviews forthcoming.

I also want to say thanks to those who responded by e-mail on my latest rant, Busted Punk! Many seemed to get a kick out of it and agreed with what I had to say. Bottom line, CHEATING SUCKS! So, if you have not read it, check it out.

Mac Mapping Madness

Let’s start off with some good news for the Macintosh community! It seems you guys are in luck. You can now map for Quake III and Urban Terror. The file is called Q3Map on Mac and is available from Version Tracker. So grab it and get started.

Hopefully looking to get a new feature up and running, depending on the author’s availability. That feature is a new, weekly comic which is being worked on by eXKalibuR and shown on his web site, U|t Designs. I will feature a new comic each week, or as he finishes them.

Today will be the last update for three days, as I face an important interview for my real world job. Yeah, believe it or not I actually have responsibilities outside of Urban Terror. Sometimes I think Urban Terror rules my life. This is probably the biggest interview in my career and one I really need to be successful in. So there will be no updates until Wednesday. Don’t hate me. I actually got to play two new maps this week in Armory2 and UT-Downtown. I will share those experiences and maybe get back to reviewing a map a week. Bear with me please.

Revolution is coming. Are you ready?

All your own bases me

I am still trying to figure that shit out? I dunno, maybe I am just too old and not “1337” any longer. I don’t get it. Oh well. No lose. I know where all my bases are at night. Community mapping as well at Silicon Ice Development continue. Team level designer, NRGizeR has been playing around with the new terrain generator in GTKRadiant. Here are a few preliminary screen shots which he came up with:

[Shot #1] | [Shot #2] | [Shot #3] | [Shot #4] | [Shot #5] | [Shot #6]
Look for a terrain level or two to debut in Beta 2 of Urban Terror. I ma sure one thing you will notice are the FPS. These shots were taken using a Pentium III 800MHz using a Hercules Prophet GeForce 32MB video card.

With the input of a few of the Silicon Ice Development level designers, we are going to put together an outline of creating a successful level for Urban Terror. We will try to keep design opinions out of it and give you some general guidelines which to work by, similar to Your First Map which is a small piece Ellusion wrote some time ago. By offering this, we hope to make designers “more aware” of the surroundings and environments they are working in.

Today Link of the Day comes from an anonymous e-mail. The link, Navy Whalers: Over Saturation. I don’t really know how to comment on the link. I don’t know who made it or why. Oh well, check it out.

Look for a new review tomorrow. I got caught up posting more babes in this thread. The map of choice will be, Peru. This will probably be the final review for some time, as there seems to be too many problems with the remainder of the maps. They may even make it into the Horrid Creations section. It might be time to call upon Player for some kind words on these works.

Oswald on Urban Terror

While I like to p1mp that which I feel deserves attention, I always get that warm, fuzzy feeling when I have to p1mp myself. [deep breath] I gave an interview last week to Justin Robbins over at Online Game Review. In the interview I talk about the humble beginnings of Urban Terror, the current development and life after Beta 2. We are planning BIG things, regardless of what people think. If there is one think I do want gamers to remember, this mod, Urban Terror is a TEAM effort, I just get the attention since I am the main point of contact.

I found there is “The Simple Solution” for Quake III and Half-Life gaming. The browser is called ServerSpy [how creative] and offers “basic features from other game browsers with a simple design.” So if are not a homer for GameSpy, like, or don’t want to mess with PingTool check them out.

Off the record, I have gotten some more looks at the Beta 2 maps that are in development. Wow! There is no comparison between the maps, except the names of the mappers. The addition to WetWired, Tub has really turned out to be a good move by Silicon Ice Development. Of course I am not taking anything away from the current guys, such as Bar-B-Q, NRGizeR and Gerbil! Tub’s new map is titled ut_vdocks [village docks] and is built with the ut_village/ut_abbey theme in mind. It will bring great closure to that series he has created. I also hear there will be some “extra” work done on ut_village.

There is a new and final version of the map, Kriegerhorn by Devlin and KAZ available. Personally, it looks too much like Action Quake 2 but some may find it enjoyable. There are still some basic problems with it, such as getting up and down ladders or ropes, along with entrances being too small, which require you to crouch. I have not provided it for download off FilePlanet, but you can pick it up from ISPGN. Here are a few screen shots if you are still in doubt: [Shot #1] | [Shot #2] | [Shot #3].

Link of the Day, shiat…..maybe it should be called the Gimmick of the Day: Check this out! Own your own plot of land. ON THE MOON. Yeah, that’s right, Moon Estates is now selling a one-acre plot of lunar real-estate for £15 sterling [approximately $23US]. Granted you may never set foot on your acre of lunar land, but you will hold the “Deed, Constitution, Property Map, Mineral Rights, and a copy of the original Declaration of Ownership.” Coming Soon: Mars, Venus and Jupiter’s Moon, IO.

I have updated the Mapping Basics to include the Quake III editors Tread3D and GTKRadiant. If you are new to the mapping scene, cehck them all out. But I recommend QER and GTKRadiant. No interview this week. I am working on one for next week or later in the week. Read the interview I gave above to Online Game Review.

Let’s Get High!

Let’s get high…..high speed that is. After nearly 3 years of waiting, wanting and whining it happened. I have a cable Internet connection through @Home. While I am already banging my head because it is nearly unplayable for online gaming. Yeah, let me repeat that. It is nearly unplayable for online gaming. I am still searching out tweaks for the modem, but in all honesty I don’t think that will solve the problem. It seems I am unable to connect to a node on the @Home network, which is causing serious “phone jack” problems when trying to frag. Guess I will drop a dime on them in the morning and start the verbal assault. One plus, that first download I did and the transfer speed read 1.28MB/sec. WHOA MOMMA!

Christmas 2000 was great, I got everything on my list I asked for. The best gift, an Olympus D-490 Zoom Digital Camera. This thing rocks! Gonna buy a few 64MB memory cards and send in for my free card reader and I am set. Textures for like for all my Urban Terror maps. Also, my ass will be sitting in front of the DVD player for about 50 hours, as I get to relive Season #1 and #2 of The X-Files. Yeah I am an X-Files Freak! Tomorrow I get to go blow a $75US gift certificate at the electronics store.

While it was nice to celebrate the holidays, there was really no relaxing. SID is still fighting somewhat of a battle with gamers unable to install or connect when trying to play Urban Terror. This is not good, but we are there every step of the way to get them all up and running. Thanks to Yose, the Mac community is back in business. Check the Urban Terror site for details if you are a MacAddict!

The map, ut_reactor is just about finished in terms of layout. I have a few more walls to erect and then it is time to go back and check to see if the layout makes any sense and where the dead spots are. I can already see a few of them, which means it will be time to go back and change those areas. The map is currently three different levels and fairly flat [ala Counter-Strike]. As much as I preach about this, I figured I had to lead by example. I also believe the scale of the map may be a bit off. That is yet to be determined. Thanks to HFX for all the great looking “evil textures” he created. I really do think it will make the map look very slick when it is finished. Maybe I will get some screen shots later in the week