Yet Another Review…

Five hours later and I am still going strong. Check out all the new information available as of today. All of the Test Maps which are available at AQMD have now been included here, with a screenshot, size and a link to the FTP site. Hopefully by doing this, it will prevent you from wasting you time and bandwidth on a map you think does not meet your standards. There are a few maps which look promising. I am also half way though an interview with Holy Goat. Hopefully that will be posted here later today. You can also access it though ‘The Mapper’s Spotlight’ over at AQMD. Speaking of Holy Goat, I just finished his second map review of Asylum. This review, unlike most of the others was only played in DM. So check it out and see what you think. By the way this is a great looking and great playing map! Action World finally got their graphics guru to create a 90×30 button. It is very cool looking and available at Action World or from The 6th Floor Action Links.

FINALLY! Aggression is Finished!

Alright then…it is about time I complete this review of KaRRiLLioN’s map titled Aggression City. If you have not experienced this map, do check it out. I consider it his best map to date. It is rather small map and very tight. Do you own a hand cannon? Then definitely bring it with you for this beauty. In conjunction with AQMD, I renamed the ‘Mapper’s Corner’ to ‘Mapper’s Spotlight’. This week in the spotlight is Squirrel, who has recently had his map, Loveboat released.