New Review

I have just finished the map review for Squirrel’s map, Loveboat. It is a very good looking and well laid out map. If you get a chance check the review and download the map. I know it is an older map, but Asylum by Holy Goat will be posted later today, as I will hopefully get an interview with him later on. For those who frequent the AQMD Forum, Swoosh is no longer the Monkey Wrangler of the forum. His tenure came to a close last week. His replacement is Deltree, who is going to attempt to keep all the monkeys in order and answer all your map related questions. I am also still collecting votes for maps you want to see in a new map pack, while Death Magnet works on a poll, so ICQ me or email with your favorites. Be sure to check out the Test Maps, as there have been some new screen shots posted, and while you are at it, fill out the questionnaire, which can be found at the Test Matrix at AQMD.

Just a Rant this Morning

I would like to wish everyone in the United States a happy and safe 4th of July! No plans for me today, think my girlfriend wants to go for Cuban food. How American, huh? Especially today. Had another idea for a map last night, while at the theater watching, The General’s Daughter. It was a military training course similar to a cross between Ruins and the SAS Training Grounds. In other news, Shagg, over at The Mapzone is preparing a weekly LAN gather called Shagg’s Suburban Slaughter. He is in need of some help with graphics, not only for his LAN design, but also his site. If you know and design graphics, head to his site. He is offering a free T-shirt and $50. Okay, I guess I should mention this, since most have never seen it. There is a hidden link on the main page of The 6th Floor, if you have found it, then you know what I am talking about. I figure it fits the overall them very well. Atleast I have not received any hate mail because of it. Let me know if you find it. I am also changing the format of the New Map Releases to make it a bit easier to understand, also lessen the long load times. Not much in the way of new maps. I have been in contact with a few authors who are currently working on projects, but none have release dates. Finally, I had a chance to interview FiReWaLKeR[TDm], author of the map, Murder: Murder of tha’ rooftops. Check it out.

Upcoming Map Release from the_HUNTER

Greetings, finally my days off from work. Let’s see what I can accomplish in two days. Hopefully enough people who will keep coming back. I received email from the_HUNTER, mapper of Night Raid. Here is what he had to say regarding his next AQ2 map release:

2040 will be a futuristic map that is mad to look like ANIME (japanese animation) It is a street with beat-up concret buildings. there are many sights to see and many events to be triggred. ther as of now, two hover cars that can be blown up. there will be destructable walls(yes it can be done just takes some workarounds)”

I’ll be curious to see how the destructible walls turn out. Keep your eyes open for it at AQMD and The Mapzone.