What do we have here?

I meant to get an update last night, but a splitting headache cut my night very short, as I rolled into bed at about 9:30. Damn I had a full night of mapping ahead of me, as well as an update or two or three on a few of the web sites. No harm, no foul. We are back with all the news that is 1337 on Urban Terror.

Read up on the newest level review for the map, Office by Raunchy. This was another early creation by a community member, whom we have not heard much from recently. His map has the look of an Office combined with a sewer, a very twisted looking map. Check out the review and then bust out QER and get your ass working on a new level!

I wonder if I will ever release a map for Urban Terror. I have begun work on the third level in my short mapping career. As Gerbil! said, “did you finally learn you have to think simple when your making your map =P” Hahahah…STFU Gerbil! Just kidding. This new level will be a simple city map. As of today I have include a coffee house ala Starbucks and a jewelry store, which would make a good bomb site or mission based site for Urban Terror. I am still too early on in development to offer any screen shots. But from the limited feedback I have received it is the best looking map to date. And damn if textures are still bitch to come by.

There will be a new feature debuting on www.urbanterror.net soon. The section is titled B2 Progress and will feature a spotlight on each of the teams and their work leading up the release of Urban Terror Beta 2. I will be writing the articles from information provided to me by the team members of Silicon Ice Development. We look forward to bringing the community the most up to date information, to show you we really are working on something for Beta 2 and not just hanging out looking pretty.

Two other Urban Terror related notes from the Urban Terror Forums: There is still a chance to apply and get selected as a test subject for Beta 2. If you are interested, click here and sign up. Do you think you know Urban Terror better than you girlfriend? Do you spend more of your waking time playing Urban Terror than making google eyes at her? Well, then take a few minutes and fill out the Urban Terror Knowledge Test. 25 fun filled questions relating to SID, Urban Terror and the community. Swag will be given away!

Today’s Link of the Day comes from dokta8 of SID: Not sure how, why or where he got this link from. But here is a new spin on delivering the news. The link is www.nakednews.com. The link is what it says, women giving us the news while disrobing. Hahahah…too funny.

LAN it Up!

It is that time again…the weekly Netzwerk Terror LAN gathering. I have zipped up four maps to play when the Action period rolls around today. Two of the maps which have been released are fortcave by [CHAOS]Homicide and mxcity by [tBd] NRGizeR. The other two are test maps, which show considerable spunk and promise to make it to the “show”. Those maps are nakatomi by Shadowfire and coverme by Sir Caliber. It will probably be late tomorrow before I get something posted as to how the maps really played.

In other 6th Floor news, I am hopefully going to be getting through more reviews in the coming weeks. These will be the same objective and complete reviews, but without DM or TP comments initially. From what I have found, most people want to check out a map before taking time to download it and realizing they do not like it. For those on cable and DSL, this is no problem, but those the 56k people, like myself it is a bit frustrating. By doing this, you can get a general idea for the map, how it is laid out, how it looks, r_speeds and all the other information I provide on a review. As these maps make it into the NT Clan rotation, I will update each map accordingly and revise the review. This way, you do not have to wait weeks on a review for a hot, new release.

As for interviews, I have three lined up, two confirmed are NRGizeR, who created the aforementioned, mxcity and the_HUNTER, who has created the Lock ‘n Load trilogy and Night Raid. Look for both coming soon. As soon as I get word on the other interview I will let you know who it is.

And as you can tell, it has been a few days since the last update, this is due to a buddy of mine in from Chicago, so we were doing the “tourist” thing the past few days in SoCal. My vacation is upcoming, which means I should be having many updates and new reviews. Oh and one final thing…consider this somewhat important (that’s why it is last), my oswald [at] actionquake.com email is not functioning correctly. If you need to send me something, please address it to sockit [at] loop.com. I am still trying to figure out why the mail server does not like my password. Of course this only happened after I reformatted Windows98SE…gah!

What’s Happening? Where’s the Reviews?

It seems I have run into a few external computer problems. I have so much to put up on the site, but unfortunately I do not have my computer running. It is down for some maintenance. Not to mention, my monitor just went out on me yesterday, so it may be a few days before you see new material up here. I got two new interviews, one of which will be spotlighted later this week. Expect things to be back to normal by Wednesday. Sorry for technical difficulties.

Busy Day with Updates

It has been quite a productive day, as I have been updating, interviewing and reviewing for The 6th Floor. I followed Death Magnet’s thoughts regarding The CLQ’s top Action Quake 2 maps. Now, on the main page, there will be a list of the Top Ten Action Quake 2 Maps. This will continuously be updated to reflect any change in map ranking. This will hopefully help answer that nagging question of, “Which maps are most popular?” and “Which maps should I download?” You must remember that not all servers will be running these maps exclusively, but this should give most players a base map file on which to build.I also was able to interview two mappers today. The first interview was with Gerbil! of the Urban series. You should be able to see this interview in a few days. Since he has moved on to Half Life: Counterstrike, he is most likely not going to make any more maps for Action Quake 2. The other author, is a relative new comer to Action mapping, that being, Squirrel, who lives in Finland. His most recent submission, Loveboat should be released in coming days. if you have not checked this map out, head over the ‘Test Maps’ under ‘New Action Maps’ and download it. Looks to be a very promising map.I have also updated the ‘Action Map Reviews’ to reflect what I am currently working on. Those maps include Aggression by KaRRiLLioN =AR=, Longfall by Kristian Berg, which is still in testing, Trainer by SGT Sneaky and Asylum by Holy Goat. I should have outlast two finished by tomorrow, one which is Aggression City, the other, I am undecided as of yet.I have also added the Q2 Plugin, which is available for The 6th Floor Action Quake 2 Team Play Server. The ip address is It should be up and running on a regular basis, of course right now, I am receiving “bad address.” If you want to check the action out, give it a try. We are still working out some minor details. Expect good things come Saturday.We are into hours now, waiting in anticipation for Action Half Life. I have thought it over and I will be reviewing Action Half Life maps. It will probably take a bit of extra time to get everything up and going, so don’t expect much right away. There are 10 maps included in the download. We will see how this goes and attempt to begin reviews from there.