Turn Up the Radio!

For those who have followed me from Urban Terror and Inside The Game you might recall I hosted two radio shows called Urban Radio and Just Push Play [which I feature on the site]. Both shows have been somewhat non-existent this year due to the fact that I have very little free time. Unlike years past, that free time was spent in front of my computers. But a wife, a house and a son are just a few of the reasons I have not been able to follow through and continue those two shows on a regular basis.

Urban Radio will probably be the first to return as the development team [formerly known as Silicon Ice Development], Frozen Sand, LLC gears up for an all new release for Urban Terror. Some call it version 3.8, while others call it version 1.0. Some don’t care what it’s called, as long as it is released. Well, that I can guarantee it, it will be released. But prior to the release we will feature a 2-hour show that will take a look back over the years [coming on 6 years now] at Urban Terror, the team, events we have attended, leagues, the community and history. Not sure Urban Radio will become a regular feature as it once was on iTG or not. I believe a lot of it really depends on what becomes of my potential job opportunity.

I am not sure why, but Just Push Play never seemed to really catch on. Odd too considering the average gamer is in early to mid 30s, which would mean most grew up when I did during the 80s. Even when I began the show a few years back it never really brought in “big numbers” and was mostly done out of my love for all things 80s. I guess in the end that is all that matters, right? I there are many hardcore fans who will listen and others who would tune in if it were on. But I am not sure what direction I am going to take this show, if indeed I keep it. Maybe more music and less talk. We do have some good segments, include the Boob Tube, Flick Pick, Button Bashers, Album Rewind and Finish the Lyrics. So the makings of a good show are there. Maybe you have some thoughts? If you have not tuned in, download a previous show.

I have been thinking how to tie in a show more dedicated to the web site. I figured I could call it the 6th Floor WiRe or The 6th Floor Week in Review. I have seen other web sites I visit do similar things in podcast form, which is what I would tend to lean towards. None of it would be live, it would all be prerecorded and made available via feed once it was uploaded. The show would feature items that have made there way into the web site during the week. Since the site is updated on a regular basis, content is not really a big problem. I would also look to add a few dedicated segments to the web site in the coming weeks in order to support the podcast. Again, lots of this is still in the planning stage and would probably not take place for a month or so.

*Reminder* I still have a major update to do on the web site. So it might be done on Monday or Tuesday, but should return in much better form. Who knows maybe the comments section and RSS feeds will actually work when it gets upgraded. Same goes for the damn gallery plugin I still can’t get working correctly.

So Much Time

I did not fully comprehend the amount of time needed to care for a newborn. But after this week, which has been the worst week by far, I now understand. This was really the first week that I had to care for Zachary on my days off while my wife went off to work for about 4 hours. The past few weeks her mom would come over and watch Zachary, in order to me to sleep, which it what I usually do during the day since I work the midnight shift.I figured if we scheduled his feedings correctly, I could get a few hours of time to myself, but those hours never materialized. Yeah, now I know what my wife goes through on a nightly basis when I am at work. Don’t know how she does it and stays so strong.While I had a few things scheduled, such as some casting at Inside The Game planned and some things on my “STD List” to get accomplished, I was not able to accomplish anything. Zachary and I sort of just hung out in the bed all day long watch television. Okay, so I was watching, while he was eating, sleeping and shitting. About the only three things a newborn does.Believe it or not, I do have the diaper changing down..well pretty much. I think I drop a bad diaper in every so often, not on purpose, but my wife reminds me. The feeding and how I hold him has not been perfected, right honey? Haha…she is constantly on me about how I feed him. We blame the bottles, well the nipples (no, not her’s!) for the lack of liquid they drip. So in order to alleviate that problem, she picked up some new bottles called Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow, with a softer nipple and some sort of air filtration system that is supposed to reduce the amount of air that is ingested when a newborn is sucking.I guess I am a bit overwhelmed at how much attention Zachary needs. Maybe Jen or Chad, or anyone who has gone through this in the past can provide me some encouragement to get through this period.This has been the worst week yet for both my wife and I with Zachary. Hopefully the bottles will resolve some of that, but now its the doctors. Or shall I say some of the lackeys who work the front office. While I don’t want to go into details, my wife called with a problem and was basically given the runaround, never actually speaking to her doctor.Two days later we come to find out she has an infection that if untreated could be fatal. Nice work there office lackey. Next time do your freaking job! So, she is resting, not really all the comfortable, symptoms are similar to the flu, high temperature, soreness, you know the feeling. So hopefully this is the end of the BAD in our week and next week will be better.

Behind the Microphone

At one time, years ago…well not that long ago, maybe 1998 I was like a sponge. I was soaking as much information as possible when it came to PC games. id Software‘s hit, Quake II had me mesmerized. From that point on, the snowball effect took control.Now, maybe it’s my age or my [lack of] attention span, or life priorities, but I am not much of a gamer now (maybe I will blame the crappy games out there). Damn skippy though, back in the day at the Netzwerk Terror LAN I would attend, I was as competitive as the next in the 1 v 1 tourney. Never did win, but I did take a third place. Once.

Since my “humble” beginnings I experienced many things, such as QuakeCon (a MUST for any gamer), software development with Urban Terror and on air commentary, previously with Team Sportscast Network and more recently with Inside The Game. To be honest, I get more pleasure talking to the gaming community, be it covering a game like Urban Terror, Medal of Honor or a plethora of other games. FIFA kicks some serious ass!I also produce two radio shows called Just Push Play, where we flashback to the 1980’s and check out movies, television, music, coin-op video games and nostalgia from a decade past. Also in support of Urban Terror I started Urban Radio, which focuses on news and notes from the community, along with some gaming action on a server provided by the community…basically it is my chance to give the community something other than a web site update.

I have all the previous Just Push Play shows now available on the site, linked to FileCloud. Currently I am putting the finishing touches on this week’s show, JPP #009 – Oswald Strikes back. The show debuts on Wednesday, January 4 at 12PST/20GMT on Inside The Game.

More recently I have agreed with start covering Medal of Honor: Allied Assault over on Clanbase with EuroCup (Obj Realism) and Nations Cup (Obj & Obj Realism). I do believe my enjoyment of casting shines in a game like MOHAA, mainly because of the what you can do with the game. The production value is extremely high and the game itself is full of atmosphere.

If you want an example of the production value of Medal of Honor, you can download this cast featuring Art of War versus [ =N3S=] I covered as a “test cast” last week. Just listen past he minor technical issues I had during the coverage that I failed to catch.