Oswald Rant: Urban Terror Development Team – Mappers

Although mapping is usually a task left to those in the community, the Urban Development Team did take on a few known mappers from Action Quake, along with a couple new names to create a core group of maps for the beta release. Although not all the mappers are included here with a bio, the team members are: Battle Cow, Gerbil!, Gimp, mourne, NRGizer, The Riddler and WU.

Mourne is currently working on his first mod in Urban Terror, but has been playing Quake since the beginning. Before that it was Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem. Another id Software fanatic!

“I love doing graphics stuff primarily Photoshop, but my main deal is computer hardware and software, mostly networking. I’m in college doing a Cisco networking program, and am 3/4 of the way thru it. I am then going to take a test and become CCNA certified.”

Most of mourne’s spare time is spent on workin on Urban Terror, creating maps. “I just finished Thief: Gold (one kick ass game)….I also play Action Half-Life and Action Quake 2…as soon as I can get my hands on Thief II, I am play that! Sometimes I load up SNES and play Chronotrigger, FF5, FF6 and Metroid 3.”

NRGizer is known in the Action Quake 2 community thanks in part to his contributions in the way of four maps, based on the small, west coast, Finnish town he lives in. “The maps I made for AQ2 were semi-popular, but I feel that I’ve really found my place now, where I can take advantage of the massive polycounts coming with the Q3 engine. Other than mapping I guess I’m a little of an all rounder when it comes to computers.”

His personal background includes all things Urban Terror and school. Before UT there was also time for some sports, like basketball and also some music. I live in a little town named Malax (6000 inhabitants), Finland. I’m going on my second year in Vasa Ovningsskola where I’m attending the IB programme.

WU is the final mapper and considers himself fairly proficient with Photoshop and loves to map, that is why he is on the Urban Development Team.

“I started mapping for Quake 2, but I never released anything due to quality (I was learning…hehe). I played AQ2 some, but probably not as much as the others. I played Rogue Spear addictively for a little while as well. Quake 3 1v1 is probably my favorite for now (until this beta comes out of course =P ). Being an lpb, I love q3dm17 (I’m a rail whore). Most of one map is done (the urban one in some of the screen shots), as well as a lot done of that beach house map. I have never done realistic mapping, so this has been a bit of a learning experience for me. Well, I really have to get to mapping now or else this map won’t be done in time for the beta.

Bring on the Gimp

Received an email from The Gimp regarding Lava tube, seems a few mod developers have asked for conversions of his recent release, Navy Fortress being most persistant. As for the Action Quake world, here is what his thoughts are on future maps.

“Future maps? Well I have a good idea about every day and an excellent one about every month so there’s lots of idea’s to explore. I tend to go for idea’s to nobody has yet come close to exploring. I’m considering a full cavern complex that has a lot of vertical movement. Currently I’ve just started a TFC map. I’ve also considered doing a forest. This would be about as hard as you could get with current r_speeds limitations and would require some highly optimized tree’s.”

A few things may happen today, I hope to have a new interview up, with a well known mapper. I am sure most have played a map or two of his. Also, I tried to release the review for Winter, but I had writers block yesterday and nothing that I typed sounded any good. So, I will have that up today, I can feel the creative juices flowing.

New Map Review&CGF Missions

I have just finished a review for Lava tube by The Gimp. Go read up on it, then head over to AQMD to download this beautiful map. I am a bit backlogged on reviews, I have about 5 to finish, hopefully by the end of the week. I’ll try and kick out another tomorrow, probably Winter by Pacman[TECH]. I have also been in contact with KaRRiLLioN and will be having an interview with him in the coming days. Mr. X has put together a zip of 9 missions for the CGF, which can be found at and is 280kb. I have just begun to check out the mission. Damn those Backstreet Boys!

The Morning After

I was back at it again Saturday night, attempting to p1mp Action Quake 2 at Netzwerk Terror LAN. I did get the opportunity to play about 4 maps I have never reviewed before. Although some are not even listed as ‘Coming Soon’. I’ll try to get that updated later today. As for a new map, we play The Gimp’s Lava tube for almost an hour and a half. This is probably the best looking map ever. No disrespect to Ruskprick, who’s textures are far and above the rest. But this map was different from anything I have ever played. The map was played in both death match and in teamplay, but the map faced a few irregularities which will be discussed further in the upcoming review. Some of the other maps which were played last night included, Winter, Lock ‘n Load 3, Mesto and Trainer.

More Cha Cha Cha Changes…

To save all of you out there time in downloading test maps, I have added a ‘TEST MAPS’ section under New Action Maps. Each test map includes author’s name, map name, file size, screen shot of the map and a link to Telefragged. This features the maps which are available at AQMD. Remember that these are test maps and that final versions may change. Currently there are 20 maps in the test matrix at AQMD. Not to mention a handful of good maps are also in testing at Action out West. As for my initial impressions, these maps go from “simply amazing” to not so good. For the most part, the majority of them should become official. There are some excellent textures included on many of the maps. I know this is going against how I review, but I have to mention Lavatube by The Gimp. This map just leaves you speechless. It is one of the most incredible maps I have seen to date. This is the same maps I have featured on Snipe of the Week. But the screen shot does no justice. Its a large download, but well worth it. Hope you like the new test section. I should be able to maintain it, depending on what happens here in the next few days.