I’m Back!!!

I’m back!!! It has been sometime since I have provided a worthwhile update on The 6th Floor. Now that QuakeCon 2001 is over and the Urban Terror 2.3 Beta is released, I will be able to focus a bit more attention on providing the quality reviews the community is looking for. The site is currently under some development, as I move from HTML/CSS to ASP and better way to present the information that has gathered here since 1999, when I opened the doors to The 6th Floor.

The most recent news was the announcement by Silicon Ice Development releasing their highly anticipated map pack, which has become known as Beta 2.3. While there are only minor code changes in this version, it does introduce 8 new levels to terrorize, along with 3 updated levels from NRGizeR. I feel this map pack will provide hours, hoping months of action for the Urban Terror community, as SID begins development on the next beta version. No speculation on its completion date. New levels include SweetnutZ and his first Urban Terror map, ut_casa. I stick by my guns, texturing makes the map, this is no more evident than in this level. The newcomer to SID, dotEXE seems to have created a much needed mirrored CTF level titled, ut_riyadh. I really do think the CTF players will quickly find this to be a favorite. Same fors for the snipers, better keep your head down.

Bar-B-Q finished up ut_rommel, which seems to be getting mixed reviews on the forums. It is not your typical Urban Terror level, but does play quite well. BattleCow was able to get his level, ut_uptown finished, and GottaBeKD was able to complete work on the elevator, that this AQ2 style level finally was released. ut_pressurezone is the latest creation from Gerbil!, who had considerable success for Action Quake 2, but has been suffering a bit of design block in his levels. Pressure Zone is quite an impressive looking underwater base, but from the preliminary comments I hear, there are more issues with spawn points. Something SID has been working on to remedy. Let me also say, these usually effect the TDM game.

Tub is back with a map and a half. His latest work is called, ut_austria and continues the European type village genre. Also pay attention to the impressive model of Michelangelo’s David, created by Meaty and skinned by BladeKiller. The level, ut_village also reappears for the first time in Beta 2.3. There are some issues with this level still. While Legomanser did some of the updated work on it, NRGizeR provided some insight into reducing the FPS.

Finally comes ut_alleys from Bot Killer, which was a map we had seen months ago, before he played Houdini and disappeared. But, he is back with a map that should play a bit like ut_pressurezone as many of the areas are tight. But this map does play on a few different levels. It is also quite large.

You can check out all the sexiness of QuakeCon 2001 over at theUrban Terror web site, as I provided a running diary of this year’s event and what Silicon Ice Development did while in attendance. Check it out!

The review for ut_casa should be ready in a few days. I am trying to get adjusted to the daily routine. Unfortunately being away at QuakeCon, I have been unable to keep up with all the happening on the Level Deesign Forums, but I can guarantee you, one of the other guys like LORDofDOOM or Mungo Zen are on top of it.

Show me the screenshots!

Yet more and more gamers are finding Urban Terror. Based on GameSpy Stats, Urban Terror has consistently been in the top three positions, yet to top the charts at the most highly played game/mod for Quake III. That is a true testament, not to Silicon Ice Development, but the community that supports the mod. Thanks!!!

While I know exactly what is going on with the map pack, I am not allowed to mention any details. I have had an opportunity to check out all but two levels that will hopefully make it into the map pack. SweetnutZ level is down right awe inspiring! I know I was all hot and horny [yeah hot and horny, got a problem with that?] over WetWired’s, Revolution, but Casa by SweetnutZ is “something special” and the community will agree when it is finally released.

Also had a glance at Gerbil‘s level, Pressure Zone. Unfortunately, he is still running into a few shader problems, which he is currently working through. This level is nothing like mbase, or the Urban Series from Action Quake 2. Actually, it is nothing like we currently have in Urban Terror.

This just in from WetWired, he has begun work on another new map. Sorry, but I am not at liberty to mention anything about it. He is currently working on a police station called ut_precinct for Urban Terror. While this map will not be included in the upcoming map pack, but most likely Beta 3. Based on screen shots, it should prove to be quite an impressive level.Check out these shots:

WetWired commented, “…the map is less about eye candy and is more my attempt to get the perfect scale and realism…I don’t think we will be seeing it til beta3.” There you have it, from WetWired himself, three never before seen shots of ut_precinct.

From the Urban Terror Forums comes more p1mpage on upcoming levels that are being developed by the community. This level is yet untitled, but it is being created by Golgo13. “Ok…keep in mind that this is my first map, so go easy on me! It’s a downtown area of a city of some sorts,” says Golgo13. Click here to check out what he has been up to and give him some feedback on the screen shots he has provided.

Also, one non-Urban Terror note. Apoxol has been working on a small side project called, ProBall. This mod is nowhere near as complicated as Urban Terror, just more comparable to QPong Arena or GridIron, if any comparison needs to be made. From the web site, “PROBALL is a simple Quake III mod where the objective is to throw the ball into the other teams goal [sounds simple]. There is a single ball that spawns in the center of the map and two teams which spawn near their own goal. Both teams rush for possession of the ball and then attempt to pass the ball around to each other to score it in the enemies goal.

As of 26.07.01, Alpha4 is available for download. There is even a test server running. Check out Proball and visit #proball on irc.enterthegame.com.

Getting Busy

Well, too much has happened the past week. Let’s start with Urban Terror. The development team released Beta 2.1 on Tuesday and on Friday, they patched it a second time with Beta 2.2. The first patch, solved many issues the community pointed out to Silicon Ice Development. The details of the first patch can be seen here. Three days later, after a couple busy days on the Urban Terror Forums, the development team looked into the issues at hand and corrected them. The Beta 2.2 patch was released, quietly last night. You can check out the changes here. Both patches have seemed to really improve the overall quality of the mod.

Since SID has not set a release date for the map pack, the community is beginning to release different versions of upcoming community developed levels. I received e-mail from eXKalibuR this week with a URL to his upcoming level, ut_museum. If the screen shots and preliminary design were any indication, then this map will be one of the best community created maps. We have also seen a remake of a Beta 1.27 level from Kron0, his popular level, armory is now available in a beta version. He took some of the comments and did change the level around. The map features new textures and some new buildings. But it also features a few missing and misaligned textures. Overall, it looks very good and I am sure the community will rally around this level for Beta 2. Here are a few quick screen shots:

[Shot #1] | [Shot #2] | [Shot #3]

If you don’t frequent the Level Editing Forums, then you might have missed out on a few of the levels that are in development by community members. The first level is called canopy and being created by Target. It is a recreation of a forested area. Check out these screen shots:

[Shot #1] | [Shot #2] | [Shot #3]

Map information from Target, “get 90fps average, 60 on the low end.” Hopefully we will be able to bring more information from this level in the coming weeks. Nice work, Target!

Had an opportunity to talk to dotEXE this week as well, mapper behind the Beta 1.27 level, 101. He showed off a few new screen shots of his latest creation, 202, which is you had seen before, it a desert type of level. He has really improved on the terrain, from the previous screen shots I had seen. Hopefully we will see more of this level soon.

Gerbil! is still busy [I think], working on ut_pressurezone, which recreates an underwater submarine base, complete with fish and a submarine. Here is one of the latest screen shot. Still no date on the completion of this level, but it will be included in the patch.

There are some new levels that have been released. While I am dial up, I am not able to FTP them and make them available quite yet. 1.5Mbps/384kbps ADSL arrives August 2, at which time I will be back in business and able to upload and download at will. With that said, you can plan on seeing the new maps listed here in a few weeks. Hopefully, we will see final versions soon. For now, check out Urban TerroristZ for a few new third party levels.

Gerbil Strikes Back!

I finally had a chance to check out the level which Gerbil! has been work on for a few months. The level is called Pressure Zone and is an underwater base. A very unique setting and a very interesting looking map. This is the first beta version of the level he has released in order to gain feedback in order to make it better before the release of Beta 2. Here are four exclusive screen shots for your viewing pleasure:

[Shot #1] | [Shot #2] | [Shot #3] | [Shot #4] | [Shot #5] | [Shot #6]
The level is far from complete, but it is well on its way to become one great looking map. Nice work Gerbil!

Have you visited Navy Seals recently? No? Well, go check out their 30 new in game shots of Alpha 5.5. Got any thoughts? Then let me hear them! I am reserving all judgment until they release a beta version. It is only fair.

A few bits of news you might or might not have seen. First, coming off my recent rant, Video Games Don’t Kill Kids comes this article. Give it a read. I am sure most of you saw that the CPL has dumped Quake III. It’s all about Counter-Strike now. Hmmm…wonder if Urban Terror can change that?

Today’s submission for Link of the Day comes from JncoDragon of Clan HOH and is nothing to 🙁 about. At one time or another we have all used the emoticons, like 🙂 and :(. Remember the AOL days? Seems a Dallas based company has a trademark on it. Read this article.

Now what do you want?

So, what do you want to hear? Beta 2 is done and available for Urban Terror? Sorry can’t do that? Maybe new maps from Silicon Ice Development? Er, not really, although Gerbil! is compiling some new shot of his map, Pressure Zone for The 6th Floor now. But he is asking I just talk about them and not show them just yet.

Not sure how many of you frequent PlanetQuake. Hell, I still have it marked as my homepage for the past 3 years. Anyway, there is a feature from Love2Play at “the big fuzzy” known Tech Tips. This weeks submission talks about common Quake III error messages. So give it a once over and hopefully you can solve some of those pesky Quake III problems without consulting the Urban Terror Manual. Remember as dokta8 says, “RTFM!!!” That means “read the f***ing manual!!!” if you did not know.

I am not sure how many of you have been following The 6th Floor since the Action Quake 2 days, but, out of those of you who are mappers how many would be interested in a level design contest for Urban Terror? While this has been a topic of discussion with the development team for some time, it was just not the right time to initiate it. Well it looks like the time might be drawing near. While SID has not released any details yet, we are interested to see how many people are interested in a contest of this sort?

Want some more Beta 2 news? Okay….played about 30 more minutes of Beta 2 today with Apoxol, Flux, BBQ and a few others. I realized that the red team has a very shitty spawn point. I think I need to remind BattleCow about that. Of course it would not be the same in terms of Team Survivor of one of the upcoming game modes. It was respawn, die. Respawn, die. It sucked, the blue bastards would camp on the rooftop, sniping. Oh well, I think I did that the day before. We also have a community bug database now being compiled, which should help use solve many of the problems. So when YOU get the beta, it is virtually bug free.

Still interested in Navy Seals? Yeah they have been delayed for a few reasons, but check out their on interview on Stomped.

Do you want to see some of the latest screen shots from the mod, Reaction Quake 3? Here is a level called ReactionMall by [AMC]Centurion. Reminds me of a mall here in SoCal. I still think this looks better than some of the other “ported” Action Quake 2 maps, like TeamJungle. Then again, that is just my opinion and you do not need to agree with it. Here are some other screen shots of items found in Action Quake 2 which will be seen in ReAct3. Good luck guys!

Today’s submission for Link of the Day comes from KFC, who I game with at Netzwerk Terror. At one time or another we all wanted a Bonsai Tree. Okay, so if you are like me, you keep killing these plants. How about a Bonsai Kitten? Don’t kill it. Probably end up smelling like complete shit!