sign the petition…

Now normally I don’t support any petitions, but I found an interesting thread on the Urban Terror Forums titled, Online petition to rescue Oswalds gaming rig started by Hippie of PIT and UAA.

You see, my computer has been held hostage, stuck in the world of Guild Wars, which I will refer to as “Guilt Wars” from this point on. My wife, I love her A LOT had issues with a Dell she built with a former clan mate. Well unfortunately the computer went tits up and didn’t even last a year.

She contacted Dell who contacted a tech to look at it and it’s been a complete SNAFU on the part of Dell. Bottom line, Dell built her a new computer that is actually better then what she had. In the meantime I was persuaded to loan her my game rig, after being told I had three computers and I had not offered to let her use one of them. Pfft…yeah.

So being the supportive and loving husband I am, I disconnected all the extra wires and connectors that were connected to my game rig, which doubles as my video/audio rig for Urban Radio. I even let her install Guilt Wars…sigh. Yes, my box is corrupted. All audio settings were changed so she could spend her precious time doing wizard shit in lands I cannot pronounce.

With any luck I could have my game rig back in the computer room by this week (Tuesday possibly?) and on the road to an Urban Radio show this weekend. Lord knows how much work I have ahead in order to get all the audio settings back to where I can broadcast and stream Urban Radio to the community.

I am looking forward to firing up UrbanTerror TV and getting some feedback from the community on what they think of it. UrTV was revealed to the community this week on the UT Forums. Many like the concept, so hopefully we can use it to the benefit of Urban Terror.