On the eve of E3

Somewhat a late update today, being Wednesday the 16th, but since I will be attending E3 all day tomorrow, I might as well, drop a few things today. I will also have some pictures and my thoughts on E3 this year when I return from it tomorrow. I am looking forward to this event, as I did last year. Thanks to GameSpy Industries for the pass and opportunity to attend.

Let’s start with the non-gaming related news. Had a chance to truly relax today and not really put much effort into Urban Terror. I had a chance to go paintball at Tombstone Paintball Park, here in SoCal [that’s Southern California for those who don’t know]. Seeing as it was mid-week, our private party of 24 ballers had free reign on all seven fields. You can check out the fields we played on. The spent time on Urban Chaos, Tournament, Speedball, Jungle and Foxholes. Like some of our game modes, we played mostly Team Survivor. The one exception coming on Jungle, which we played CTF. Thanks to yours truly, I capped the flag in the second game! Rock! A great time, so if you every get the chance I highly recommend you go out and paintball.Don’t be a pussy! Take the pain! A great stress reliever and the true, “Urban Terror.” Here are a few shots from paintball today. First doing what I do best and a new addition to my body:

For those mappers with questions on proportion and scale, I recommend you check out this thread from Mungo Zen. This thread pertains to crates and their sizes. If you have ready any of the reviews here on The 6th Floor, then you know I am very anal when it comes to scale of objects on a level. Mungo talks about sizes relative to the Urban Terror player models. So, if you are in doubt, I recommend you check it out.

Give it to me Wet!

I have been quite busy trying to get The 6th Floor updated. There are many new things you will want to check out. Let’s start with the first Oswald Rant since March. While FreakStorm created a small article explaining scale, I felt it was time to provide some information regarding proportion. So check out Get the Perspective.

Thanks to all those who voted in last week’s poll. It was the most successful to date! As for the results, it looks like most in the Urban Terror have “the patience of a dead saint.” Don’t fret, it is almost ready. This week we pose the question, “Do you like the idea of a stamina system in Beta 2?” I am guessing this is going to be one of the biggest issues when Beta 2 is released. So check out the previous and current poll.

There are two new screen shots from WetWired and his level, ut_revolution. One note, the boxcars are actually shots from my Olympus D-490 Zoom digital camera. SweetnutZ took these shots and created the textures you see on the boxcars though out Wet’s level. We are all quite happy with the way they turned out. Check out the shots under the Latest Action Fix.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3 starts this week here in Los Angeles, California. Just received my pass in the mail, that to the gang at GameSpy Industries. Okay, so I must wear “da man” on my back for three days, but that is well worth the chance to check out the latest and greatest! Should be a good time, I will look at having an update and screen shot page when I return, as I did last year. If you are going, contact me via e-mail before Thursday this week.

I know I brought this up before, but I am in the process of gather a few hundred digital cam shots that will be made available after the official release of Beta 2. WetWired and NRGizeR have already come calling for a few specific textures to be used in upcoming levels.

Link of the Day comes courtesy of Quake3World Forums. This link can be described in a single, “WTF?”

Daily Rant – May 17

As you can tell, I got nothing accomplished in the way of reviews this weekend. But Shagg, from The Mapzone was fortunate enough to attend E3, in SoCal this weekend. He brings us this on the upcoming release for Action Half-Life:

“I just got back from e3 and I was actually able to play AHL. I word, AWSOME.Models are great, playability was very good. There is no m4 but the mp5 looks great. The handcannon is really cool too. Those of you who are grenade junkies won’t be disappointed either. They had the akimbo feature disabled, but I have to say I can’t wait to try out dual revolvers.Some of the cool features are that the limps are limb sensitive in that if you cap a guy in the right leg you see him drag the right leg until bandaged.They say that the game will actually run smoother than regular HL for multiplayer.Anybody who has anything negative to say about AHL, don’t say anything else until you actually play it. You will be made a believer.I had a chance to play the Actcity2 map and the recreation was stunning. HL just makes it look so much better. Also being able to break glass is tre cool.For those of you who don’t have half life, this mod will make it worthwhile. The end of the wait is in sight. Hang on a little bit longer and you will soon have a kickass mod to play.OK, how about this, The sniper rifle has the sniper alias built into the code. Suislide is absolutely wicked with it. It’s a semi-auto instead of bolt and there is about a second and a half delay between shots. Its magazine fed so reload is much faster. Don’t attemp to fire this from hip, because you won’t hit shit. Unless its zoomed the accuracy is nil.The hand cannon looks sweet and the reload animation is a bit more detailed. The reload does however seem to take a bit longer.I don’t care for their choice of pistols, mainly becaue I have a deep seated dislike of beretta 92f. I do however like the revolver, though they said there will be some changes as it is currently using the HL animations for reload.The shotgun will have decent range on it, but you won’t have to worry about people sniping with it.The MP5 now has 3 modes of fire. It now has a semi-auto mode, single shot mode to those who don’t know much about guns. This is without a doubt one of best improvements to a weapon that they have made, next to making the sniper rifle magazine fed.ok that’s enuff for now.”

If you would like to read the entire thread of the above contained post, head over to the Action Quake Site. I think most all of us are going to in awe, when AHL is finally released. Will it replace AQ2? I guess that is the question most of us are asking ourselves. Since, like Shagg said, I have not played it, I am going to reserve judgment until it is released. Guess that means Oswald would start reviewing AHL maps too! But like everything, I too must evolve and keep this site fresh with info and reviews, so all of you keep coming back. There is now an AHL Map Depot open. By the way, if any of you have a request for a review, please send me email.

Daily Rant – May 14

AQMD made it official last night and release Camp Blood by Jesper Myrfors. I have some screenies up in the New Maps Section. I’ve played this one and it is one of those eerie Friday the 13th settings, set at a summer camp in the woods. Go check it out. I am in the process of finishing Park Garage and Kumanru. It might be Sunday night or Monday before I get them completed as I am heading out to San Diego for a wedding this weekend. Guess that means no schmoozing for tickets to E3, since it is virtually in my backyard, here in Redondo Beach. It was brought to my attention, indirectly by Nanarchy who posts over at the AQMD forum regarding reviews, “The public reviews are good, getting everyone involved and all, but the reviews them selves are kinda sucky sucky. You need a whole flowing review, not one that stops at every marking point discussing issues of the map. 1 review is efficeint enough, just release the map with a review!” Although this should be the responsibility of the map author in their ‘Read Me’ file. But I do like his idea, so if I can get some help from Nanarchy or some other people, I may put up a section which deals with what is included in the map, os you know what to expect before you download it. I know, like most of you do, there is one, or maybe a few maps you downloaded, only to find out it was not what you expected. I still have a great idea for a map. I am willing to give any mapper full credit. Email me and I’ll pass it along. But then again, who doesn’t have an idea about a map? Right? The LAN on Saturday I attend has been on a short hiatus, they return to gaming tomorrow, without my presence. But, next week, I will be there, hopefully sporting a new map rotation to get some of these new maps into the review section. The are some kick ass maps out there. And from what I have seen of some of the maps in the Staging Area at AQMD, courtesy of Shagg, official AQMD tester, we have a lot to look forward too. Some of these maps are just incredible. Make a stop by The Mapzone and pick up Mesto – Rooftop Madness by Webz and GarFF. Check out the screenies in my New Map Section. That’s it and I am sure come Monday there will be quite a bit to report, probably more on the Action Half-Life front. Have a great weekend.