War Rock

As I posted in Gaming Gone Bad last week, I have really been turned off by the current run of retail games available. Maybe that just goes to provide companie are churning our crap as retail sales for November fell 9% or $1.3 billion. That decline attributed to consumers waiting and saving for Xbox 360 (source: Reuters). Honestly, I don’t buy it, you can spin statistics any which way you want, but this article not about about sagging sales or poor video games on the market this holiday season.

Would you believe I am actually going to give props to a game I was turned onto yesterday by Gerhard (aka Wolfseye) who manages the gaming web site, Act of War. The game looks and feels a bit like Digitial Illusions CE latest offering, Battlefield 2. Now, I am not a big BF2 fan, I think the game is “just another” war based genre game that adds to an already over saturated market. Their previous work on Battlefield 1942, and its predecessor, Codename: Eagle were by far better products and more original.

Gerhard tells me to grab a “free” game (registration required) called WarRock. which just so happens to have strong similarities to BF2. Seeing that it is free and will play on Windows 2000, I downloaded, installed and gave it a test drive. First impressions had be giving it the nod of approval. The game is currently being developed by DREAMexecution, a Seoul, Korea based company. The game is run off their proprietary game engine called the Jindo Engine.

For more information check out, WarRock or DREAMexecution. You can also check out these shots (#002, #003, #004).