Time for a Rant

My weekend begins tomorrow, three days off and no commitments. This means I should have plenty of time for new map reviews and multiple, daily updates. I have been in touch with Diabolus, who has created my graphics. I am trying to get him some screenies of snipers from different angeles to create a Macromedia Flash introduction to The 6th Floor. I have also been in contact with Ellusion, regarding his map Riot. If I did not say it before, I’ll say it now, GO DOWNLOAD THIS MAP! It is available at The MapZone in the ‘Unofficial’ Section. I am waiting for Ellusion’s permission to share some of what he told me regarding Riot and a few other topics he talked about. I like his thinking when it comes to map releases and rotations. Hopefully I will be able to share some of this. Are you wondering about the rumors I started about being hosted? Well they are still floating around. Shagg has offered space up at The Mapzone. Mikey, over at SnipeNet Cinemas wants to rework the site, in hopes of getting hosted by action-web.net. Does that address sound familiar? Yeah, I though it did. There are a few items we need to work out, if that were to happen. I’ll also share this later on, now is not the right time. Well, back to reviewing. More information to come.

Cha Cha Cha Changes…

Phew! I’ve been sitting in front of my computer now for about 5 hours and it feels like I have got nothing accomplished on The 6th Floor. But there have been minor changes taking place. First, I have changed the title on the main page, it is now a bit opaque. Thanks, Diabolus for that piece of information, you’re right, it looks better. I have also decided to remove the ‘Descriptions’ section on the Review Grid. The reason being is, that is seems to take up quite a bit of time to type up a small description of the map, when you can check the review of that specific map. that should do for those wanting to download a good map. I finally got around to updating some of the review starting with Actcity and running through Night Raid. I would finish more, but I am headed to San Diego tonight for fun and sushi. As before, if anyone wants a particular map reviewed, or has a map they have reviewed, based on the ten categories I have listed, please send it to me. I would love to see it. Especially if it is of a map I have yet to review. Oh yeah, use my forum, that is why I created it. Although I see it has not done much in the last week, but it is there. Maybe if I post some relevant Action Quake topic, we can get the ball rolling. Have an “action packed” weekend.

Section Added&More Graphics

Along with other numerous projects I am involved in, I am updating a few areas of the site. You will notice, there is now an ‘Action Links’ section. I am also getting some new graphics from Diabolus, who has create just about everything you see here. There is a new ‘Snipe of the Week’ graphic, hopefully I get around to changing this, each and every week. All those maps which were requested to be reviewed will hopefully be up in a few days. Real life work is keeping me busy and the only time I have had to update and review has been at 3:00am in the morning before I go to work.

Daily Rant – April 23

Spent a good portion of today, downloading the three maps which were released by AQMD. Highrise2 by KaRRiLLioN, Subway99 by T.T.I and Imagination and Lightbeam by Tristan ‘P’ Temple. There must have been a problem over at AQMD, I was getting a file/dir not found error message. So I jumped over to The Map Zone to get them. Shagg told me these maps were unchanged and he had them on hand for some time. Well see how these testing changes at AQMD will work. Saturday should hold many new maps for Action Quaking. I’ll hopefully update sometime tomorrow while we are between games. Also check out my new title graphics. These were created by the Photoshop God, Diabolus, who can be found over at the Planetquake Forum. Also, [NT]Overkill is still working on my AQ button, I hear it should be pretty damn cool.

Daily Rant – April 12

Diabolus provided me with my left sidebar this morning while I was at work. I have been here for the past few hours, giving my site a new look. I hope it look much improved. There will be more changes to follow. Also, over at The Map Zone, Shagg included this in his daily update, “I came across a site that does independent reviews for Action maps; Oswald’s Sixth Floor, worth checking out. (I’ll have a button as soon as Oswald makes one.).” And this other tidbit about NT Clan and dEucE, “Saturday, I had the opportunity to visit the Netzwork Terror lan party. dEucE, who hosts the event every Saturday, manages to fit 17 comps in an apartment. I’m told that Action is one of the mods that they play frequently. One of the regulars there has mentioned a mall map that he did. Sounds pretty cool as he went all out on the map, working from mall building plans and running photos of the store signs through photoshop for literally hundreds of custom textures. As soon as I can get a hold of it I will pass it on to everybody else.”